Need people who want a reading

  • Hi Deepspiritangel, can I have a reading too please, will I be lucky in love any time soon?

  • Hi

    I would love a reading and happy to provide you with feedback if you would like it.

    Will I reunite with my ex-boyfriend? We broke up 3 month's ago.

    Thank you and all the best


  • hello well this is my first attempt to get a reading ok key words marriage,kids,and my family

    thank you

  • Hi could i have quick reading,future hapiness will i move on ever go on holiday etc,

    kind regards .

  • Can somebody help interpret this dream?

    It was about a boy that I like. (crush, like) and he had asked me to be with him. I said yes and introduced him to my parents. Later on in the dream he looked like one of my other guy friends at school that I absolutely don't have a "crush" on. He changed back to looking like he was before, but he wouldn't do anything for me. I didn't like our relationship.

  • I am a 51 year old gemini woman who divorced my husband (who I never loved) last year. I was caught by surprise when immediately I met a leo man and fell in love for the first time in my life. We dated for four months and had a very intense relationship. One day, this loving leo suddenly dumped me and left my life as quickly as he came into it. I have not seen or heard from him in two months and have given up hope that I will ever see him again.

    Will he ever contact me again? What is he thinking about me and the relationship now?

    Thank you, JM

  • Hello!

    I need help so would you please?

    What would a relationship with BK be like?

    When, where and how will we meet?(I know of him from the internet)

    Where could we possible be/what would the relationship be like in 10,20,30,40 years after starting the relationship?

    What is it that I need to know and do to make this happen?

    My birthdate is 11th of august 1989 and his is 1st of september 1989

    my intials are gm and his bk

    I´d really appreciate it

  • I would love a reading as I feel as if I am at a cross-roads relationship wise and am not sure which way to go from here. I was born 2/23/65. I haven't dated in nearly 8 years and only just recently jumped onto the online dating scene which, only after a month, I find to be fun at times but overall unfulling in my potential to meet "the one" who I feel I have looked and longed for all of my life. I am not looking for someone else to give me "happily ever after" but I sure would like to know if I am any closer in my 45 years of at finding the one who I can share my heart and life with in totality, good or bad, up and down, through thick and thin, and know that I am with the one I am supposed to be with as will he. Thank you.

  • I would be happy to let you give me a reading. I have been apart from my boyfriend for 18 months now. We moved to TX together but things didn't work out and now I am back here, without him. I would like to know if our relationship will ever be mended or is there someone else that can make me feel love again? Also, after being unemployed for 15 months, I now have a great job. Do you see it lasting?

    Thank you, Thank you for your effort.

  • Oh I would love to hear what you could pick up from me, thankyou!

    DOB: 25/aug/70

    PLACE: Galway Ireland

    Time: 2.00 but not sure if it is am or pm sorry.

    I hope to emmigrate, but there is nothing but changes and delays in visa process and alot to consider, housing market, rent or sell, poor exchange rate, that I sometimes wonder will I get there, but really think that is where I should be. Stagnant where I am.

    Also relationship, hubbie strained due to recession and hasnt coped very well under the strain acting irrationally. In his mind things are alot worse, trying to get him to look forward.

    DOB: 14/4/70, Galway, Ireland Time: unknown

    Look forward to hearing anything you can pick up.


    Kind Regards


  • Deepspiritangel

    Was I wrong about my online friend being a scammer.The signals are very confusing.

  • How nice of you to offer to help others, I'm you are not worn out yet, I would like to know if I'm gonna have a good weekend this weekend? Thanks Much!



  • Good morning Deep Spirit Angel,

    I have a question here relating with relationship. I have a few male friends and would like to know which friend will lead to long term? Is he in my life already? Please let me know his sign and who he is?

    Thanks so much,


  • Wow, this thread is big already, what has happened to DeepSpiritAngel? Hope she is ok, no sign of her. Perhaps overwelmed? Or away on holiday? The latter I hope and resting. I think this thread should stop for now - NO MORE POSTS perhaps? There are no replies and DeepSpiritAngel has a lot to catch up on, if she manages to get back on here. It's just a thought. Look elsewhere for answers perhaps? Hope we can all step back and go elsewhere. Go for a walk and go with the flow of life. I know myself I constantly ask questions and just end up chasing my tail and get nowhere fast. When I release my hold and just be, my life feels instantly better. Life has a way of working out somehow, we can't speed it up or slow it down. What happens, happens,................................

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