Need help with a timing reading.

  • This timing reading left me confused. So here is the result.

    Question: How soon do you see me and paige being friends again?

    Cards: kingofspades.8ofspades.7ofclubs.

    My Answer I thought: Well, it could go two different ways here.

    First Answer: In 7 weeks until May.

    Second Answer: March until the 7th week of spring or summer.

    one of us will try to make the effort to contact one or the other and after that we aren't friends anymore. I think it has to do with a guy being in control and that he doesn't want me being friends with her anymore. That's just what i pick up here.

    So what do you all think?

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  • grungychick,

    What about the timing? 3th of March.

    Do you see us being friends in Aug or Sept until the 7th week of spring? No.

    and making up again by the summer? no.

    Wherever there is a "let-go", ecstasy happens -- that is the law.

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  • King of Spades = King of Swords

    8 of Spades = 8 of Swords

    7 of Clubs = 7 of Wands

    This reading concerns an older man whose decisions and/or actions have hemmed you into a self-imposed prison. You are fully aware of how this came about but unable to come to terms with the way out. The 7 of Wands indicates that there is competition. You will be required to fight for the outcome you desire. In this spread, no timing card is present. However, the two numbers add up to the number 15, which shows you have the ability to create the outcome you desire as if by magic.

    In this reading the number 7 is the timing card. It indicates that you will feel very emotional over the next week, during which time, you will have an answer. Timing cards are: 2, 3, 7, 9.

    The 1 of the number 15 shows the creative first step and the number 5 shows instability inherent with this person. The combined numbers add up to the number 6, which is the card of the one who wishes to find harmony.

    I hope this answers your question.

  • Sorry, I meant to delete the sentence that says there is no timing card in this reading. Sorry!

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  • I apologize if I seem dense, but the timing card of 7 means 7 DAYS, not 7 weeks.

    The King of Swords (in your case, it corresponds to Spades) indicates a situation and/or man that has clearly given you good advice. The storm clouds show emergence from a time of upheaval. What has happened in the past has bearing on the present and the future. This is where one must be objective and not view a Tarot reading as engraved into stone. The outcome can always be changed by the choices you make.

    The man in this reading will not change his mind. He has already given you help. Think of a judge who makes decisions based upon facts. He seldom leans toward the wrong-doer. In this case, only you know if the friendship is worth reviving.

  • In addition, I must add that Tarot does not give concrete answers. It does not say yes or no or respond the way you think it should. It merely shows the outcome if you keep following the same course of action. You always have the ability to change any situation of your own accord.

    In this reading, there is no definite answer. Only the passing of time will give you the answer you seek. The 8 shows a situation of bondage and the 7 shows competition and the need to fight for what you want. Right now, you are still bound and not yet free. Only time and effort will bear fruitage of which the results will become obvious.

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  • grungychick,

    unless you know through your own experience, all knowledge is futile.

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