Need a relationship reading!

  • Hi, I am wondering if any one can tell me if the Gemini girl I have feelings for is right for me, or if there is some body else in my future. I'm a Leo.

    Thanks all!


  • Hi Silateer

    I would love to try and help you, but is it possible for you to procure with name city location you and her are in? Ill then try and see what I get for you


    ps i posted on your offer readers list, and I hope I am considered, if not will I help you anyhow. there is something about your humble way of asking that touches me. Anyhews name n location n ill look what i get.

  • Wow! Thanks CWB! Funny thing is, I was reading your post on my thread just now and thought to ask you to do a reading for me… Things like that happen all the time now, and the reason I picked up my cards again. And I will certainly do a reading for you!

    Ok - My name… Jason… I live in the Atlanta GA area, but am currently traveling between CT and NY.

    Her… Jessica, living in the same town as me.

    if you need any more info, let me know.

    Thank you so much and expect a reading soon.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Silateer-

    Hi. I wanted to thank you again for the tarot reading you gave me on the other thread.

    It did make sense to & it was very generous of you to take your time out like that...

    I don't claim to be a psychic but I do have studied some astrology...

    I would like to put my 2 cents in if it's helpful...but, I would need more info from you such as:

    your date of birth

    Her date of birth


  • Oh wow! Thanks Lil Miss Bull Snap!

    My bday is Aug, 3 1973.

    Her's is May, 29 1978.

    Thank you for the offer! I appreciate it very much.


  • Silateer Im sorry for the delay. I was aggravated by TruCalling akak BOLONKA`s spam, and today by the inconsidered narrowminded stupid moron neighbors.

    As soon as I calm down n get a DECENT nights sleep will i look at your request for SURE!

    Ur picture is a HUGE help.

    Stay tuned

  • For you, you charming witch Bente!

    BTW - This was the toughest reading I've done to date! 😃 But it was fun!

    I see you here as the Knight of Pentacles. You are being cautious in these matters. But you are also thoroughly thinking things through, and trying to be as realistic as possible

    8 of Swords… I see that you are moving in a direction that will be binding your free spirit – Or that one of your relationships makes you feel stuck, but the following Ace of Swords says that you can over come this with swift, sharp resolve. Be honest, and ethical in your relationships right now. But I think you need to be very honest with your self right now - You planted the seeds of what you want, but we never know what they are going to grow into…

    You want to accomplish something almost impossible and probably can. The 3 of Pentacles says you have the skills and the tools to do so.You want love, and I see you want closure on things, and that will be coming soon.

    Ok - Now I see the Fool here as an option for you. This person, and I can't tell which man he is, but I have feeling it is Alden. This path hold recovery and relocation to aid you along the way with the 6 of swords here. There maybe some sadness at the start but the healing here leads to the Lovers at the end of this path. I don't feel there is much to interpret here! 😃

    The other path I see beginning with the King of Pentacles. He is a Cancerian man… So I have to say this is Charlie. The 9 of Wands shows satisfaction, and sensual pleasures. It tells me that you this is the man you truly want to be with. The path ends with the King of Wands, the Man of Fire in the deck.

    The third path way I see begins with the handwork, maybe this is your career currently? The 8 of Pentacles starts us out on this one. The 3 of Cups says you embrace the group, be happy here is the advice they give! This ends in Death, but more of a rebirth and new beginning. You will see a transition, maybe to another job or field.

    Love and respect to you!


  • WOW Silateer, SPOT ON dude! LOL.

    Im gonna hafta re read many times n many days bc this blows my mind.

    I dunno how to fully express my gratitudes. Speechless!!


    ps speechless for now. just wait for it LOL

  • Hi Silateer~

    This is a basic astrology report for you & your gal. I hope it is helpful.

    You: Aug, 3 1973

    Sun in Leo

    Moon in Libra

    Mercury in Cancer

    Venus in Virgo

    Mars in Aries

    Gemini: May, 29 1978

    Sun in Gemini

    Moon in Pisces

    Mercury in Taurus

    Venus in Cancer

    Mars in Leo

    **First let me start by saying that this is a more basic Astrology reading & there are other things to calculate & be considered but over all…

    it looks mostly compatible..but, always keep in mind that nobody is perfect…

    Friendly advice: Always remember to give your Gemini A LOT of personal space…they like to float around…if they like you-they will float back to you now & again..The safest bet is try not to take the floating away too personally…

    You & this Gemini Gal are pretty compatible astrologically speaking.

    Sun signs basic compatibility are fire & air & are naturally compatible..

    Moon signs: rule your emotional make-up & what you look for need & want to feel safe or happy on an emotional level…

    You have an emotional make-up of the air sign Libra. Air signs are more intellectual or in their logical mind.

    Your Gemini Lady takes a more emotional approach with her moon in Pisces. She feels things deeply & needs emotional support.

    Mercury signs: rule how your brain is wired up. How you process information & How you communicate to others.

    Your mercury in watery cancer & hers in earth mother Taurus are a good match however, be sure not to get too bent out of shape or moody with this gal or communication may run a slight risk getting muddy at times…

    Venus & Mars:

    These are the placements to look at for love interest compatibility…

    Venus rule love nature & Mars rules sexual energy/outward energy

    Your Venus in Virgo (earth) & her Venus in cancer(water) again are compatible. You can relate to each other well. Your partner again is more emotional then yourself but will appreciate(and feel safe) with your level-headedness in this area.

    Mars: You both have Mars in Steamy fire signs!!

    Your Mars in Aries & hers in Leo…This bedroom could get so hot you could literally burn down the house LOL

    Have FUN! ;0)

  • Lil Miss Bull Snap!

    Thanks you so much! Oddly, this is the third time she has floated in and out of my life. LOL - Now I wonder if I should share this with her…

    Thanks so much, I appreciate it to the utmost!


  • CWB…

    Man, I was really nervous reading for you. Not sure why… I am not one who suffers from performance anxiety, but I did this time. I'm glad it was good though. Takes a load off my mind!


  • Dear Silateer,

    Could you please do a relationship reading for me? What do you see for my marriage? Will my husband and I make it? We have been together for 20+ years and have a young daughter. He is overseas (not military) and I am in the USA. Is there something I can do to turn this around? Or is the relationship doomed? My dob: 3/17/58 and his dob: 7/31/59?

    Tough as the answer may be...hanging on is wearing me down....

    Thank you.

  • Silateer do ya think u can provide a photo of her? my gifts has evolved to photos´s n i seem to get more "correct" when i see the faces.

    as for reading me, why so nervouse ? LOL


  • Hey CWB!

    I am trying to think of a way to get you a photo without leaving a perm image of her up here.

    Want me to use her face for my forum avatar? That way I can just change it back later.


  • PS - It will be seeing this lady tonight for the first time in about 3 weeks… I fly home in about 5 hrs.

    So i will just change my profile pic!

    Thanks cwb!

  • Silateer think ya can let it stand till this weekend? say sunday tops`? seems at my course im swamped n when i get home is my head done in.

    If not juss change it till the weekend on her?


    ps do u have facebook? in case i can b found under Bente Millek

  • Hey Bente!

    Yeah I have FB, but I can't find ya! As far as this weekend… Sure! Honestly though, I think it may be to late. Tonight is pivotal in this relationship. My trip home was time for us to figure out where we are headed. She has volunteered to pick me up - Either we go the distance, or I walk away forever.

    I am Jason Nardi on FB.

    Talk to you soon Luv!

  • there r 5 of u. which is u

  • Im the one with this image as icon on FB jason.

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