Missing my wife

  • Hello my name is Jlfrazi and may I get a reading 2 years ago my wife went out had an affair with this guy mess this family up I have forgiving and really miss her and ready to restore my marriage The kids and I are ready for her to come home can anyone share insite to this

  • Hello have done a three card spread for you

    Past card= card 1= The hanged Man= divinatory meaning=

    Life in suspension, Transition change, reversal of the mind in one's way of life, apathy and dullness, Abandonment, renunciation, the changing of lifes forces, the period of respite between significant events, sacrafice, repentance, readjustment, regeneration, the approach of new life forces.

    reverse meaning= lack of sacrafice, unwillingness to make necessary effort, failure to give one self, preoccupation with the ego. false prophecy, useless sacrifice.

    present card=Card 2= The fool= reversed meaning=

    Poor decision, indecision, Apathy, Hesitation, negligence.

    Future card= card 3= High priestess= divinatory meaning= Wisdom, sound judgement, common sense, serenity, objectivity, penetration, foresight, intuition, perception, self reliance, emotionlessness, platonic relationships.

    Reversed meaning=

    ignorance, short-sightedness, selfishness, passion, physical ardor, acceptance of superficial knowledge, improper judgement.

    Hope i helped a bit, and i hope you understood my reading 🙂

    basically becareful of your descisions and actions and try to think before you speak more.

    make sure you know what you are doing, remeber leaping in to make a big descision is always the fools way. try and make sure you know that this is the right move your going to play for you and your kids. goodluck and

    Best wishes


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