I would like to do some readings!!

  • lilmisbullsnap!

    I did a general reading for you, using a Celtic Cross.

    The heart of the matter I have the wheel of fortune. Perhaps your current state is being left to chance by yourself or the universe. This is a sign of luck, risk and reward.

    The opposing factor in your life I have the 6 of Wands. This is a sign of triumph, but also one that reminds us not to be to proud that we fall off of our high horse.

    The root cause, or the unconscious influence right now is the 10 of Pentacles. Emotional stability or money issues. Also family tradition is seen in this card too.

    The crown, or goal position is held by Temperance. This is diplomacy, the middle way in dealing with things. Maturity in dealing with matters will yield a sense of harmony and balance.

    The past position is held by the Knight of Cups. This might represent a man, a dreamer, smart and full of principles. Or this is a sign of those qualities in you.

    The future is the 6 of Swords. A card of travel, either in distance or your goals. You are moving away from tougher times and your obstacles will be overcome.

    The Way you see your self currently is the King of Cups. You feel respected but not loved. You are smart, and confident. Responsible and kind.

    Your environment is governed here by the 4 of Swords. You might be, or need a rest. A moment to withdraw and reflect on things.

    The advice the cards give is the next, the Page of Cups. All that is missing here is the Queen of cups from this royal cup family! Be imaginative. You will have the foresight to make the right choices. Be reflective, again, and surround yourself with the beauty of art, that might help!

    The final outcome here is the Moon. Again, this is imagination! The moon's light makes things less clear. Try to stay in control, and see things clearly. Are you involved in writing by any chance? Or some sort of creative job or hobby?

  • Dear Silateer,

    Thank You so much for the reading. I really appreciate you taking the time to be so generous:0)

    Actually the reading does make have points that make sense to me.

    You asked me if I am a writer...to be honest, that's what I would like to do...

    I am an designer by trade but currently in-between work & feeling the frustration of the current economy...the knight of cups always comes up for me in that position as I was involved w/ a younger man who matches that description....I was secretly hoping he may return...

    (I think about him often)

    King of cups=what you said is true...I do feel lucky to have good people in my life who respect me...but, I have felt unloved:0( lately...

    & the other cards of reflection=It feels like that's all I do lately...

    Thank You very, Very much & You have a Fantastic Holiday weekend!

    Happy Independence Day to you & to all! :0)

  • Thank you for my reading Silateer, the reading makes a great deal of sense to me. We have been having problems lately but I know we both want a long lasting relationship together,

  • RC Dreamer, here is your reading.

    Card 1: Ace of Wands - Is the root influence here. This the seed of action. The power of fire is in this card and the things fire can do: Creativity and ambition. Also a symbol of fertility.

    Card 2: 6 of Cups - Negative present, says you are looking for the past that has gone. Or you have old habits that you need to break

    Card 3: Queen of Cups - Positive present, is balance and harmony currently in your life. This woman is gifted in art, romance. Prone to physic powers, and a lack of common sense she is also easily swayed by events and people.

    Card 4: 3 of Hearts - Recently in your past I see a break up or some sort of separation. Maybe a job or a relationship. This was for the best according to the cards.

    Card 5: The Fool - In the past you have foolish (as this is an easy card to read!). The recent past shows job hopping, maybe taking unneeded risks or being to impulsive.

    Card 6: 10 of Pentacles - The final card, and the outcome here. This is a prosperous card. Showing financial stability as well as emotional. Good fortune in a marriage is even associated with this card.

    Card 7: Queen of Pentacles. Significator.

    My best to you,


  • Suramya, here is a reading about your path in education.

    Card 1: Justice

    This card represents you, your attitude, innocence, naiveté, your inexperience in this situation. You feel triumphant in your undertakings. You make choices that are well thought out, and are straightforward.

    Card 2: The Hanged Man

    This card represents that upon which you have always relied, the solidity of the past that you may have to leave now. This card is certainty and routine and the familiar. Don't slow down! Make the sacrifice now and the future benefits will be great. Perhaps you are person who wants quick results in the past, this will not be the case here. Take your time, and work with the circumstances you are given.

