Capricorn woman in love with Scorpio man....Advice please!

  • Hi! I'm new here and I need some advice. I hope I don't bore you to tears; I also hope you don't think I'm completely crazy. LOL...I'll try to condense the story as to not write a novel.

    I'm a Capricorn, 47..met this Scorpio, 48 and it was instant connection. Fact all my 47 years I've NEVER felt such a connection with anyone...and it was mutual. He's from another state and working in the state where I reside. Not a day went by in the beginning that he didn't call or text just to let me know I was on his mind. When we were together it was like we'd been together forever. One day he told me that there was a possibility that he would be transferred and after this he became distant although we still communicated and saw one another, it was different. However, whenever I did see him he would say he loved me and that he wanted us to be "like this" for the next 50 years. A few weeks ago he called and wanted me to come over so we could chat. Our chat led to him telling me that it was over because he would be leaving and he didn't want to be attached to someone then have to leave and feel the hurt. Then he said he didn't remember saying he loved me. In the next breath after I'd relived all the things he'd said he replied..."I'm not saying those things are not true", I got up to leave and he questioned how I could just get up and leave and never look back, asking "I thought you would follow me to the ends of the earth and fight for me?". Four days later he's texting me just to ask if I'd gotten a job that I had been trying to get. The last time I saw him I was in a local club (we were no longer together, so I figured I'd have a good time), I ran into a man who turned out to be his boss and we were talking as guess who walks in. He totally ignored me and started flirting with all the girls in the room. I left. 3 days later I get a text from him saying that it was his boss's birthday and that the boss wanted him to call me for him...he said the boss told him that I wanted to have sex with him (as a birthday present I guess Ha). BTW..I don't believe the boss said anything..I believe my scorpio made all this up. My question is WHY?

    I've never been involved with a Scorpio before. I'm so confused. Is this some sort of game? Is he testing me and if so...what's my next move? I don't know how to play these games. Or, he just a nut case that I need to do my best to forget? This one will be I said..I've never in my life felt like this about a man before. NEVER!


  • He is definitely playing mind games with you, making you feel like you have lost your mind. Refuse to play by his rules. Create your own rules and make him tow the line. If he does not, he's not worth the effort.

  • Loveapp, I saw your post asking for help on the other thread. I don't know if I can help you but I will try, OK? From what you posted, I believe he played his hand and it backfired on him. I believe he really wanted you to protest and claim undying love and beg him not to leave you like this. I don't believe that he expected you to walk out and not commmunicate with him further. That threw him and now he doesn't know what to do ! So he kindda makes a pest of himself and you are not

    " taking the hint ".

    First I think what you should do is ask him, be honest and tell him that he hurt you and why he hurt you. Ask him to tell you honestly why he did that and was all of it truly about him leaving or was he trying to get you upset so he could judge how much you care for him . Once you have that answer come back and tell us what he said and we will go from there. OK? Hang tough and we will figure it out if it is possble. It won't be easy but you must know this answer.

    Hugs to you.

  • Thank you, light-en-dark.

    I have to agree with you; I got the feeling that's what he wanted as well and if I knew for sure..I would surely do it because he IS the love of my life.

    I do have an update..small one.

    I got a text from him the other night letting me know that there was a change in scheduling and he was not going out of town. His words were.."Everything happens for a reason"...I didn't bother to ask him what he thought the reason might be although perhaps he wanted me to. I made a point to keep our conversation nice but cordial and I ended it rather than waiting for him to which is what I normally would do.

    I may be doing all the wrong things concerning him but, I don't want to be pushy and frighten him away.

  • Please see the post above. This is what you must do. Hugs

  • good idea.. make him follow.. He needs to be humble. BTW, the scorpio man is an expert at playing mind games, and he doens't stop there. He will continue to make you appear "suspicious" and crazy.


  • Well there is a thread on this help with scorpio male!!

    I am thinking do your own thing never mind what he does no games no strategies or stupid texts, unless you enjoy that game too. Don't play along just because he does.

  • Stop and center yourself and stand up and say stop enough! I don't have to take this from you!

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