The Ethics of Psychic Reading

  • Many people ask for psychic readings but I wonder if they realise what they are asking. For myself, I have always believed I should be honest about the impressions I get, even if it might not be what the person 'wants' to hear. However I have held back information I picked up about someone that I felt they weren't ready to cope with or know about. Also I would never tell anyone else what I picked up in a private session with someone.

    But I have always been bothered about how far someone wants me to go when reading them. I feel like there has to be the same sort of privacy limit and respect - the same as there would be if I was just talking to someone. Maybe people don't realise how deeply they can be 'probed'. It's like stepping into someone else's skin so it can become very emotional and draining. I for one have never gone as deeply into someone's life and soul as I know I could. I'm sure there are things that people don't want anyone to know. I don't usually read people in depth unless they ask for it. Then I feel I have permission to do a light scan. When I'm out and about for example, my psychic ability is mostly turned down to a very basic surface-impressions level.

    What does everyone think? Do normal ethics apply to psychic readers? How far should one go in order to help another person who is asking for information?

  • This question is very interesting that you ask. It's funny, because I recently went to a very well renowned psychic to help me develop my own abilities. She told me that I have "too much emotion". She said that I need to learn to control my emotion because I get too much into the other person.

    I think YOU just made me understand what she was talking about. Also, she said that it doesn't help the person being read if I cannot control my emotions because they will feel what I am seeing. & To always be honest, but only give what the person being read for asks for, never more. Some people don't want to hear everything.

    She told me that Spirit has been trying to tell me things, but I'm too emotional to see the message too. So, I know it's not completely what you are asking, but it reallly helped me. I thank you for that.

    It is hard for me to NOT be emotional though, because I am an empath. Tricky to get control of it in this scenario, huh?

    Very interesting indeed.

    Thanks Captain.

  • I think that you need to explain exactly what you just said to the person asking and let them decide how far you can explore into them. Most people are asking about situations that they are currently emotionally involved in...I believe it goes without saying that if they ask a question about that they are giving permission for you to delve into that.

    If a psychic went further into a person I think it would have to be intent. Are you seeing more because that is being revealed to you or are you looking for more for another reason? Psychics definitely have an advantage if they wanted to manipulate or scam someone. My experience has been that a true psychic, has no desire to take advantage of another for harmful reasons.

    For me personally, just because I am on a spiritual journey, I would like to know everything that is blocking me or helping me. But that is I want you to look into my s e x u a l preferences, childhood friends, etc., etc., no...not unless it had something to do with what I was asking for in the reading. If it is pertinent information....then I would like to be told the that. Just my two cents.. :0) Blessings!

  • In my humble opinion, I prefer to be told the good, the bad and the ugly if it pertains to the situation that I am seeking guidance in. I see no need to just hear the positive if there is a situation that I have the potential to change. Having said that, I have many friends that tell me they are frightened to have readings done because they do not want to hear anything "bad" or negative. I tell them to let the psychic know ahead of time so the reader can focus his/her energies on the things their client only wants to be told about.

  • I'd have to agree with Aunt Buck and sameesmom, if I'm asking for a reading I'm not asking to only hear the good part. However, I think the reading should apply to the request. There are things we / you pick up but that doesn't necessarily mean it's something the person wants to hear if it doesn't apply to the situation they are inquiring about. Does that mean you shouldn't share it? I myself have been given what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. And although I get that on some level I was taken back by it. Perhaps at the time my own emotions got in the way of the message that was being conveyed to me. My own feeling is that when a request comes our way it is someone asking for help. The need and desire for help is an emotional state, a vulnerable position at times to be in. For myself I feel the emotion behind that request at times so i suppose because of that I have a more subtle response technique. Does that mean being curt to snap the person to attention isn't what they need to hear? Perhaps it is exactly that but is it necessarily the best way to respond? I would say respond to the inquiry, offer other messages you receive, explain the emotion with which a message is given. I myself find my emotions can cloud what I receive or attempt to interpret, I'm working on that, but the emotion behind a message is genuinely pretty clear. But I am always aware to me psychic ability is very much "a feeling", my own brother will often bring to my attention the difference between my saying I think and I feel. The latter typically rings true. Just my thoughts...

