Color of cords between soulmates

  • I have been told that I have quite a few cords that are quite thick to someone I met who is a soulmate and past life partner. The cord for this lifetime is yellow and orange with the edges touched in black. I have been trying to cut cords which is why the cord is touched with black. But this cord seems to have a life of its own, and regenerates every single time.

    Does anyone know what the colors yellow and orange mean for this cord and if it there are so many cords from previous lifetimes, should I even try to cut them, since there may be other things at play here which I am not aware of?

    Thanks everyone !!!!!

  • Very interesting...I have never heard of that? I hope someone answer's you.

  • Seeing how no one has answered you..I will a least tell you what the colors mean as far as the Chakra. I do not know if this will apply to your situation though:

    Yellow- Learning, study, intellect

    Orange - Practical and down to earth

    Black- Repulsion, stand-offishness ( by you trying to cut the cords, I guess we can say this one is correct :))

    I don't believe you should try to cut the cords as there are lesson to be taught here in this lifetime.

    I know this is not exactly what you want to know but its a start!

  • Thank you !!! The yellow and orange pretty much describe both our personalities. We even belong to the same progession and have the same specialty, to give you an idea of how much on the same vibration we are.

    I gave up trying to cut the cords about a month ago, just because every time I would try to do, I would hear a voice in my head scream "no" and then my head and body would ache for a day or two. Even though the situation to me is impossible, he is with someone, and just had a baby who coincidently was born on my birthday, I have left it up to G-d , and let things happen as they should be without my interference.

    Since there are so many cords from past lifetimes and quite thick at that, and even the cord for this lifetime persists, then there is , as you say, a lesson to be learned. It may have been that we met earlier than what we should have, or the lesson is still waiting down the road. Who knows?

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry, meant profession. =0). Should proofread before submitting !!!!

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