Please help to Interpret.. Im a newbie and want to learn.

  • Hi All,

    Good Day!

    Im a newbie on this and i avail a ryder waite tarot card and still reading 3 cards only.

    Today i tried to used a celtic spread of the card but the cards are full of details which i need your advised or interpretation on this..

    here is what i got in order.

    1. 5 of swords

    2. Death

    3. Justice

    4. Hanged Man

    5. Wheel of Fortune

    6. Hermit

    7. Queen of Pentacles

    8. Temperance

    9. Queen of Cups

    10. Knight of Cups

    Hope someone can interpret my first celtic spread....

  • Since your spread contains more than 5 Major Arcana, the result is not within your power. The answer will come from the person represented in the 10th card, the Knight of Cups. This is one spread where you will need to use the Knight of Cups as the Significator and ask for clarification.

    Reversed cards have their own meanings, too. A lot of "wannabees" write books about Tarot without truly understanding that objectivity is an absolute necessity. In Major Arcana cards, the Wheel of Fortune (for example) in the upright position shows the wheel of fortune turning in your favor. Reversed, it shows the wheel turning into the hands of Fate--not necessarily good or bad.

    Whatever the question concerns, it is something deeply important to you and has caused you to roller coaster in emotional response. One day, you believe one thing and the next day, you feel something entirely different. However, to the people around you, they see only that things "seem" to be fine. Inside of you, there is great turmoil, possibly even a grieving over a situation that has changed. I get the sense that there is jealousy involved and possibly over the same man--the Knight of Cups???

    One more thing--you ARE allowed to ask questions about "what will happen if" questions. This way, you can make an informed decision whether or not to proceed with events as planned or change them to suit yourself. You may only ask the cards once or twice per day in a serious reading. Then, they need to "rest" inside of a piece of silken fabric (like a scarf) that carries your essence or vibrations.

    For general personality readings of others, be sure to change the Significator for each person. Often, Major Arcana work very well for those in authority. As you practice, you will gain greater knowledge. Remember, all fives are positive in the reversed position. This is the only card in the Tarot deck that is different from the rest. Not all reversed cards show negativity. Remember to pay attention to the characters of the court cards and how they sit, which one is in motion and which ones are standing still. Each of these cards relates directly to events by how they sit and/or move.

    Good luck and please feel free to seek us out for questions.

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