  • Congratulations and Thanks. THIS is a very good topic for discussion! Those of us who have gifts have also a responsibility that comes along with them. Many in our "modern" times are "naturals" and go without the training that was given to sensitives in different times from a young age. Many find their way to developing these gifts haphazardly, whether alone, through practice or taking teachings from those who have some training or "power" but not the clear balance and understanding of exactly what you've brought up Captain: ETHICS. Ethics are paramount. In any "helping" profession--telling what you learn about someone privately is to be kept to yourself and the client/patient. Dr's and psychologists have struggled with this for years--now they can "tell" only if the person is about to harm themselves or someone else.

    Captain I SO agree with you about honesty, permission, and holding back. Sometimes we pick up on things that WE can "see" yet perhaps THEY are not ready or in a place on their journey where they want or need to know. It's difficult to be able to see something and understand it may not be your place to share it--just because you know. So ethics and respecting others' journeys are paramount--both to the reader and those being read!

    Captain, you say "my psychic ability is mostly turned down to a very basic surface-impressions level." I do that too--otherwise life would be simply too overwhelming! A a young one, I was led to Dion Fortune's Psychic Self-Defense--and though it's written in "old-fashioned" language--I still recommend it to those who are "too open" and pick up on so many things they become overloaded or distressed.

    I wonder how YOU learned to tune yours down to that basic surface-impression level. Can you SHARE please? I think it'd be so very helpful to many journeyers on this site!!!

    Hi Aunt Buck! You're right that psychics definitely have an advantage if they wanted to manipulate or scam someone. That's why people are frightened and there have been witch hunts! I'm not sure what you mean by a "true psychic"--I think I get you to mean those who are developed in consciousness enough to be a real lightworker. In that case--yes--there is no desire to take advantage. You're lucky in your experience.

    In my experience and travels around the world--I've met more than a few who have highly developed--whether by nature and unguided practice--or by actual real training--psychic abilities who are NOT ethical and do take advantage of others for harmful reasons. They are dark, often very attractive (because they know how to develop that part of themselves--the glamour) and can be very dangerous! As they grow in their unethical practice however--they begin to "look like" what they're doing. You can see the signs of the karma they are taking on by that manipulation of others!

    Captain so many are lost and searching today--and people WANT to know more about themselves--I completely get that you say you're bothered by how far people ask you to go. Nowadays--we're so trained by modern life to "want it now" so when people meet someone who can "give it to them" they often don't want to do the work on themselves for self-knowledge or enlightenment. They don't realize how draining it can be for the sensitive or psychic.

    As I explore on our forums and in our world--I often think how important this discussion you've begun is and how much more we need to bring it into many walks of life!

    ETHICS are if not everything on their own--certainly crucial to every aspect of a life well-lived and manifested! For our own Soul's journey!

    The VERY Wise ones I've been lucky to meet tend to choose to tell about only what they're actually asked about, and if they feel they need to alert someone--find a way to give an alert or "warning" without frightening.

    For those far enough on the Path to be aware and caring of Ethics--can you SHARE:

    *what do you do in situations where you feel hesitant about sharing something you picked up?

    *WHAT/HOW do you protect yourSELF from being drained or picking up "too much?"

    GREAT THREAD Captain--thanks for bringing this up!

  • Hi Captain,

    I too agree with AuntBuck, sameesmom and RCdreamer, I would definitely want to know all that is being picked up in a reading for me, I know there are those that only want to hear what they want to hear and that is up to those, but, sadly they miss out on valuable information they could act on and change...

    but me, I desperately would love to know how it really is!!, I can then act on the insight given to me,...

