Would love help interpreting this spread

  • Hi, i would love some help interpreting this Celtic Cross spread i dealt myself- i'm more used to reading three card spreads and i'm not sure how all of these cards relate to each other. My inquiry was: what will happen in my relationship with this friend/former lover?

    1- ace of wands

    2- page of swords

    3- heirophant

    4- hanged man

    5- king of wands

    6- two of swords

    7- temperance

    8- emperor

    9- queen of wands

    10- king of pentacles

  • Whoops! final card is Knight of pentacles, not king. sorry! and thanks in advance for your help!

  • 1- ace of wands- The Querent:

    This signifies the beginning of a new venture, project, idea, birth of a baby, a promotion in your career or an inheritance.

    2- page of swords-The Situation: You won't give up until you have what you desire.

    3- heirophant-The Foundation:Your ready to sacrifice of what you think is right.

    4- hanged man-The Recent Past: Rebirth. This is the time for sacrificing and waiting for better things in life.

    5- king of wands-Short Term Outlook: Your a leader. Your strength lies in your leadership abilities. Be confident and self-reliant and direct your efforts in areas where your strength can bear fruit. but if your talking about a person, A mature man who is noble and generous, yet hasty and passionate, maybe indicated.

    6- two of swords-Present State of the Problem:Well-balanced emotions or a stalemate in one's affairs. But the focus here is on making decisions, and moving ahead without fear or doubt. Align yourself with supportive friends, and allow them to help you. You will have success in your endeavors but some obstacles will remain.

    7- temperance-Outside Influences: You have the ability to turn a negative situation into a positive one.

    8- emperor-Internal Influences:you should accept what is coming your way, and that you will receive most (perhaps all) of what you desire.

    9- queen of wands-Hopes and Fears: Your hope is to find passion but you fear stepping out of the spotlight , you can be overwhelm or intimidate, be bossy and overbearing

    10- knight of pentacles -The Long Term Outcome: Any goal that you set, you will achieve it. so if your goal is to find love, then you will achieve it You need to believe in yourself to succeed.

  • knight of pentacles describes someone who will keep their true feelings to themselves. do not like to wear his/her heart on sleeve, for some this could present a problem of trying to read this person or figure out their true motives. things will move very slowly and cautiously.

    the positions are important as well, however, I have given you the bigger picture. I wil be happy to translate each card for you bit later.

    The hanged man is about waiting this out, and much sacrifices on your part or his in order for you 2 to be together for the long haul. can it be done, that remains questionable.


  • Ms. Sunny, I see that you are familiar with doing readings with Playing Cards.

    I would love to have you give me a reading using Playing Cards.

    April 21,1973: I would like a reading on Job opportunities and renewal of Romance.

    Thanks Ms.Sunny:)

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