Help me!!!

  • I love someone that doesn't seem to know what his role is in a relationship. We are suppose to get married in a few months. Can someone tell me what's going on with him and with myself? Will we still get married? If he's not the person for me,who is?

  • Hi, If you have a religious affiliation seek counseling because I get a very uneasy feeling from this. Seek the help of someone who can help both of you.

  • Sounds to me like pre marital nerves. If either of you really do have doubts, think carefully before taking the plunge. You both need to be 100% fully committed to each other...marriage isn't a bed of roses and there'll be hurdles to jump but there is also a lot of joy and happiness when you know that person is for you. In any case you both need to be 100% honest with each other ....pick the option you would both be 100% happy with in the long run (marriage,postponement,cancellation or separation).

  • What do you mean when you say "he doesn't seem to know what his role is in this relationship is"? What do you think his role is in this relationship? For that matter, what is your role in the relationship? Ask youself what you want out of your marriage to him, and ask him what he wants out his marriage to you. Take some calm moments together on a date in a restaurant and both of you, together, discuss your lives together and some of your goals in life for the future. But first: hum a song that makes you happy, this will calm your anxiety, after all, aren't you planning a wedding?

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