Advice for an Aquarian

  • Hello. Well, as you probably all ready know, I am an Aquarian. I am with an Aries man and I have read that an aquarius and an aries are compatible.

    We have been together for 9 months the 25 of this month. The longest relationship I have ever had. The first month was amazing! But there was a problem I started closing up. Started getting scared of telling him how I truly felt inside. I thought that he wasn't on the emotional level I was on so I didn't show my emotions or voice my opinons often.

    A week before Christmas we had gotten into a huge fight. It was bad to the point that we were taking a break. Even though he said that we were still together, he also said things like, "If you find someone else I promise not to get mad and I will be happy for you." But, I still thought that we were together. Then my dad comes into it and tells me that there is no break, that either we are together or we are not. And of course I listened to my father. I went and hung out with one of his best friends which was also a good friend of mine. We ended up making out and he did some sexual things to me, but I didn't do anything to him.

    So, now I am a cheater. Michael and I ended up breaking up and then we got back together on Christmas. He says that he doesn't trust me and that he never will and he says that he will never forgive me. He is also saying that he doesn't know if he loves me. If he didn't love me I don't think he would have taken me back.

    I'm sorry that this is so long. I just don't know what to think or what to do. I don't want to lose him. I love him to death, but he feels like I never loved him. I just want things back to the way the used to be.

  • My mother is an aquarian and she too hides her true feelings. There's many a time I doubted her love for me....I know she does but she does clamp up somewhat and never actually says anything to encourage me or give me any indication of how she feels and yet gets over upset if I misread her and sometimes after an event she does eventually gives an inkling. I also have an Arian daughter who craves constant attention, praise and assurance. So, it sounds to me as your Arian man needed assurance from you that you are truly interested and although actions speak louder than words, he probably needed telling and to an aquarian it probably didn't need to be said...however, he's not a mind reader. Having said that, too many petty arguments at 9 months doesn't bode too well. My advice would be to arrange a "date" somewhere you can talk...meal or quiet bar, park etc. If there are "sparks" & "butterflies" when you meet up, then be bold and admit you've missed him terribly, say how upset you've been, tell him your true feelings and say how sorry you are that the year ended on a bad note. Ask if you both could start again. Respect his answer...if he says no or you suddenly realise you have no "sparks" then just leave it that you're sorry how things panned out, tell him you did love him but you respect his feelings and part as friends. Then, get on with your life and let him get on with will soon come round the corner! It will be a sad and emotional time...but you owe it to yourself to take action now ! Wishing you the best of luck

  • Thank you. Well, thankfully, my man and I are still together. I am so happy that I feel like I can do anything! Thank you so much for the advice. If anything happens like what had happened before I will try what you said to do. But, I don't see me doing anything with any other guy besides Thanks for listening too. I appreciate it. =]

    -Aquarian Beauty

  • Aquarian Beauty - I am happy you are with Michael again. I think it was partly his fault to let you think you were allowed to go out and meet someone else and he would be happy. That was a confusing statement to make. If someone says that to another person it usually means that they don't care enough about you and that the arguments you had are giving them a bad feeling to the extent that they are leaving it to fate as to whether or not you two should be together.

    You took all the guilt on yourself, but he was actually to blame for saying that to you and letting you think you most likely were no longer together. Sorry, but if a guy said that to me it would tell me that he almost wanted me to get out of his life. Sometimes we women are far too giving

    and hopefully he doesn't take advantage of that this time around. All the best to you.

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