Captain could you help me with a reading?

  • Hi Captain-

    I'm relatively new to this site, but have found your readings to be so insightful, so I am asking for your assistance.

    I recently broke up with the only love of my life. I met him in 2005 and while we dated briefly back then, it was not the time in our lives to continue forward. We reunited in Sept. of 09, but due to misunderstandings and a lack of communication,we parted ways a month ago. Is this a permanent goodbye? Should I move on or wait quietly for his return? I have another man interested in me, who is quite wonderful, but I certainly do not want to cause undue heartbreak to him, if there is a chance my ex and I will be together again.I do love him and I believe he still loves me. He is a Leo born 7/30/1964. I am a Taurus born 4/28/1964.

    Any insight you can give me would be so greatly appreciated.



  • It might be easier if you think of your ex as 'the only love of my life SO FAR'. Because future love is definitely possible for you if you can let go of this guy who was always a poor chance for the long term. The purpose of your relationship was to help you both to expand and grow, to focus on things beyond yourself, and on doing things in a big way. You two were the classic meeting of the irresistible force (your ex) and the immovable object (you). Sparks flew - for good and bad. The flames of passion can turn in an instant into the flames of hostility and destruction. Both of you are too stubborn and dig in your heels when it comes to change too much to be good for the long term. The relationship served its purpose - now move on to less uncompromising and fixed matchups.

  • Thank you for your reading Captain.

    I appreciate the time that you have taken to help me find insight into this matter of the heart. I had hoped I would read he has had a change of heart, and was willing to work on us, but knowing that it may not be possible will help me to find the strength to make me more available to love with someone else.



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