    I think it should be the asker of the reading to point out to the reader that they are responsible enough to handle what is being told to them, after all, readings are a reflection of what the persons vibes are giving off at the time of the reading and they should understand nothing is set in stone, they can choose to change the course of the outcome if they choose to change their vibration to alter it!!.oh dear, hope I'm explaining myself properly

    this is why I love the insight given to me by your vibe readings because I know it's what I'm giving off at the time of reading, that's the wonderful thing about all this....we can change it's course if we feel a better outcome could be reached...sometimes I think people just don't understand the concept of readings.they can be the most wonderful gift from caring talented ones as a guidance as to what an outcome maybe, and we then have the choice to change it if it's not the outcome we want....

    I will always value your insight and caring to share your abilities with us Captain... 🙂

    and now I will stop my


  • This is a very interesting topic. I had my own understanding of ethics but i went and looked up the definition for me and this is one ( that branch of philosophy dealing with values relating to human conduct, with respect to the rightness and wrongness of certain actions and to the goodness and badness of the motives and ends of such actions.)

    For me my life today is about truth and the application of it in my life and it stems from the lies i lived in my life .Like that saying truth will set you free yes it will but at what cost ? Allot of people want the truth but they are not willing to pay the cost of that truth and once it is exposed it becomes a turmoil within its self some can blow it off and go own living their life as it was but the ones who seek someone out for the truth of what ever is going own with them what i have observed are either wanting you to tell them some thing that will make them feel good at the moment or they are seeking a solution.

    But then you have the truth of solution that allot of people do not want to go there because it involves action and change own their part and facing the reality of self the inner most self the area were all our problems stem from some refer it as the gut feeling .But it think what are our ethics based own, are the based own how we are raised, or society standards or ethic groups or religions the wright and wrongs we are taught or learned .

    So how much of influence goes into advice given to some one else based own their question from our own ethics . Captain made a statement own one of the treads about we have all of the answers to our problems within us .I for one believe this to be true and if i am really trying to help a person then i think it is my responsibility to help them find that solution within their self and that also keeps ego out of it because the solution is within their self .Just like now i am debating whether to submit this because i am afraid of what you might think of me so if you read this you know i faced that fear .

    For me life is about facing fears doubts and all them other things that keep me from having freedom .And if my cup is full and truth is at the very bottom then i need to hear how to empty the cup to get to the truth where my true happiness is.Have you ever tried walking with your feet full of stickers its hard to do, so to be able to walk with out pain you have to pull out the stickers one at a time and it hurts but after a little while the pain is gone and you wonder why you didn't do that along time ago would of been allot easer walking and a whole lot less pain but some times we just have to get to where we cant walk anymore before we stop and ask for help .So do i want the truth or do i just want a feel good moment ? Can anybody say what tomorrow holds 100% No. But i can say if you find the truth within it will be OK no mater what .

    I wrote all of this for me if and i hope it might help someone else Tooter

  • Good Afternoon Captain

    Captain you know that is a very important question you asked. We all should remember that you doing something for us. And that you should never tell us anything about what you saw about another person unless it meant life or death. And I mean life or death. That harm was coming to another person. But you should only tell somebody else something about some body else if they said it was ok. But if not. What you see for me I do not want you too tell anybody else.Or maybe you ask another psychic about something you seem for me. And maybe you was not sure about it. But I don't want other people to know my business. So I do agree with you aobut your question.


  • I had read a blog from a a very popular pyschic i cant remeber her

    name but she gave many examples of how to give a reading..

    I feel its normal because a person is already asking an outsider sometimes that they know completely nothing about and nothing about how and how much information thier recieving

    about them, i think its pretty normal to be a bit self conscious and logically interpret

    the reading however, she explained a format of how she does her readings which is

    always give the reciever good new first then the not so good and then a very good

    solution of positive words to encourage the person to change the matter. She also

    said she never leave information out and i agree with that, obviously the message was sent

    to enforce some type of sign to the person it dosent have to be said in harsh words

    or so but more so asking.. in a way. also she stated by not telling people

    they continue on blindly in a repetitive pattern, so is it so hard to sacrifise temporary feelings to help a person in the long run ?

