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  • In Chinese culture, red is a color associated with good fortune and happiness. Red envelopes are used to give gifts around important celebrations – specifically, weddings and the new year.

    At, we invite you to charge into the Year of the Earth Ox! Starting January 23, join in the search for the Red Envelope! Each day you find the envelope hidden somewhere on our site, you'll get 5 Karma Coins® -- free!

    On January 26, the day of Chinese New Year and the last day of the search, you can win 10 Karma Coins!

    Learn more about how to win FREE KCs toward any reading or report -- or find out more about the fresh start to the new Chinese year! Then, explore the traditions surrounding the Red Envelope.

  • I love Chinese New Year and! Thank you for your wonderful generosity and another fun hide-n-seek game 🙂

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You're killing us for today's envelope!!! I'm even wearing red for luck, but it hasn't kicked in yet.

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  • This year is a very difficult year, I am a Hare-rabbit-cat depending on philosophy you follow. 1973 was an Ox year it was also difficult for me, no chance to progress in life, any chance that arose seemd to be a blind alley or not really a chance at all, this year so far ditto. In 73 many people turned sour and I had to distance myself from them, some sunk into alcohol abuse or other to cope with the seeming pointlessness their lives had turned into. This year Bankruptcy is the new option for this "cant cope with life" phenomenon. If one cant help these people out of this circumstance, then again it is seeming, that distancing is having to take place, as the deppression they are sharing is catching or your connection can loose you property when their creditors come calling for bail outs.

    In 73 one distanced because alcohol was not desired around babies or other. This year fear is making people angry and so I suffer their anger or we do.

    Question, how can anything good come of this pointless year, 73 sparked off religious fanatisism in all countries and vigilantiism, terrorism which lasted for decades and we still are feeling the effects of.

    Are there cures for these, to prevent the lasting and damaging effects of negativity?


  • If you are a Rabbit then 2009 will test your relationship with others. I had to deal with this issue last year, so I can understand how scary it may seem. Meditation and prayer really helped me to understand myself better and feng shui gave me insight into the world around me. This year your "Chinese animal sign" is being afflicted by the number 7 flying star. This star is considered to be unlucky, so it is wise to find remedies for it. You can wear the color blue (or black) and try to avoid staying out late at night. The number 7 star can make people aggressive and jealous of your success, so it would be helpful to keep trusted people in your life. The blue rhino is considered a powerful remedy as well as the Fu Dogs. I must say this advice really helped calm my nerves and I got through 2008 alright. For further study you can try This is a very informative website.

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  • Hi All

    Any explanation appreciated re,universal law in which,me dog July 18th,he monkey July 5.our relationship has been off.. on.. off..,... broken off 10/10/09 we met 10/01/09

  • I am a HORSE (jan. 01,1991)

    This year has been VERY depressing and sometimes i feel like i can't go on. I even thought about drink and drugs but i havent done anything so im ok. Am i being affected by this year of the OX. I don't kno much about chinesse astrology.

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  • Maria I am a rabbit too and this year is actually the best year in my personal spiritual life. It's not that much of money year for sure. with the recession and all we have to go down to basics. I was offered jobs but I didn't take them because I am emphasizing on jobs that will enrich my spiritual experience and not just jobs that can bring food to the table. I used to take any job I could and while it did bring food to the table and enable me to do shopping spree anytime I wanted, it didn't bring me happiness instead envy and jealousy of others caused me my jobs.

    I have left my last job 3 years ago and I was worried what would happen. And yet it's been 3 years I never lost my house, although there is no spending spree anymore. and my relationship with my hubby has gotten stronger because instead of working I have the time to nurture the relationship that was a bit abandoned due to long hours he and I worked on before. I was advised not to worry because the universe would provide me, and if I look back this is nothing but true. I might have lost a good income, but on the other hand, my family (that I used to help out with money) has become independent over the years they don't need my help anymore, husband's job was busier than usual he worked even longer hours and when recession started his company was having problem and yet he has gotten himself a business opportunity that has been giving him more money than his previous job (he did go through some licensing courses for this but it didn't take long or didn't take much money to do). Also his family somehow wins this and that money, lottery, reward etc. and because we always helped them before, they now are helping us in return. They never won that much money before, but these 3 years have been abundant for everyone around me and this is how the universe provides for me, to show me that fear and worry over the future is not necessary for I have chosen the right path.

    Mine is quite close. So try it. I was told 2005 year of rooster was a bad year for rabbit. So I braced my self and prepared. It didn't turn out bad at all, only more work and too many changes need organizing. It was romantic however, rooster is a romantic sign you can see the description in the link above. 2006 was the first time my spiritual experience was enhanced and the time I made the choice of my life. I wasn't prepared for the year, and I didn't know how I would survive it. But I did, and has been for 3 years now, with 2009 as the peak of it all. the universe never leaves us alone. Make the right choice when dealing with any challenges, and you will see, nothing and nobody is to be feared or worried about. For nothing and nobody is bigger, stronger and better than the universe. Remember this, always. Hope the best for you in the future.

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  • hmm that's strange the links I gave are gone. I thought admin doesn't allow email but website links should be ok.

  • ok maybe I can give it this way

    google Chinese fortune calendar

    you will get the page that says exactly that (and .com of course)

    it will say a lot about your chinese sign and the effect of every year to it

    you can also find more decsription about yourself

    click on the link Chinese horoscope year of cow

    then scroll down a bit half page you can click on chinese astrology lucky element

    it will tell you your element, your lucky element etc all kinds of element

    I like this site very much.

  • awesome I love chinese astrology. i bought a book last year that actually combines both chinese and western astrology. Me and my bf at the time had a lot of fun looking up everybodys signs.

  • yeah that's very true, thanks sooooo much 😄

  • leoscorpion, I wish I knew you in person. First of all I am a Goat and get along with Rabbits very well. Years ago I went to a (scam) college to get a degree to be a Medical Assistant and my best friend the whole time was a Rabbit. That was in the '80s and we have not seen or heard from each other since. Thank you for reminding me about her! By the way, I know she's a Rabbit because I had started doing Chinese Astrology back then and did her horoscope as well as several others in our class! Also, I had to pay back a $2500 student loan even though the certificate I received for finishing the class didn't amount to a hill of beans. Go figure!

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  • Year of The Tiger next year which means Yippeeeee 4 me cause this year has sucked.

    I'm a Tiger,My Mum is a Horse and my brother is a Dog and we all live together.

    I even have a Tiger bedspread.Tiger by birth,Tiger by nature.That's me. : )

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