What type of birthday gifts do cancer men like?

  • I ve been talking to this guy i work with for the last 3 months. I am really attracted to him , he knows it, he is attracted to me too, but had a really bad break up and is really depressed...(His girlfriend left him for someone else after 4.5 years and he feels like nobody is interested in him and never will be.) To make it more interesting, I have a boyfriend myself...Being an Aries myself i was a little too fast at first and said i would break up with my bf to be with him, probably scared him away a little, though he did came around and i feel like we r becoming a really good friends. I feel like he shares alot with me about his past relationship and life in general.And he IS REALLY down and hard on himself and for some reason have a very low self esteem, despite his attractiveness.. His Birthday is coming up and knowing how sensitive cancers are i was thinking of getting flowers delivered to him on his BD to make him feel special. Do you think its a good Idea at all? Or what type of things do cancers like? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  • Anything hand-made. Even something as simple as you making him a card. Goofy or serious. Cut out pictures, draw something, doesn't matter. Oh my gosh, that will get him to thinking. Nothing says I care about you to a Cancer like something that you put yourself into.

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