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  • Hello leoscorpion, or anyone else that can help, I'm have a question for you because I saw that you were a leo? And married to a cap? I am a capricorn and dating...was dating a Leo. He recently broke up with me after 2 and a half years. He said he needed his space and time to be alone. We got into a small argument and he really took it hard. It was our usual argument about not putting enough time aside for me (we were in a long distance relationship because I go to college 2 and a half hours away). I had come home for summer and had barely seen him (he was working a lot). He wanted to go to a friends all day but I wanted to see him. I went to see him the next day and it was miserable silence for a good while. Finally we started talking and he just seemed as though he was depressed for really no reason at all. He said it wasn't me but couldn't give me an answer. I told him how much he meant to me and how I wanted to help. After a while he said we should take a break which came as such a shock to me. How could he want a break after less then a week ago he was telling me how much he loved me, couldn't wait to see me and still planning out our engagement?

    When he asked for a break I got extremely upset, I felt totally rejected and like any woman, thought it was my fault. Basically after I left I texted him a few times for 2 days and stopped by another time. 2 weeks ago he said I was still coming on too strong and that he needs time to fix his head now that it was so buried. He "needed this time" and "it's over". I never got a chance to have my say in his decision. We started no contact and it's been almost 2 weeks. I'm thinking about ending no contact at the end of this week.

    Another factor into this is that he owes me money for something I bought him a while ago. I need it now to make payments for school. There's a deadline I need to meet in a week and a half and I think this might have been another reason he's so upset. He hates his job but needs it in order to pay me back. Before I bought him it he even said he hates to owe people money but that he knew he could pay me back. Is he just feeling the pressure because there's now a deadline to pay me? I hope this is really the reason for this break and not our relationship.

    I feel like there's a strong possibility we'll get back together but I don't know how to go about this situation. I was hoping since you're in a relationship with the same signs I could get some insight into your dynamic. Thanks.

  • lovincap

    first of all I am a Leo with Pluto dominant. this means I have learned the lessons of the 8th house early. this house rules joint resources among other things. means I know how to treat money responsibly and I have learned to live within my means. if I can't afford it, I don't buy it.

    this may not be the case with your Leo. and so you could be right, that knowing there is a deadline, adds the pressure for him. but if it's true, well he has to bear it. he owes you, and he has to pay it off. in fact this is a good lesson, because if he were to use credit card, there would be no deadline but there would be interest anyway. you, at least, don't charge him interest.

    If you see him stressed out, offer him a solution. saying I love you, visit or call him, is not going to help. We see the world as a playground, while you see it in its reality. I can see beauty in many things, hubby will see the hard work to get these things. Many times we don't see eye to eye because of this. I feel like he is all about doom gloom while he thinks I'm like a child (which is not far from the truth, since Leo rules the 5th house creativity, romance and children). Your situation now you can see it like this :

    he is all happy because he finds the romance/love of his life (will be engaged with her too!) and you bought him something really nice that he will pay back, when he has money so no pressure. out of the blue, you pull him back to reality. you need the money, now there is a deadline. then he realizes another reality, he doesn't like his job, and yet it's not easy to look for a new one in this economy -- plus, this job exhausts him with long hours on top of whatever it is that he is not satisfied with. he enjoys his world, until you make him see the reality.

    he said it's not you. he just needs time and he looks depressed. very likely it's money, not likely about seeing someone else. so try to send him short messages, like Hi how are you. nothing too much or too long. as soon as he answers, tell him you have solutions (pretend you know what the problem is) BUT don't tell him the solution. if he is interested, then tell him the solution (come up with something, anything) . then he will tell you "no it won't work" or "no, that's not my problem. it's something else"

    this way, you will know what his actual problem is. and then, hopefully you can come up with a better solution.

  • have to add

    Saturn will turn direct in Virgo soon and stays there until July

    financially this can be a rough period for him

    if possible, maybe you can let him pay half and pay the rest after July?

    or come up with another solution (about money) if you can

    so that he still pays you what he owes, regardless the relationship continues or not

  • Thanks so much for your insight. I'm hoping he broke up with me over frustration and now that I gave him some time for himself and to think things over he'll let me back in. We'll see but I'll try contacting him something small to see if he'll give me some time to talk about things. Thanks!

  • you're welcome

    money management is a good thing for us Leos to learn

    I'm lucky I learned it early

    we enjoy comfort, be it affordable or not, and can go spending spree for ourselves and our loved ones - only to suffer in the end

    if you give him time, he will not feel pestered

    I hope he will be able to come around after July, or when you two come up with a solution

    take care

  • Why do you say July? I was just wondering because that's when the last of his money is due, 2 payments, one next week and one in july. I didn't know if there was another reason behind july? It just seems like an odd coincidence that you said that haha

  • well didn't you read what I said above?

  • Oh ok, sorry, I only looked at my comment and thought I said july somewhere in there. Thanks again. I appreciate it.

  • hope the best for two of you

  • I just wanted to update you since you really helped me out a lot. I sent him a text simply saying "Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you". I got a text much later saying thanks for the text, I'm thinking about you too and apologizing for taking so long to respond. He said he's been really busy and stressed with work, again. He also said he has all of my money, to pay back everything completely which was a shock. He also said that he still has a lot to think about but knows he'll see me to give me the money.

    I feel as though this is a positive step and with the money out of the way we can really move forward as soon as he's ready. I haven't texted him back and I'm thinking I should just wait to see if he texts me again with a time to meet him.

    Thanks again for your help

  • yes it is a positive step, he seems like man of his word

    he said he doesn't like borrowing money, and now he said he will return you what he borrowed

    thanks for the update I'm glad to hear this too

    job and income pressure can bring doom gloom to a happy go lucky Leo (5th house)

    These areas are the 10th House (Cap) and 8th house (Scorp)

    daily work routines can also bore us, this is the area ruled by Virgo (6th house)

    so if you see him doom gloom again, just give him time and find a solution together

    I mentioned July simply due to Saturn movement, nothing else. if it is somehow related to your situation, I suppose the universe works that way, through the stars 🙂

    hope for the best !

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