Captain, Can you please give me a reading?

  • I would like to know why my friend Terrance has been acting cold, unresponsive and distant towards me recently (as of 6/20/10)? Hewent from being very caring and loving to acting this way. What did I do to upset him (if anything)? Will he reach out to me anytime soon? My DOB is 11/06/1987 and his is 6/22/1990. Any and all insight is appreciated.

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  • Your friend has difficulty maintaining steady relationships as it is not so much human contact he craves as learning. It may be many years before he settles down enough to devote himself to someone. Plus, he gets bored easily and has a need to be popular and get involved with many people as he has a big fear of rejection. He also hates any form of restraint and felt you were boxing him in or trying to encroach too much on his personal private space. I feel he has moved on and I don't see him reaching out to you in the future.

  • So, you don't see us being friends anymore? Would he talk to me if I reached out to him? Is there anything i can do to make things right?

  • I also wanna know how my friend Terrance really felt about me during our friendship and how he feels about me now.

  • I think you could be friends but nothing more. But you would have to tell him (and be honest) that you don't hope for anything more.

  • Thanks for all you insight. I plan on telling him how I feel thru email tonight in hopes that I get some response from him (positive, not negative).

  • I have 3 questions more that I need answered, if you would mine:

    1. How will my friend Terrance react to the message via Facebook I sent him telling him how I feel?

    2. Are all the individuals I consider to be my best friends worthy of such a title? There are 4 of them - 3 males and a female. The oldest of the bunch has been acting kinda shady lately.

    3. How does my ex-bf Marcus feel about me? Everytime I here from him, he seems to genuinely be concerned w/how I'm doing & what I've been doing or will be doing. He also has a strong interest in knowing if I'm dating anyone. Also why does he feel the need to lie to me about certain things he's doing or has done? For example: his current living situation

    Your work is a God send and truly appreciated. 🙂

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  • 1. he will be surprised.

    2. no, not all - use your intuition.

    3. he finds it hard to let go of people even when he has moved on to other people himself.

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