I need a love reading please!!

  • I need to know about the future with my Cancer Soul Mate that I met in Florida!!

  • what is your dob and his?

  • mine is 3/18/60 his is 7/7/73 Thank You

  • Hi Bunny

    I don't do soulmate astrology. About the future of your relationship, it depends on you and him.

    All I can see is that the attraction seems mutually strong. He is a Cancer with Libra dominant in his chart. He is charming, friendly; somewhat fiery, energetic, optimistic and confident with Mars in Aries. You have a T square placing stress on your moon in Sag. Sometimes it's so hard to be optimistic. But when you are together, you can feel his optimism, and his go-getter attitude appeals to you. He may also very well be attracted to you. He has a T Square placing stress on his Sun. Intellectual discussion is his release, and he may very well find it with you since your Mars in Aqua focuses quite an energy in the intellectual area, plus you are one of dialogue and communication rather than taking charge. So there is not much of confusion over control (if you are in a relationship). it's pretty clear who is in charge etc.

    I don't know whether you will see him again or not. It depends on the transit and how he feels about meeting you again. You may want to, but it takes 2 to make a relationship happen and to make it last. Hope for the best.

  • Thank you so much, leoscorpian!! I do hope for the best!!


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