Captain can you please answer my question ?

  • Hi Captain , I'd be grateful if you could answer my question please . I have a female colleague and I really can't stand being around her . I was quite good friends with her when I had just joined my work place . Then I realized , she is not someone who I'd like to be friends with . Her dob is 19/04/1979. I ignore her all the time at work and when she gets the chance , she starts talking to me nonstop. I just nod so as not to be rude .lol. Could you please give me some insight why she doesn't leave me alone when I've made it more than clear that I don't want to interact with her ? Any advice please ? Thank you .

  • You haven't made it at all clear. You think she can read your mind? She obviously thinks there is some other reason why you don't talk anymore. Tell her straight in no uncertain terms that you don't want to be friends anymore.

  • Thanks TheCaptain . I thought that the fact that I ignore her/avoid her and don't say much to her meant she understood. I'd rather not tell her anything as she is a bit of emotionally unstable . I'd rather stay as far away from her as possible and hope with him she will get it.

  • No, you would rather you didn't have to say anything to her as it would be uncomfortable for you. It's cowardly to just keep ignoring her - you owe her the truth face-to-face, not back-to-back.

  • Yes you are right it would be uncomfortable for me indeed . But I think she has intuitively picked up that I don't want to interact with her much these last 2 days. We are just cordial and speak when required for work . That's all I wanted and I hope things stay this way 🙂

  • You have not cleared the air so this issue is not yet resolved. Be careful or it will come back to bite you on the proverbial.

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