    Also most PROFESSIONAL psychics always ask thier recievers would they like to know EVERYTHING i think thats a good way to determine weather the person is open or not.

  • Hey Capt. Hope all is well there for you!

    This is a topic that in a way I was just thinking about. I was going to just catch -up & read as I owe people ( Tooter!) a few things so I wasn't going to post. But ….

    I've never run into a problem with ethics because for me it starts with honesty, kindness and integrity. But, I did learn a valuable lesson from this forum quite some time ago. I did get all the way into two people and it wasn't pretty. Far from it. One person just happened to respond on a post that I was reading and I saw things. If you're are around long enough you catch on to people so later things were confirmed. The other person --- I never said it was a reading and she never asked for one. She was just in need of help. so I read for her without her knowledge. Simple postings got me in too deep and I pulled back. In both cases, I've never said a word and never, ever will. But, this is how I am when I know anyones " secrets" . These secrets aren't mine to share.

    It is different when one is face to face. There are a lot of cues you instantly get and just know what to say or not. Out of being on here, I've learned a few things that I've written to folks. Copy & pasted below:

    "I only respond when I KNOW without a doubt And even when I KNOW, I never type something that should be kept private or that which I feel may wound someone."

    I gave what I "saw" ( name)because she was meant to get the message.

    f I get a picture --- I write an "image" of whatever that picture is. Usually I write the words --- 'clear image'. Clear image means --- you can be pretty darn sure, what I'm saying is accurate. Sometimes I do use the word "see". But this means I only had a fast, vague, look at the picture.

    If I sense something or feel something, it is just that --- a feeling. So its not as clear to me or as accurate as when I get an image.

    I need to add something else about all this. I hardly ever get audio. I was on here say on a Friday, and on Saturday I heard a name and a message and knew instantly who the message was for( different name, different person). Instead of saying the message, I went on-line and said something pretty inane. I'm ashamed of that! Not, that it would have changed anything --- I just feel I shouldn't in this instance have held back!

    I'll help out sometimes, especially if its for someone I've chatted with for a long time. With that said ---I don't Want to Read Anyone as I am in no state to dive in and do so. But, I can't always control the images and if they aren't going to hurt anyone and are what I consider clear I may, may say something. If I've been asked and see no images, feel nothing, I'll also write ---- I've got nothing.

    On that note, two more things I've written on this forum:

    you would be best served by someone else. if something comes, i'll share it.

    All of us, always know the way, the hard part is honoring the answer -lol !

    How far should one go? I choose right now everything above, lol ! But, I do think honesty differs for people. A family member believes she is, ' just being honest" not realizing her words have no kindness and are Never seen as honest only as criticisms. Best way might be ....walk in anothers shoes .... not hard if your seeing things!

    Sending you all joyful blessings!


  • For me, reading someone on more than a surface level is a conscious thing - I have to apply some concentration and awareness in order to sense things. So when I'm just out and about in town or wherever, I relax and don't apply that sort of intense concentration - otherwise I would be drained all the time.

    The reason you need to put your own emotions aside when reading is so that what you receive is all about the other person and not a mishmash of their emotions and your own which would be terribly confusing.

    Reading to me is more than just using your intuition to pick up information about another person - it's using that intuition to decide whether a person is ready to receive the info or how best to put it across. Also if you feel drained after a reading, you have to take a break and maybe get away into a quiet place away from people or into nature to recharge your psychic batteries. Readers must care for themselves as much as their 'clients' - you won't be any help to anyone if you become so drained you get sick. I know some readers who give and give because they feel so many people need their help but you have to be as mindful and considerate of yourself as you are of others - and that applies to anyone in the healing or helping professions.

  • Ah Captain--how very lucky--besides wise--you are! When I was very young I was picking up so many things about people--often things a child couldn't really understand--it was disturbing to me and others! Maybe because I'm a Moon-child:) It wasn't something that came to me when I began to bleed, as often it does for women, or as a grown up--I just always "had it."

