• really? the guys from my past are all in long term relationships, one is married the other has lived with his gf for 4yrs now. the one i felt like was the one for me is a taurus. his bday is 4/22/80 could he be the one you're speaking of? and if so when will he break up with his gf? how long will the libra and i last? and what are the problems that you see with us? i would really like to get back with the taurus, but it seems like it will never happen. in my heart i know we still love each other. it feels like the other part of me is missing? what can i do? do you see any hope?

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  • of course there is hope you will be married with children in the mean time focus on the beauty of your life until then

  • Are you saying that I will be marrying the Taurus? While I am enjoying my freedom right now, can you see when things will start between he and I again? And when will that chick be out of the picture? Thanks so much Twinsoul! You have no idea how much this means to me.

  • I am unsure if you can decode dreams as well. I am just waking up from a dream about the Taurus. We are in a house (i dont know who's) and i tried to kiss him. He pushed me away and said, "not this again." I just looked stunned. He said I needed to stop, that he was marrying her (the current gf). I asked him when at first he was stumbled, then he replied september. I asked him if he was still in love with me and he said, yes, but he was still going to move forward with her. He had a look of I'm getting you back in his eyes. Then somehow the dream changed and we were laying together (as if in a bed) at a sporting event. I was trying to explain to him how much I loved him, and i burst into tears. He held me closer and I felt relieved because he was finally hearing me out. He held me. I cant remember if this time we kissed. Then all of a sudden a baby shower gift competition came out of nowhere, I look down and i have a pregnant stomach, but he and i both know it isnt real. My aunt is below the stadium insisting that i go down and participate, i declined with my face. I stayed up there with him, and took the fake pregnant belly out. We finally start to look loving and embrace and three girls on the side ask us to get a room, bc no1 wanted to see that. I told them off and stated we werent bothering them and that they could leave if they wanted, we werent. I went down from the stadium apparently into a house bedroom, where my aunt and 4 cousins were getting ready. My aunt asked my cousin that if when next time a pregnancy came along would she do the baby shower for me. My cousin said yes. What does it all mean? I'm so confused and a little upset about the first portion of the dream. Can you help me understand?

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