All air signs, What does that mean????

  • My birthday is Sept 29, 1980

    my sun is in Libra, my moon Gemini, and assending in Aquarius. I was just wondering if this has any special meaning.

  • I'll look into it

    knowing sun, moon and rising is good

    but you also need to know what is dominant in your chart

    that's the major part of your personality, be it air sign or not

  • Leoscorpion I don't undertand the moon,sun etc... Would you be able to tell me what my sun ans moon would be? My b'day is 1/23/1963. thank you.

  • lilcrazy~


    All this air is very telling...generally I always think of air as being in their 'head' ...

    you are quite the intellectual indeed...

    you likely process everything in 'logic' ..

    as opposed to a 'gut reaction' or with an emotional response(like a water sign would) are a very good communicator or even likely to make a good teacher of sorts...

    leoscorpion is right in that those placements are helpful but they don't make up your whole natal chart...more personal planets are venus,mars etc... rule your love nature & other areas etc...

  • worthy1248-

    looks like your sun in Aquarius & moon in cappy..

    moon rules your emotional make-up so your actually an air sign but have the emotional make-up/needs of an earth sign...

  • sooo i just have one question....Can anyone tell me what a rising sign is...? ive been wondering this for years...

  • I don't even get the whole sun,mood,assending,rising sign thingy.:I

    Can anyone please explain this to me?

    Also Can anyone tell me what mine might be?

    My DOB: May 27,1997

  • cottontail- you will need to look up your full natal chart... this will ask your place of birth and time also. Im not sure off the top of my head what they ALL mean, but if you get a full report it will tell you...

    this also for colorspretty

  • lilcrazy, lilmisbul has answered your question.

    this is just a quick look into your DOBs, I'm not looking at rising signs and houses.

    your Sun is in Libra. and Libra is also dominant sign in your chart. You have 4 planets here at least. Mercury conjunct Pluto is a good placement for legal field. Pluto will give you the energy you need when performing research and investigation of what is true and fair. Saturn conjunct Sun, you tend to take the safe way, conservative and probably also obedient to certain degree.

    a Gemini moon allows you to communicate your feelings well, but you don't 'feel' as deep as people with moon in water signs do. In a way this is good because there is no danger of feeling 'too much' but if you are in a creative field, this can put a damper on your self expression.

    With north in Leo your purpose in this life time is to apply creativity in self expression. If you take the time to turn inward and feel, it will greatly improve your creativity, hence self expression. Improve your leadership skill, this is also an aspect of Leo. South in Aqua, you enjoy being with and among friends, but you may suffer disappointments with friends. This happens for the vey reason that your purpose is to embrace Leo influence. Leo is not a sign of friendship.

    Your Venus conjunct North node, is a big help for you to achieve purpose. Follow Venus lead towards fairness and balance, and you can then lead others by showing the way. Venus also rules beauty, by embracing its influence, Venus will add a touch of beauty in your creative work.

    It's going to take some time for you to understand your purpose and make the steps towards it. Because with dominant Libra, you are probably more interested in the work of the mind, then the work of the heart (Leo rules heart). But Venus, your ruler, sits in Leo anyway. Follow it, and you will get there.

  • mistypo :

    "you are probably more interested in the work of the mind, then the work of the heart (Leo rules heart). "

    I mean :

    you are probably more interested in the work of the mind THAN the work of the heart (Leo rules heart).

  • worthy

    you have got your reading done by Highpriestess3 last year

    lilmisbull also explained it to you already


    rising sign is the sign that rises over the horizon at the time you were born

    rising sign is also called ascendant. it goes like this :

    the sun sign = who you are inside

    the rising sign = your face to the world

    for example : my Sun sign is Leo (the Sun occupies the Leo part of the sky, when I was born) but on the horizon the sign that rises was Scorpio. Add to that, both the Sun and Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) are dominant in my chart. Most people call me a liar when I said I am a Leo, because to the world, I don't fit a Leo description. Only after I learned about Pluto, and embrace Plutonian energy, that my journey gets easier.


    if you want to know, online chart can help

    not always accurate but it can be close

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