    My grandmother and mother were sensitive and had psychic "hits" now and then. But those from the "old country" said I'd clearly inherited my great-grandmother's gift. My fortune was that the old ones recognized me. Took me under their wing. I had to learn to protect myself. At first--I had to use intense concentration to only get the surface level! What a relief when I learned how to take in less.

    My grandmother was a little scared of my "knowings"--I could tell things about her!

    But they made sense to her--she'd grown up with it. She'd ask me to "find things out" about others for her and sometimes I didn't feel right about that! Mom was more respectful of others' privacy--and of how young I was! And she allowed me to spend time with old ones who were not blood family yet were "known" in our community and could teach me what I needed to know from a very young age. In many ways I grew up inside my own family but outside it.

    Captain what you said about being mindful to care for yourself is so very crucial. ALL of you just opening up: please listen to the Captain! This is very very important! When you have an ability in any of the healing and helping professions--as one of my advisors warned me :"always be aware of caring for yourself and setting boundaries or they will suck you dry."

    I've seen people who with the gift--"born" with it or "come upon them" at some age--live in terror, misunderstood, scaring others, and get very burned out or drained just as you said. Whatever age it awakens--it's just THERE. In the old days--and in a few cultures still--when it's recognized in the child, the child gets taken for training. Like I was. But I'm first generation in my country. There were those who remembered. So what a good thing we have forums like this we can share learn with others like us!

    So many are generations away from a time when "psychic" was just another gift--like having any other "normal" natural ability. It's a great shame we went through a stage where many just "shut off" abilities. I've seen so many with natural gifts self-medicate with drugs or alcohol or end up in psych wards because they had no one around who understood how to help them learn how -to or protect themselves!

    And to bring up the very very important issue of ethics that the Captain has here!

    I was taught that to know best how to "help" and communicate when someone came to me to ask--or when I'm reading for myself--is to focus, weave my own protections, and ask that whatever I get is "for the highest good" of both myself and the one I am reading. Sometimes I have to repeat that during an interaction!

    In our modern world--even kids who show talent in sports, art or music don't get the training they deserve. But those are more socially acceptable things, given value, and taught in schools. Can you imagine an elementary or middle-school class in "psychic?" Maybe in our lifetimes we'll get to see that kind of thing:)

    I am grateful lightworkers are now able to communicate much more openly than we could before, helping one another, and virtually taking "young ones" under our wings:)

    What the Captain says about using your intuition or sense to decide whether a person's ready to receive is so very important!

    I learned young--just because I "know" doesn't mean it's the right time to tell.

    I was taught: focus and ask yourself: what are they really ASKING about? What are they here to learn? Sometimes their literal--or verbally expressed--question is not really the question they've come for an answer on! They know they need to know "something" and are led to you--yet we're so out of touch with ourselves these days! How often have you heard someone say "I'm hungry but I don't know what I want to eat!" One reason why there's such an obesity epidemic today. People eat what we're programmed by advertising to "want" or think is "good" when it's not really what our bodies want or need! When you're really in touch with your self--you just KNOW what nourishment your body needs!

    The most useful things I learned I can share:

    I had a friend who was amazingly clairvoyant. It terrified her, then she learned to "just accept" it. She used to just spout whatever she was seeing. What worked for her: she learned to ask "I'm getting pictures--do you want me to tell you?"

    Ask your guardians & guides "what does this one need to know right now?' before reading.

    Wrap yourself in light. I've known people who always wrap themselves and the "readee" in the same circle of light--for me--that can get too intense. There are times I have to create my own protection within that circle! Not always though:)

    And always always ask that what you get and how you share it "is for the highest good."

    Not just "my highest good" or just "(name of querant)'s highest good"--

    but "the highest good."

    That should help you with the "ethics."


  • Yes, sometimes I get the feeling that people who ask questions about others in their lives are just being plain nosy. I only feel I should answer questions that relate directly and are relevant to the questioner. I refuse to answer detailed questions about the love lives of ex-partners, for example. I think you have to respect the rights of others to their privacy, especially if they are not the ones asking you the questions. This even extends to people who enquire about the intimate lives of family members. I wouldn't do that normally so why would I do it psychically?

