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  • All the Loving People that have given you a gift on these threads please share how it has helped in your life. Ill start ~ I could write names but Im afraid Ill forget just one. So everyone of you know just how much I Love you for the insight you have given me on these threads I am forever thankful. Grateful! It is a blessing to hear from you. Like a child in a candy store. Like an adult in a bookstore. I look forward to your insight just to balance me. So I am like "Youve got mail" & I have to say it just feeds my soul & for me a bunch of sunflowers in the summer emerging in the fall (indian summer lets say) Bless You so much! Because of you Iam one foot foward to my life getting to a balance again. Love ~ D Please share specifics if possible!

  • caught this just as I am off for some rest and playtime. I am thankful for all the open hearts and minds I've gotten to expierience here. I am touched by how unique we all are yet how connected we are as humans. I've learned a lot more about being human as well as a spiritual being.. How universal our journeys can be at times. How we are never alone and no matter how bad things seem at any moment somewhere another is surviving worse. I am humbled by some of the tragic tragic posts I've read. What the human spirit can endure is overwhelming at times.A testiment to "Grace". These are the times I feel a great love for my fellow human beings and it is good for the world. So this is my thank you for all who have opened their hearts and minds here--the good with the bad because even the bad has something to teach you--but mostly I thank all those who shared with love. Blessings

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