Insight about Pisces Man

  • Eleanorigzle and Libraire:

    My Piscies and I have been in a relationship for a year and I still make all the arrangements for us to go out. He will hint around and even make a suggestion once in awhile. I think Pisces like "take charge" partners but you have to do it in a gentle way. I get kind of tired of it though being a fire sun and all. I have to restrain myself from being too pushy sometimes.

  • leonessa-

    this relieves me a lot. you're probably right that most pisces are just go with the flow guys. he also has venus AND mars in aquarius, which means that he can be very detached and aloof when it comes to relationships. i better accept that he's just in friendship mode now since he's always hanging out with his band and is moving in with some of the band guys in july. i probably shouldn't take it personally or think it's a bad reflection on me that i'm always making plans... but i do. and then i made plans and we went out to an art fair yesterday, and although we got along great during the time we were there, we went home and parted sooner than i expected because he pretty much said he was done. i mean, it's understandable that he was tired of the fair since we saw everything and we were all soaked because it was raining and i was sick and pretty tired too. but i was still taken aback because at one point one of the band guys called him and they made plans for the night... so it's kind of like he cared more about rushing home to get ready for another hangout rather than see me, and that was hurtful. so does this just mean he's not interested in a relationship or not interested in me in general?!

  • I would say with a Pisces just don't take it personally. It's possible that he's not interested and it's possible that he's madly in love I'd think. My Pisces is very mature when it comes to deep life issues but very immature when it comes to the simplest things. If you're uncomfortable making plans don't, he may swim away for a while, but he'll always return. My Pisces has for 5 years. Trust that when he's ready for a relationship, you'll know it.

  • libraire, thank you! i think you're right, i'm going to give him space and see what happens. i don't think it's an issue of whether he likes me or not, but that he just isn't interested in a relationship and is focused on his band thing and moving into a new apartment with some of the guys. he's probably really attached to his friends right now for security so him putting them first hopefully isn't a bad reflection on me. thanks!

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