  • Wrapping yourself in light is indeed a good protection but one that should only be a temporary measure. The ultimate protection is to be strong enough in yourself not to need the white light. When you can allow people's emotions to pass through you without getting sucked down into them, you will not need outside protection. It takes objectivity and courage to put aside the ego that tells you that you must get involved and be empathetic to others in order to feel like a good person. Helping others requires you to put aside all ego concerns for yourself and concenrate fully on the other person. Free from human ego-based ties, you can then 'be God' and see the whole picture of what the person needs rather than being held back by emotion. It's why doctors can't operate on family members - they get too emotionally involved to know clearly what to do or worry overly about making a mistake. That's ego. But the patient still needs to be healed.

  • Excellent point, Captain! I teach that strength of self is one of best goals we can strive for! With that--all else becomes easier. Were I an envious person (the only envy I've ever felt was as a young dancer for those girls who were so double-jointed they could come in with no training or experience and get their legs up to their ears right off when I had to work and stretch to do it:) were I not so accepting of and comfortable with myself at this point in my life--I'd envy you your ability to be so detached. Makes me wonder--where's Aquarius in your chart?

    I've learned to work with myself. I recall one of the first times I worked with a serious astrologer and she took one look at my chart and said "OH! You are an EMOTIONAL one!" Very true. Had to work--still do--to recognize my own emotional responses and what to do with them so they don't overtake me:) Being objective about mySELF took a lot of work:) Yet at the same time--the desire and ability to feel EVERYTHING deeply and passionately serves me well in my work. Growing up has its benefits:)

    The doctor analogy is right on it! As is the objectivity and courage to put ego aside.It does take courage--I'm glad you said that!

    I used to feel that "need to be a good person" and that got me in trouble--I'd get sucked in and it was draining. I've learned however that I can be empathetic without getting involved. THAT took a lot of work to achieve.

    I've often found that among those who read for a living, there's a tendency to "give 'em what they want"--even if (and sometimes especially!) it's private info about others. My grandmother--bless her soul--was a diva and a butterfly and vicariously curious about others where it WAS none of her business. I was just a child and Mom had to school her own mother about not "using" me to do that! But while readers who use their gifts that way may get popular and paid--they always pay the price at some point in their own journeys.

    I am grateful you started this discussion! I'd like to hear how others deal with protecting themselves & that gaining of objective clarity!

  • excuse me for jumping in, but i was and is very curious about this thread,




    sheila vancouver canada

  • Man i would love to set with you and captain and ask allot of questions and listen to the answers you have to this day i do not know what i am i just know what comes to me and what i see and hear in my minds eye captain has helped me allot as so many others own here .I am also a emotional person and sometimes i get visions and i feel the emotions and pain of that vision and nearly drops me to my knees and when this happens it like it is branded into my brain but when i think i can read or see i can not do it ,its like it comes own its own time not mine this is what confuses me .

    I have had several psychics who i paid money two threw the years and nearly all would end up coming back when nothing was working and say i do not fit the norm or i am a bander what ever that is and here i am thinking they do not even know and that made me feel more of a weirdo then i just except it as a scam wanting more money and i still do not know so if you could tell me be my guest to go as deep as you want but i would ask to me only my life today is a open book and i share my life with anyone that i think it might help but i do not go around broadcasting about my life to everyone and i have a strong intuitiveness of knowing when someone is lying to me most of the time not always and reading peoples intent i was in business so i had to try and realize peoples intent to see if they were serious about having the work done or just curious. Tooter

  • RisingPhoenix, Aquarius is in Mars for me.

  • Shatz, you weren't open to the bad and the ugly (ie. the truth) when you started here but you are gradually opening up to it. You just need to realise that although the truth can be like getting hit in the face with a bucket of cold water, that water wakes you up and refreshes you after the initial shock has passed.

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