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  • Hello BLmoon

    I have a question. ON Aug 28 2010 I want to go and see my friend Stevie he plays in a group. His dob is April 13 1954 and I have not seen him in a while. Like about 10 yrs. But I really want to surprise him and go too the show. Do you think he would be happy to see me and what kind of relationship do you see for us. And has his friends the other ones in the band have they told him what I ask them to tell him. Because I do not have his cell number and I do have his home address. But I just don't want to pop up there, He can be a stubborn sometimes but inside he is a very big teddy bear.

    Thank You Illona

  • Hi BLmoon, you did a reading for me two or three months ago. I have been asked for a divorce from a 30 year marriage. BD, mine, 5/7/55, His 5/19/55. the divorce paperwork is getting under way. I need a job bad. What can you and spirit see down the road for me.

    thanks very much

  • The divorce may be finalized but I think he will be in and out of your life. There's an anchor you provide--you are predictable and loyal and he is spoiled in a way he does not own up to. I see that now you are being forced to spoil yourself or else. Your life is not going to move on without that. You need to be a bit more selfish and fight for any money he has. Wether you get it or not you must change the predictability of your habit to lay down for him and send a new message to the world. You can't be a door matt. Sorry for the harse words but it's important for tough change and not be wishy washy. You need to be selfreliant and work towards taking care of yourself. He is not going to be happier without you and will go through some rough waters so you cant be too sympathetic for awhile or he'll not change. Stay friends but untill you are tougher with him you are better off apart as his needs dominate you too much--you must find your self again with a renewed sense of entitlement. I see you working but nothing fancy at first--I see books. Stacks of books. I see you very very busy. You nust take extra care of your body--get rest and when the time comes don't let him suck you into his latest crises. Give this divorce time to heal you both before getting close. You both will change--come a long way. He will have a hard time keeping up but you'll be too busy to look back. Spirit says dancing would be very good for you. I see you buying your own perfect little space within two years. I see good things for you--new friends--getting out more. Interest in old hobbies--very busy. Body image change--weight loss. New new new will be your motto. You become age conceise--to smell the roses before winter. I think as much as this is the scariest time in your life it also is he most transforming event in your life--all you learned this far now starts to make sense--it's a right of passage most of us travel as well. I think it will be work but you really will be happier and although I see your husband coming back again and again chasing but you hard to get--you will be very good friends after healing.

  • Having recently been through a similar situation, I figured I may as well add my two cents worth.

    I spent a lot of time and energy trying to locate and communicate with a guy who played a very big role in my life, where the events that took place left me feeling the situation was unresolved. When I found him--30 years later--it was to discover he'd moved on and was not interested in pursuing additional contact. What an unwelcome jolt to my self-esteem that turned out to be! I ended up feeling that all of my efforts had been a waste of time and energy.

    Go to the event. Surprise him but don't expect or hope for more. If he is interested, he will find you. If not, then it was not meant to be. Sorry to be so blunt, but after raising two sons, I found out the hard way that men are not that complex. If they like someone, that person will know it and not have to wait for ten or more years to find out.

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