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  • Bunny07,

    For one you are married. That's a big no, no for most Cancer people.If you can do this to your husband then why wouldn't you do it to him at some point? Cancer guy is going to be asking himself these things. How can you commit to him if you are committed to someone else? Every Cancer guy I've known involved with a married person never takes the relationship seriously. They take no responsibility for the person or their feelings and will send them packing home to their spouse. The fact that you cannot be exclusive to him means he will not be exclusive to you. Cancer guy will listen very closely to everything you say and will run the other way if you say or do anything he thinks might spell any sort of stress or trouble down the road. I wouldn't look at a Cancer guy before he is 30! Mine is settled down now but I didn't get him that way. He made my life hell for years but I stuck it out because I loved him. We've had a lot of issues that we had to work out on his end and mine. I don't know what it is about the Cancer~ Pisces connection but these Cancer men seem to attract us Pisces girls like a moth to a flame. It's crazy! Trying to tie down a Cancer guy is enough to drive anyone crazy. They are very hard to get to commit. It took me 8 years AFTER I married mine to get him to settle down.Of course he was only 20 when I married him. Mine only stopped seeing other girls when I told him that I had feelings for him and if he didn't feel the same then to stay away from me! I told him that I would understand if he didn't want to go out with me but I didn't want to look in his face wanting more everyday and twisting that knife. He came to my house the next day and told me we were in a relationship. Never asked. Just told me! lol I wish I could tell you gals exactly what your Cancers are thinking but they confuse themselves as much as they confuse us.


    If you don't have the patience to wait for your guy to open up then I would hang it up now. It takes a very long time for Cancer men to trust you enough to open up no matter how they feel about you. If you are not very patient and forgiving then a Cancer guy is not for you. The upside of all that patience is that when they do open up they will give you back everything you have given them. I'm not talking months... I'm talking years. Cancers don't get close to people very easily and you will probably notice he has only a few close friends. He probably doesn't talk much because he doesn't know what to say. Cancers are shy when they are getting to know someone. You won't get in without a fight. Your story sounds a lot like mine when me and my hubby first got together. We had been friends our whole life! He kept things from me that he is just now telling me about and it is still hard for him. We've been married over a decade. He seems like two people because they kinda are. There is the person the whole world sees then there is the person who they feel they can trust sees. Depends on the mood they are in. When a Cancer is in a bad mood they can be very negative and come across as cold. When he's acting cold reach out to him with kindness no matter how he reacts. When he sees that you love him the same no matter what he will finally open up to you more. He might make more of an effort now that you are trying to walk away.

  • PiscesParadox - Many thanks, I shall head off and start a new thread!

  • Dear Wittywitch,

    Thank you for your offer of help. I could certainly use some!

    I am at a crossroads in my relationship. Your guidance is welcome.

    Also, any update on my employment and if it involves relocation, will be great.

    Thanks and god bless...



  • I've started communicating with someone in a different country. I want to know if he means what he says and is there a future? My birthday is 10/13/53 and his 1/5/54. Thanks in advance for any insight.

  • Good afternnon, since you can help with anything, here is my anything problem, i need a deposit for a house could you tell me how to go about it, i tried buying the lotto a few times, i still hope to try again sometimes, i would need and when and how

  • piscesparadox 🙂

    thanks for the advice i apprecciate it..but idk ive just never dealt with a cancer before && wow they really are like 2 different ppl..he has mood swings like idk how many times a day && i try to ask him wats wrong or watever & all he says is nothing & im like umm okay i guess it just bothers me cuz he makes me feel like i did sumthing wrong or it makes me feel like im bugging him or he just doesnt wanna talk to me so i just leave him alone && then a couple hours later he calls me acting all normal in a good mood && im like goshh yur a weird guy lol...&& how yu said it takes them years too finally open up im not that patient i really cant wait that long.. i just dnt think a virgo && a cancer belong together thats why i broke it off with him already. ..but i know me && him could be friends sumtime in the future again well hopefully we can cuz as a friend he is really kool. 🙂

  • any words of advise for an aries struggling thru life. looking for some answers in the love dept. dob is 4/15/77. torn between getting out of my marraige or exactly wat to do. any help?

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