I would like to do some readings!!

  • Hey every one, I am getting back into reading after years of retirement!

    I'd love to give a few readings while I'm off the next few days. I'll do as many as I can in that time.


  • Hello!

    I would love a lovereading if that is alright?

    Can you please tell me:

    Will Bill or Tom be the one I will spend the rest of my life with?

    What will the relationship be like and when/where will we meet?

    What is it that I have to know/do to make it happen?

    Will I be a rockbands makeup artist next year?

    My birthdate is 11th of august 1989 and theirs 1st of september 1989

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  • Hi...could you please tell me where my personal relationship with someone special is going and the importance of it? Thank you!

  • Hell Silateer ,I would be very grateful if you could do a general reading on whats in store for me in the near future ,if you can find the time my dob is 27-4-69 .Thankyou so much lilacrose

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  • Hi Silateer. I would like to have a general relationship reading. Where my current relationship with A heading. If nowhere, when and where will I find the man I am meant to be with.

    Thank you for this offer

    My dob is 04/18/1964.

  • Hello Silateer,

    thank you for your offer. i was thinking just a general reading about my relastionship. anything and everything you see. thank you again. DOB 08-24-1982.

  • Thank you in advance! I would like a general reading my DOB is 11/5

  • Hello Silateer...i hope you'll find the stimulation you've been seeking for! Please tell me anything you can read in my personal/relationship woes? My dob 8/22/59 and born at 5am. I'm at a crossroad and very confused...please help ASAP! Thanks!

  • Hi Not Shy!

    I did a Celtic Cross for you and your future and this is what I had!

    X of Swords is at the heart of the issue. Perhaps there are some hardships right now. This is crossed by the The High Priestess, who is telling me that you're unclear about your future (well duh! LOL!) or that your future is somewhat mysterious. She also says to me that there is an inaction, maybe on your part or others in your life/career that is keeping you from moving forward.

    The Fool is at the base, or heart of the matter. You are care-free and perhaps unfocused on the future right now. And this is probably the cause of the inaction I see in the High Priestess. However this is crowned by the Hierophant, suggesting to follow the norms and you'll be able to push forward.

    Your past is the Lovers. This is either a recent relationship, or possibly an tough decision in what you believe in since it is so close to the Hierophant. But the future position is held by the King of Cups. Possibly a new man… maybe it is just a sign to be diplomatic and patient in the things to come, and let them develop as they naturally should with caring and tolerance as your main action.

    In the 7th position the Emperor sits, I see that you are authoritative in what you do, maybe your career. You are structured in your methods, and again this leads my back to the King of Cups in your future, and the guidance he's giving.

    Your influenced by the Page of Pentacles, again giving me the impression that you are care-free and young at heart. You see chances as opportunities and usually don't let them pass you by.

    Now, guidance on your future comes from the King of Cups. Stating again to be tolerant, and caring to get what you want.

    The final outcome, is the II of Wands. A card of power, and authority as seen in the Emperor below. This power will come from above, and passes through you to everything around you.Don't forget that this power is from elsewhere, and moves through you. But to me it looks like amazing things will happen and by your hand!

  • hi,i have a question about love..ive been involved with a female april 7 1988,does this female care about me??or should i forget about her??my b day is nov 14 1986.thanks!

  • boy could i ever use one of your readings. my marriage is coming apart at every seam. i am having a very hard time believing a single word that comes out of my husbands mouth, he has totally stopped having any sex, touch or anything with me. he has chasing, flirting and i think having sex with some blond bimbo he has been working with. is there anythin left in this so called marriage to ever try to save. my birthday is 11/01/1957 and his is 8/06/1957. please help me

  • Hi WaterGirlie! I did a 5 card reading for you. I listed what position means what and what I saw for you.

    1. Querent's position in the relationship.

    2. Querent's partner's position in the relationship.

    3. Basis for the relationship - the past.

    4. What lies between them right now - the present.

    5. The future of the relationship.

    I see some heart ache possibly happening right now with you from the III of Swords. Maybe you've recently had something unexpected happen in your relationship? Maybe you are thinking of leaving, and breaking someone else's heart!

    I see your partner as the Knight of Wands. Adventurous, charming, passionate and adventurous. All the things a daring knight would be, is wrapped up in this person.

    The relationship is based on love, a sweet, innocent kind of love is what I see in the VI of Cups. Its simple, but true and is filled with goodness!

    The problem is the VII of cups. There is something that is being dreamt about, but isn't coming true. It says to me to make sure that you have a plan, and work towards it. You'll get what you want that way.

    The future of this relationship looks great with the Queen of Pentacles. She is love and prosperity. They will be loyalty, caring and security. A simple, modest home but without wants and over flowing with comforts.

  • Hi Silateer, can I have a reading too please regarding my relationship with S.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi silateer-

    I would love a reading DOB 5/8/68. Love & work related or anything you pick up on would be great.

    Thank You in advance...& for the offer :0)

  • Dear Silateer

    Thanks for your kind offer.What do you see for me on the studies front?And anything you can tell me on the personal front as well!

    Thanks,love and light!

  • Hi Silateer,

    Thank you for offering your service to so many. I would like a reading regarding my love life and anything you can tell me about change in my home life in the near future.

    Thank you again.

    Peace and luv,


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