• i have fallen deeply for an aries female,but i think i have scared her...will she come back to me?or should i forget about her??

  • this is her april 7 1988

  • Not that you want my opinion, but it looks like she could be trouble. On the other hand, it is impossible to accurately judge a book solely by its cover. I know nothing of astrology but have some insight into women. What is the dynamic of your relationship with her like?

  • we dated once,and i fell madly in love with her..the days since,ive been trying to give her space,because she obviously doenst feel as deeply as i do..shes an aries.and today i just poured out to her,and i think i really scared her.

  • Your problem may be that she is very attractive and has a lot of opportunities. Usually I would never advise someone to pour out their emotions after one date, because it may be overwhelming for the person recieving; especially when they're not expecting it. With that said, if she does like you, it is not necessarily impossible to fix the situation you find yourself in. Absolutely do not blow up her phone or incessantly apoligize for your behavior. For most women, this is a major turn off. Also, The best thing you can do is to be charming and to try your hardest to not act weird the next time you see her, and if the subject of tonight does come up, try to be calm and collected but don't pretend like it never happened. Good Luck!

  • sounds like good advice,thanks man!well she said we could be friends,but i ended the conversation with "kisses her on the cheek" i dont know i still feel i have a chance though,but if i dont ill move on!thanks anyways

  • captain,id still like your insights if possible.thanks

  • I feel this girl is not ready for a deep committed relationship yet. She just wants to party hard and be free. You did indeed scare her with the strength of your emotions for her. I feel she is already interested in someone else.

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