Need people who want a reading

  • Dear Deepspiritangel thankyou for your kind offer to do a reading ,i am wondering what you see instore for me in the near future , and has my friend B forgiven me ?Grateful for anything that you can pick up on . thanks lilac

  • Dear Deepspiritangel,

    I would love for you to do a reading for me please.

    About me...DOB 19 April 1951

    Place of birth.......176w30 - 43s55

    My questions are...What do I do with my life now that my family have grown and moved on in their lives and will I get to see them again???

    Is it possible to see my time of birth as all records were burnt in a fire. I have been told by an Astrology Tutor that she sees me as an Aquarius rising .

    Thank you so much Deepspiritangel.

  • dear deepspiritangel, I would love a reading. My BD 5/7/55, Husbands 5/19/55. Husband wants a divorce after 30 years. I am trying to find a job. what does the picture look like here? There is another woman, what are our chances to reconcile?

    Thank you

  • Hello DeepspiritAngel Can you see any opportunities coming up in my future. Many thanks!

  • Dear Deep Spirit Angel Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. What a wonderful time for your wonderful offer:)

    I have one that I met late winter. Surprising friendship blossomed over spring--powerful connection growing deeper, closer. Both of us stepping back then reaching out. Much difference--yet much very alike. Both of us on verge of big transformations. Constant communication. Deep. Now--sudden behavior change. Like a big devolution. I sense it's not me--something not to do with me--but he. Something his. Man very deep needing to be Man very "light." Choosing shallow young clearly casual young companions. Pulling into avoidance and disconnection from me yet at same time trying to maintain connection with me. Is that too much information")?

    What do you get from this? Can you clarify for me? Should I say "next..." or should I be a bit more patient? Thanks! I am grateful.

  • Hi deapspiritangel,

    I'd like to know in what direction is my relation with A going.

  • Well, I have been sleeping a lot lately. Thanks for the reading 🙂

  • Thank you for you generous offer ! After a rather prolonged bad patch, I see money and a move in my own cards. I really feel the need to go to Salem, Mass. Not just visit but move ! Feel that that is where I belong, though I have never been farther north than New Jersey ! I am chasing my own tail trying to figure out the how and how soon of it all ! Many thanks----

  • Hello deepspritangel!

    Just want to know if I'm still on the path to the goal I wanted to reach. 😉

    Greetings and have a nice day.

  • Hello DeepSpirit Angel

    I am new to this forum and would love a reading. I see you already have many requests but hope you can "read" me too. I just had a reading done by a well established and known psychic and it would be fun to compare. I will let you know how your predictions compare. I ask you the same question I asked the other psychic which was: Do you see anybody special for me in my future? The other persons predictions have not yet happened but would be interesting to find out if you see the same...

    Peace and light


  • Hi DeepSpirit Angel,

    Thank you for your generous offer.

    I have a couple of questions:

    Why do I keep meeting people who know my ex? I live in a fairly large town, so I find it odd that of late I keep meeting people who know him.

    When will my mother and I find a home? we are about to hand back the keys to the unit we're currently living in and going to stay with mum's coworkers relatives (which i'm not looking forward to)

    (This one isn't essential but if you could give me some insight it would be greatly appreciated). When will I get a job and what will it be?

    Thank you

  • Thank you. I was talking to an old requited love of mine for a couple of years (everyday) until my husband confronted him via email. Then URL (unrequited love) 7/1/66 stopped communicating with me. We resumed talking after 2 mos, but it is all me and he is different. He knows I am in love with him (my husband told him). Ok, why did he start talking to me (2/20/68) again? Does he love me? - Is he not happy in his marriage (his wife 5/28/64)? What will happen with me and my husband? (2/23/68)? Thx.

  • Sure, glad to help!

    Was wondering if all the work I am doing will pay off financially? Also, would like to know what direction my creative endeavors are taking? Thanks in advance...

  • I would like a reading from you Deep Spirit Angle, thank you. Is there a true love left out there for me yet? 7/23/46

  • Hi!

    Would like to know what you get as far as the possibalities concerning my relationship with Giover. BTW, today is my birthday and his is 12/12. I hope that is enough info to help you.

  • hello, and thanks want to know two things 1, am i going to start healing will i have my healing hands,2. did i make a good decision moving to In?

  • SpiritAngel!

    First of all, blessings be upon you for your generous offfer and know that I am sending White Light to surround, protect, and "nourish" you. My questions are these: Firstly, about 9 years ago now...perhaps not that long ago, but definitely at least a year-if not 2- before Hurricaine Katerina desimated New Orleans, I spent about 2 years having reccuring dreams about New Orleans...Do not ask me what happened during these dreams because I could not tell you, all I know is that they were not nightmares. I would simply wake up several times a week just "knowing" I had dreamt about New Orleans...Would you clarify what that was all about, please? I know that it was not a precognition of Hurricaine Katerina because there was a long gap between when the dreams seemed to have "stopped" and when that tragedy happened.

    Secondly, I have the idea for a screenplay. In fact, I can visualize thenentir movie, come to that. It is a screenplay that would have to first go to Josh Wheedon, as it is his charaters (along with my new character) that would have to be used in this film. Sure, he could dcline and magnamiously give someone else the rights to his characters, but I would rather "keep it in the family", if you see what i mean. My question is, what is the destiny of my "The Fallen Vampire" script? Is it worthwhile writing at all, even? I, of course, think it is brilliant, but then, I am the "mother" of this idea and, like any mother, believe my "child" is the most beautiful, smartest, most talented, most charming, cleverest...etc...I suppose that I need a sort of "reality check", if you see what I mean...What is the "destiny" of my script?

    Thank you for all that you do.

    Walk in Beauty,


  • Hi Deepspiritangel, I want to know if my relationship is finally over with the man I've been with for the last nine years and if so, will I eventually have a relationship with someone I'm more compatible with?

  • Hi Deepspiritangel, I want to know if you see any changes in my personal life.

    Will I find a man to share my life with? Any good vibes in my future?

  • I have a couple of questions I'd love to have answered please; I am a middle aged guy with a partner and family and for the last few months I have been having an affair with a gorgeous girl. I have never done this before and although I am feeling very guilty, I am so head over heels over the girl I am not sure which way to go..I don't know what the girl's feelings are towards me as she is not forthcoming about her thoughts on this subject. please advise. Thank you

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