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  • Dear Wittywitch,

    Wow I would love some help and insight into my life right now.

    My husband of 25 years left me 16 months ago for his highschool girlfriend, I am sad and lost and need some help if you please.

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  • I have A quick concern as well, when you get the time.


  • Thank you for your wonderful offer. I really need some insight regarding my future. I have been unemployed for a very long time, have no unemployment and can't find any sort of job. I'm a female just years from retirement and have physical problems including fibromyalgia. I need to find some way to bring money into the household, to help with bills and support our two kids. I really need some advice, what should I do, what can I do. My dob is December 19 1950, around 10:20 am

    Thank you.

  • I hope you can help ... my life always seems to be going nowhere, I take one step forwards and two steps back. Will this always be the case for me. My dob is 17th March 1967.

  • Hellooooo Wittywitch!!

    I would love to take you up on your generous offer!!

    I met someone about 1 month ago. We have spoken just a couple of times since. We went dancing,etc. had a great time for 3 dif. nights. I felt like a bolt of lightning had hit me when I met him, so I decided that he must be someone VERY important in my life!! We live abt. 15 hours apart though. He asked that I meet him, and I agreed. But, now, it has been 4 weeks, and i have not heard from him. (He usually called every week or two). I feel as if he is my soulmate, but I am confused that I haven't heard anything for 4 weeks!!

    Soooo.................I would love to know if.....

    When will he call?

    Do we still meet?

    Is he in my life from here to eternity???

    My DOB March18, 1960, 5:39 am, Paducah, KY. His DOB July 7, 1973, Brazil.

    Thank you so much for any help and insight!! I'm somewhat anxious about the whole thing!!

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  • my ex love i want to know what will happen. i am going through hard troubles with my grandma brain hemorrhage. It has been months since i had any contact from my ex, but i want him back happiness in my life and support comfort to have him back and know he wont leave or hurt me to have that security feeling back. I really need it right now in my life with so much loss heartache. .. i deserve better and treated better. . .

    mine: 04/13/1989

    his: 09/21/1991

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  • im new too this website..but i really need a reading if anybody could help my birthday is 8/26/92 and my boyfriends birthday is 7/2/89

    well thanks i hope sumbody can help me 🙂

  • Hi,

    I am highly stressed up. As I am in a big dilemma as to should I leave my hometown for further studies or not?

    I am Roopashree Sharma (23/09/1990) residing in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.

    Also, my love life is quite disturbing. There is one boy (Intials KS)

    Kindly guide me in regard to my career and love life....

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  • Bunny07... of course a bolt of lightning hit... he's a Cancer...Im a fellow Kentuckian as well... WELCOME to the year of our DISCONTENT. Read all you can about Cancers... they love to do a disappearing act. Mine has been gone for 40 days. I felt I had connected finally with my soulmate... they love to do that to us... We dated for 10 mos. and now he disappeared without a trace. My advice to you is not to get to hung up on this guy...his being 15 hrs. away... you will drive yourself crazy. I have and mine is only 2 1/2 hrs. away. If I can be any help let me know.

  • yur so right my boyfriend is a cancer && he is the most confusing guy ive ever been with. he acts like one person one day & the next hes totally different. he never expresses his feelings && hes moody for no reason idk cancers are just not normal. im like so done with him i just needa find the right time to break up with him

  • A lot of Kentuckians here. I'm from Kentucky as well. Where you from Birdiebee? I'm married to a Cancer. If you gals have fell for one then welcome to the nuthouse!:) Mine drove me crazy for years but things are great now. My best advise is if he sticks around then just ride it out. The Captain's advise helped me out alot.

  • Hey Birdiebee!!

    Thank you for the insight!! Yes, he was calling about once each week, or two, and we were starting to get to know each other. We made plans to see each other, picked the place, etc. Now I haven't heard from him in 5 weeks! I had a reading done by a psychic, she said that he will call and I will see him. She said he will be in my life from here on, and to just hold on, that it would be a slow, dance!! Well....... I certainly hope so!!! I have never ever dated a Cancer, so any words of wisdom at all are certainly appreciated!!!!


  • Pisces Paradox!!

    Well, as I said above, we were just starting to talk and get to know each other. Then, nothing for 5 weeks. (Psychic said that he doesn't want to get me into trouble with my husband, who came out to the car twice while we were talking)!!! I was definitely "struck" when I saw him, tons of chemistry and I just had this feeling that I had to get to know him!!! I hope my cancer man ends up settling down a bit, like it sounds like yours has!!! As always, love any information on Cancer men, I need to brush up on them I see!!


  • well it was good when we first got together, i really thought i would stay with that guy for a long time but he just started changing && i started noticing that he never talks about his feelings or about anything he keeps everything to himself he never had nothing to talk about. and i cant deal with that i have to be able to hold a conversation with my boyfriend. i tried to stick it out with him as long as i could but cancers are just too confusing he doesnt know wat he wants..so i finally broke up with him this week. i dont think i ever wanna date a cancer again lol

  • Hello there, just wondering if you can see anything about my husband? Will he get promoted?? It will mean a major change and another move, which would be unwelcome! Not sure what I want anymore!! take care and thank you for your time.

  • Intrigued,

    You should start a new thread for a reading. It will be easier to get what you are seeking. Someone should answer your questions soon.

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