Moving forward... anyone available to do a reading? Open to all

  • Good day my tarot friends 🙂

    Been in a period of change and transformation of sorts since the start of this year with many obstacles, twists and turns...some good and some not so good. Anyway, time to get back on track and implement some positive changes, get past the negative obstacles and move forward!

    There are many gifted individuals in this forum and I may not choose the right messenger so rather then direct to a particular individual, I am posting this for all and leaving it in the hands of the spirit guides/angels to provide the messenger(s). So if you read this and feel led to do a reading or share insight for what the rest of the year holds, I would greatly appreciate it...especially in career, relationship, possible change of location or a general reading... whatever direction your intuition leads you. I do make the request for honesty...the message may not be what I want to hear, but what I need to hear! My dob is 21 May 64...I understand every reader uses different tools so let me know if you need any other information.

    Thank you in advance! I look forward to any and all replies!

    Have a beautiful day my friends 🙂

    ps. If someone has posted a reading or shared insight but you feel led to share a message you receive, it would be great to have the comparison...or maybe you pick up on additional information

  • This is a year in which you experience soul growth and you are called upon to give of yourself, your time, your talents, your insights. There is much illumination to be gained. This is a very spiritual vibration and it is best to channel the energy of 2010 into some artistic or psychic endeavor. Your intuition should be humming this year, with revelations, visions, and psychic illumination. The year brings with it inspired thinking, originality, and inventiveness. Sometimes in this year there are unexpected associations or unexpected breakups. 2010 brings you opportunities to gain prominence. You may find yourself in the limelight and in a favourable position to launch a new product, invention, or service. Definitely a "Go for it" time, your "year of decision"... by that I mean you are being offered an opportunity to turn things around; to revise your conduct and plans so they better fit and serve your long range purposes.

    2010 is like a fork in the road for you. You either continue your travel to the left and perpetuate the difficult and trying events of the past or choose the path to the right as you introduce positive and revitalizing change into your life and its activities. The choice is entirely up to you. However, you must keep in mind that your choice, although it may contain risk and possible failure, should be one that is taken just for you, not for someone else. It's your hour to own your own power and stand up for your rights. Change that is chosen and initiated to redirect your fortune will change and improve the quality of your life. If you decide to stay on the old path of outworn, unsatisfactory and useless, ideas, relationships, and associations, you are sure to find disappointment and failure along the way. This time is never an easy initiation, but if the proper choice is made, your life can find new promise and purpose that will enhance and energize the involvements and achievements of your life. You will need to keep your ideals and ethics high this year. You are not just learning for today - but for the rest of your life. Take time to smell the roses. This is a time to organize yourself, and make sure you allow enough time to relax and rest. You'll get more done if you're rested enough to be thoughtful about what you're doing. Use some of that energy and efficiency to help someone else with their goals. The energy you put out DOES return to you three-fold. Don't let yourself get overwhelmed with detail. Now is the time to analyze and make plans, but maintain your grasp of the big picture. Learn to listen to other people's ideas. That may be your most useful lesson of this year.

  • danr -- I don't have as much as The Captain has helped you with, but I did get three specific things that popped into my head as I read your request.

    1. Approximately the third week of September a huge change (I feel this will be career related) will happen.

    2. The other thing I get is you need not settle. I keep hearing that you shouldn't settle for less. You do deserve the best and better than what you have been settling for in the past. This "not settling" will affect number one listed.

    3. You need to listen to what The Captain is telling you when she says to take the other road. You have been down the other road long enough. It's time for a change and good change.

    I'm sorry, but that's all I have for right now. 🙂

  • Thank you Captain! As always, I greatly appreciate your honest insight and the things you give me to think about. That "fork in the road"...hmm, it has been coming for some time now, although I think I may have subconsciously or maybe even consciously taken detours, side roads, to delay arriving at the destination where only 2 paths remained and one must be chosen. Analyze, make plans and be rested.. to see the big picture without getting overwhelmed by the tendency has been to lean towards "logical" over analysis and to think about the effects on everyone else first and then maybe me, which can be both physically and emotionally exhausting. I have been working on learning to analyze more through "feeling", to listen to the quiet gentle whispers and sometimes loud shouts, rather then just "logic". Avoiding the side roads and taking baby steps to move foward, towards that "fork" where a giant step in one direction will begin a new journey.

    Blessings to you Captain...and thank you again 🙂

  • Thank you Amantim! No need to apologize...what you said has helped, maybe more then you know! And #2...I needed that reminder! Thank you so very much for posting 🙂

    Be Blessed my friend!

  • So very glad I could help. It's funny when I get things that seem like it makes no sense at all, but always resonates in the person being read very well. I love it when that happens. The confirmation you give me helps me so I can help others better. Thank you for that. 🙂

    Additionally, I need to remind you also to do what you speak of with your response to TheCaptain. Keep listening to your inner voice. Your gut feeling that you're getting is not by mistake. It's very much for a reason. Keep listening, don't stray from it. It's so easy to do. This is kind of a reminder to myself even.

    Good luck!

  • Amantim..was wondering if you could do a reading for me as well. Been down rough road for the last few years and even more so in the last 7 months. heart break being one of them.Just would like to know what the future looks like as far as if I will find someone else or will the person come back into my life and how things look in general.Thank you in advance ....Finances have been a real worry ... THank you............

  • danr, you chose a good way to ask for guidance. I trust all that you heard has been helpful. I really liked your statement "I think I may have subconsciously or maybe even consciously taken detours, side roads, to delay arriving at the destination where only 2 paths remained and one must be chosen." I too have felt that way and it's kind of nice to see someone else express it. I guess deep down we know more than we are ready to accept. I often wonder if life would have been better sooner if I didn't choose my way(s) first. Hope everything works out well for you.

  • libralady2008 -- I'm sorry. I have been out of town due to the holidays. I now have to go to work. (One more week of midnight shift). I will catch up with you tomorrow. 🙂

  • Amantim,

    No need to be sorry... we all have our lives to live other than being on here...Thanks again in advance... if dob is needed its 10-22-69 and his is 11-02-71..Thank you

  • libralady2008 -- Again, I apologize for the latency. I have been very ill. I spent most my night in the emergency room Tuesday night. No need to focus on me though.

    The only thing I am getting for you right now seems to be the same trend. Focus on YOU. You need to do some self healing, self focus, and self appreciation.

    Please forgive me as this is so short. I am extremely tired, and need some rest. Maybe I'll get more later. I will try again another time.

    Peace be with you.


  • Please any professional one can give me reading my birthday is 19 november 1983 at 12pm i begun this year happy but now i feel very desperate i fall in love with someone he didnt notice me and im very tortured please someone help me..........

  • Dear Amantim~

    So sorry to hear of your illness and visit to the emergency room :- (

    Sending prayers and positive thoughts! May the Lord heal you and may the Angels lovingly and peacefully surround and hold you so that you may rest to regain your physical strength and feel better! (((((((HUGS)))))))

  • danr --- Thank you SO much! What you wrote was so sweet and truly touched me. I went to my family doctor on Thursday morning. She said I had benign positional vertigo. Now that I know what it is, I can better accept it and deal with it, without freaking out. It will take some getting used to before it finally goes away (hopefully it'[ll go away), but she gave me a prescription that will help me. It knocks me out though, so I have to be careful when I take it. 🙂

    Again, thank you so much. I hope all is well with you too.

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