Dear Captain, may I please have a reading?

  • Hi. I was wondering if I could get a reading if you have time? My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about 3 month's ago and I'm having a very hard time (still) getting over him. Do you have any insight? My birthday is March 11, 1969. His is Dec 13, 1966

    Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it.


  • This relationship was better for friendship than for love. It was likely to bring out intellectual curiosity in you and the matchup can be a real brain-buster. You two sharpen your wits on each other. The power of reason is uppermost in this relationship. An obvious drawback of this is that you neglect the physical and emotional side of your love affair in favor of mind games and clever sorts of manipulation. There is stress and strife suggested here with a frequent tendency to argue. Such confrontations may actually be not about feelings at all but rather a kind of one-upmanship in which each person strives to assert his or her mental superiority. A marriage between you could go on for years with you two arguing all the way, which is not the most pleasant or enduring of situations. Be glad you got out before it turned really ugly.

  • Thank you. There is truth to what you said. I was feeling very insecure and felt like I had to prove myself mentally to him. I went into the relationship fresh out of a 14 year marriage, I was a stay at home Mom for years and I wasn't ready for 'him'. I've learned so much over the last few month's but I guess it is to prepare me for whatever and whoever is next. I'm still so very sad. I really appreciate the reading.

  • also - do you happen to "see" what is coming up in the near future for me regarding relationships or my job?

  • This is a very powerful year for your job or for meeting potential partners through work. You must be prepared to go for it, though, and push hard - it is a time for strength and action if you want to get all that you desire. Nothing will happen if you sit back and wait for life to arrive at your doorstep. It's the best time for several years for manifesting your dreams so believe in your own power and work hard to obtain your dreams. it should be good for your finances, too. Show no fear and go after what you want.

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