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  • Are you able to tell me which one I am. B'day is 1/23/63. And his May 27 1946.

  • Can someone explain what this means? I tried looking up the information about this but I only ended up more confused. My birthday is Jan. 18,64 at 7:34pm est. I thought I was consider at rabbit bc of my birthday and not a dragon? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

    Hour (kids) Day (you) Month (parents) Year (ancestor)

    Male Water Male Fire Female Wood Female Water

    Black Dragon Red Tiger Green Cow Black Rabbit

    Your are Red Tiger, born in the year of Black Rabbit. The year is the information about your ancestor. The month is the information about your parents. The hour is to do with your children. The day represents you with your spouse's information. Because the first character in day is Fire, you are equivalent to Fire. We can find the outline of your entire life from the major 10-year cycles and the weight of your Five Elements. Your first fate cycle is at age 5. After understanding your Five Elements weights from the following chart, you can find your major decade cycles from here to figure out the best years in your life.

    Five elements Fire (you) Soil (kids) Metal (money) Water (job) Wood (mom)

    Total 37 86 4 51 86

    The Ying-Yang Five Elements describe the BALANCE. If your Five Elements are almost evenly distributed, you are one of the luckiest people in the world since Five Elements are balanced. But for most people the Five Elements are out of balance. The key to get more luck and success is to balance the Five Elements. When they are in balance, they are peaceful and you are too. When they are out of balance, they will fight and you will be in trouble. So your lucky elements are the ones that can bring the Five Elements into balance. Usually the lucky elements are the ones with a lesser weight (score). For example Metal has a lesser weight. If you find your lucky elements in your major fate cycle or on certain years, you can determine that those years are your lucky years. For more information see Five Element basic concept.

    Mom(Wood) and you (Fire) are friend. Money (Metal) and job (Water) are foe. You and your friend fight with your foe. If you and mom win (bigger score), money works for you. If you lose, you work for money. If you win, you will make more money when you find Metal (money) or Water (job) in the fate cycle or on certain years. If you lose, you still can earn money when you find Fire (you) or Wood (Mom) in the fate cycle or in certain years. Because brings the Five Elements into BALANCE.

    To understand or find more about Five Elements see Five Elements menu.

    To Check your luck for the next 10 years

    Note. This method works for most people. If it doesn't seem to apply to you or is difficult to understand, print this page and bring it to a Chinese fortune-teller. They can tell your past and predict your future using this information. Ask them what are your lucky elements.

  • Frankly I'm confused. I've read that I am a Sheep and then I am a Monkey, I was born January 16, 1956 so which one am I? If you can answer this question I will truly appreciate it,

  • I to am confused, I have always read that my sign is a dog ( I even paid to have my Chinese Astrology done here on this site), however a friend lent me a book called The Year Of The Dog, Authentic Chinese Horoscope by Kwok Man-Ho and the books says I am not a dog after all but am a pig due to my birth date and time 26.01.1971 at 23:20pm.

    Which am I really?

  • Hello friends............

    I like this discussion so much.I come to know many pros and cons related to Chinese Astrology here in the thread.

    The views about Chinese Astrology given by number of users makes me knowledge able about it,I have a wish to learn Chinese Astrology and i want some tips and suggestions how i do it......


  • @EvaEros60

    The Chinese Zodiac Sign is determined by Chinese Lunar Calendar.If you were born on Jan 18,1964,you ARE a Rabbit.

    Only people born on and after Feb 13 are Dragon.For this date is the Chinese Lunar New Year.

  • what kind of relationship is there between a Metal Rat female and a Wood Horse male? They have been in a relationship since 2007 and got engaged in 2009. From what i understand, the Wood Horse is more stable in relationships than typical horses. The Metal Rat female is witty and desires long-term stability in her relationship with them. They are intellectually compatible, fun-loving and concerned about the longevity of their relationship since he avoided women after 22 years when he was cheated on, and she left an abusive relationship after almost 7 years.

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  • Happy CNY!!

  • Thanks for the really nice information..i do believe in Colors and their effects.

  • In chinese astrology i am a fire snake - and i have to say the more indepth analysis i've read on this combo / sign i am able to identify with MUCH more than my western sun sign; taurus.

    I've never understood though how this is possible? Isnt all astrology based on the same stars in the sky? lol

  • Ok I have managed to identify that I am a rabbit (black) for the year I was born 63, that my month is metal for august, and my day is brown pig 24th. I was born in the hour of the horse 11:40am, My lucky element is fire- and my lucky directiion/positions have a south orientaion-

    would anyone be able to help me with regard to love/relationship potential ...when i'm likely to meet/connect with someone special in my life...'the one' ? please? Middle age has crept on in and yeah I would prefer someone very special to grow old with-than on my own.

  • Hello everyone I am a water monkey! (May 1992) Ive been reading up on it a lot lately and its pretty cool. Can anyone give me any deeper insight to what this means to me in love and success?

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  • According to me Chinese astrology is based on the traditional astronomy and calendars. The development of Chinese astrology is tied to that of astronomy, which came to flourish the dragon and monkey are part of the first triangle of powerful action-oriented signs (along with the rat.) they both take initiative to start the job with force. they are extroverted yang signs (esp. the dragon, being a powerful male yang sign) that get along great. the monkey is clever, manipulative, tricky, mischievous, ingenious, and charming. the dragon is powerful, grand, noble, megalomaniac, strong, and has a huge ego. they will have no problems understanding and appreciating each others qualities.

    the dog (more introverted), on the other hand belongs to the third triangle of understanding compassionate signs (with the horse and tiger.) the dog is faithful, loyal, humanitarian, logical, fair-minded but stubborn, honorable, disagreeable, listens to reason but seldom orders, and cannot stand injustice, esp seeing those without a voice being pushed around. because of this he will come into conflict with his opposite sign, the dragon. the dragon is a leader, rather than an oppressor, so will often give orders and speak as if an authority, pushing the dog's buttons. at least that's how the dog perceives it. but the dragon, too will hate having the dog raining on his parade, criticising his ways. the dog is ill-humoured when confronted with the dragon's larger than life ego, and neither will back down (but if one had to, it would probably be the dog.) this relationship can be especially strenuous if the dragon is in a legitimate position of authority. an overall bad match. =(

    however, the dog and monkey get along fine.


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  • I am a monkey!

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