    Card 3: 2 of Swords

    This card represents the risk you have to take, the first step into the unknown, whether large or small. This is an image of reflection and courage. A woman, blindfolded, alone with swords drawn. Keep your eyes on the prize, and don't let outside influences affect the course of your work ahead.

    Card 4: 8 of Swords

    This card represents your fears, which can be real or imaginary, grounded in the reason of the situation or founded in panic. This is a card of separation, isolation. Don't worry about being taken away from the life you had, this path leads you to the life you want.

    Card 5: Strength

    This card represents the unknown, what you have to gain, the learning you will come by, the experience and maturity that can be had, the life you can be living. Be prepared to work hard, have the courage and the fortitude to go on. Be optimistic in the tasks you are assigned and stay healthy, and full of energy to get through and do well!

    Good luck in your studies!


  • Thank you for the reading! Sure looks on point to me. Hoping for that financial stability soon.

  • Hi Silateer

    If you dont mind I would like a reading. I seem to be "stuck" in both my love and career life at the moment - my partner recently broke up with me for reasons I don't understand and am trying to communicate with him but he wont have any of it. His dob is 04.09.83.

    Career wise I feel bored and not sure what to do next/how to progress, so any guidance most appreciated 😉 my dob is 22.3.82

    Thanks so much and great work on all the previous readings. 🙂

    Blessings xx

  • Hello Silateer,

    I have lost two gold bracelets both of which I have had for many years. I usually keep them together in my jewellery box but they are not there and I cannot recall the last time I seen them. Would it be possiblw you could advise whether they are still in my home.

    Many Thanksxx

  • Hello silateer, welcome back to readings! I've just returned to professional reading myself, and love it! Are you still doing readings here? You know how hard it is to read for yourself, lol.

    My career is going great, but I am curious about what will happen with Joseph. We were together for years until he decided he needed "space". Neither of us have dated anyone else and we've remained friendly, but don't 'hang out' like friends because there's just too much feeling there. Recently I sent him an email letting him know I'd like to get back together. I haven't gotten an answer to that, though when I sent him a "Happy 4th of July" message, he sent a nice reply back.

    Do you think we will have a relationship again, or should I start letting go?

    I'd appreciate any thoughts & feelings you have.

    Good luck with your tarot career!


  • Rebecca 1079,

    I tried to see something! I have to admit, that I have never used the cards to locate something!

    (And I apologize to the others waiting for readings for my going out of turn. Sorry!!)

    So you need to retrace your steps is what the first cards tells me, and the 2nd says something regarding the Ocean or a Southern direction.

    Does that make any sense?


  • If you can spare the time , A general reading please . D.O.B January 31st 1953. Thank you in advance for your kind offer.

  • I am on page 5 and I haven't gotten a reading yet, would really like to have one please. Thanks.


  • Thank you v much Silateer.Makes sense.

    Much appreciated.

    Love and light to you

  • Thank you in advance Silateer. I would appreciate a reading. I am having some tough times with my marriage of 32 years. Husband thinks he wants a divorce. My BD 5/7/55, His BD 5/19/55. I am in despirate need of a job, and have been looking for about 4 months. What do you see for me down the road?

    Thanks again for your time

  • Dear Silateer

    Some sudden changes happened today that completely fit w the reading you gave me.I must say that your reading is accurate and gives me hope.

    Thank you once again!

  • Please don't forget me, if you get a chance, I need help!

    dob 11/20/65. "Blessed Be"

  • Silateer,

    Thank you so much for my reading i got alot outta it. that is one of my favorite quotes. thank you again so much.

  • Dear Silateer,

    I would love for you to tell me what my future holds. My dob is 11/26/62. Thanks so much!

  • My apologies Silateer,






  • 😃 to you Sheila!

    And for all who have asked for a reading, please know that i did draw a cut-off line a while back. I may give a few readings to people after that point if the request strikes me.

    Thank you all! I hope you are all enjoying this day!

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