How can i make a virgo man love me agwi

  • I'm a scorpio (11-03-70) and my love is a virgo (9-22-65) we have been lover's for about 1yr. 1/2, things were great in beginning about 6 months ago when wife finally left him for other reasons, his behavier started changing I know he had a lot going on with moving out, and I started asking for us to spend more time together but he would always give me excuses why he couldn't,the fact that we didn't see eye to eye about spending more time together caused me to really get upset and that would cause a lot of fighting between us. His interest in me remained the same regarding sex till 3-4 time a wk to 1-2wk to 1 every week in ahalf. I have question him about this and he says he has a lot all the time on his mind or that's he's always tired. We work together so we recently got a new employee a Leo younger women and I strongly feel and believe theat she is the problem of our problems I belive he is cheeting with her.I have ask. Hasn't a sgt I g

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