I can help you with any kind of problem

  • i was born into a family of 3. i grew up with my grand mother who is a psychic i disliked at first for the singular reason that she hums and do ritual stuffs but i have no say considering the fact that my parents are separated later i was able to escape her roof, lived with an uncle but began to discover my psychic abilities, i built on it and here i am with more than 20years of practice behind me. i am out to help as much people as i can with my psychic skill coz i discover today most people who claims to have magic today only have junks that they call magic, want to make a difference, aside that i have a good life, lovely kids who love me and an adorable wife, she had cancer but i healed her with magic she is living fine now. and we are happy together.

    my practice cuts across, name it, love, wealth, health etc...i can help you with any kind of problem...disease,Hiv,lost of love,break up relationship,bad dreams..kindly mail me

  • Good Morning:) I wish that I could give you my e-mail; however, the Admin will delete it.

    I have been praying that my exbofriend (G) would put his male ego aside, and finally sit down and talk to me.

    Could you tell me IF he will within the next two months or so WittyWitch?

    Thank You.

  • Blessed b WW.

    Welcome to forums.

    I´m in a stand still so to say yet know thinsg are moving for me, yet as pisces am i at times impatient. sue me LOL.

    im unemployed and im on my last year so far as far as union aide goes. unless i can find so n somany hours. diff issue.

    Im awaiting reply about a course the unemployment agency said i deserve to be on, but somehow i know my next job is elsewhere. i think i know where but the how to get there throiugh whom by whom eludes me constantly.

    also that i have 2 men that i love n care about a lot n whom i dont wanna hurt ever. i feel my new job relocation is in conenction to these 2 if niot one of em.

    along the one man who does extend his aide i feel more in sense of fullrelationship love n children. i would love a full detailed reading on all this.

    as for time frame u can take all the time u need.

    im a march 10 1972 at 11.20 pm dane born pisces n my men are a cancer june 25 1941 at 2.47 am san francisco american born fireman named Charlie n the other is Alden born Oct 4 1937 in Wallace idaho american at 1.27 am

    dunno if dob helps

    so to sum up:

    a detailed reading on : course, work, relocation, men, love, kids, relationship etc.

    thank u so much WW.


  • OOppssss i forgot to ask WW

    an old old buddie of mine Connor returned to my life, im puzzled as to why he left n why he is now back. mayb u can see whats what for me. none has so far, so ill take a chance on u with this. connor is an april 7th 1962 at 3.47 Am Italian born aries. lazio roma italy to b exact.

    anything u see is a help n i appreciate this so very much.

    last ill add i am psychic myself among more. ive got so many gifts is whoa lol

    ive sensed even though Conner left n was away he watched over me somehow. that too is like whoa hello. so whatever u get whenever u have time.

    i appreciate this so very higly much



  • Can you tell me if my brother will be ok and if he will get through his trouble? I am very worried that he will do something stupid? My life has been on hold for about a year and this has caused all kinds of problems for me. I fell blocked, am I? Is there something I can do or need to be doing that I am not? I lost my job of 21 years, have not got one yet, husband lost his business, lost our house, owe bills, and about to lose our only working vehicle. We are fighting worse than ever. Fells like he is having an affair, doing drugs or both. Both of my daughters are going through divorce or separation, I am watching kids while they work or look for work, my brother may go to prison and I am just stressed, sad and trying to push forward. It has been a really bad year and I am hoping that the bad is almost over. Can you help me out with any advise or insight? Thank you!!!

  • Hello,

    Could you please give me a reading about my career and my love life? where things are at the present time, and into the future? insight and advice are welcome....

    DOB 9-23-60 2am Castro Valley, Calif

    Thank you in advance!!


  • Welcome to this forum, thank you for the offer, would you do a reading for on the topics of love health and wealth .future and past? or just things i should be aware of, whatever comes to you would be great Thank you! take care!

  • Dear wittywitch,

    Thank you so much for reaching out with your gift.

    I am an aspiring author...I hope!

    Any day now I should get my edited copy of JADE back (YOUNG ADULT) from my editors.

    Do my dreams come true? I so want to write the stories of this series and others I have in my head. What do you see of my writing abilities? Do you see me getting an agent and getting published? If so what is the time frame? Names of any people to start with? ANYTHING....it's a journey, I know. Anything you see would be so wonderful!....anything


    Molly M.K.J.H 5/8/72 (born in Idaho living in Nevada)

  • Hmmm, I'd like to know when am I going to hit the "Big One." ? Welcome and thanks for the offer 🙂 11/20/65

  • Hi there ! Welcome!! I would like to know if I should buy this house with my furture marriage partner.

    my bithdate is 9/14/1958/ and his 11/6 1952. I guess I should 1st ask if indeed we will be married and 2nd will and can we buy this house ( it is beautiful and has 10 acres ) ? I just don't know if we can afford it and if this guy will accept our offer! #rd will we regret it or will we be happy ? I thought we would move to TN ( thats where I want to be) but if we buy this and stay for a while perhaps that will give us some more leverage to buy in TN. Thanks and again welcome!!!


  • Good Morning

    Would you please give me a reading about my career and love. My birth date is July 14,1963 at 3:06 am in Pennsylvania. The man I am currently dating was born October 15,1966 in Chicago, IL. Are we going to build this relationship into something permanent or is there a new person in my future? Plus will my career have a significant improvement this year?

    Thank you for your insight into these matters. Blessings to you.

  • Hello WittyWitch

    i was wondering about love, work, family and just anything you see. dob 08-24-82 at 11:30am. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am born 8/19/1955. I am so stressed out, I can't stand it...I need help but I dont know where to turn. I am going to have to move because I will not be able to afford my home. I need to know if there is any chance I will weather this storm or should I just give up and move on. I love my job..not where I work but what I do...I have been carrying this around for a while. I have family depending on me and I work all the time. Literally...all the time.My problem is finances...I owe back taxes ...I am buried in them...I paid a tax consultant to help but now they want money I dont have...so does everyone else...bottom line ...for the state if I dont pay...I cant work...but then I cant pay......if I dont work...you see....

  • benitasa1

    I can offer you advice on your housing situation. Maybe you have already tried, but contact your lender directly and ask for their Loss Mitigation department and see if there is any way to modify your terms or monthly payments. There is no cost or fee to do that. Since you have a job it will likely be approved.

    I have applied for modification but I am self employed mortgage broker and don't have a steady income. good luck to both of us..


  • wittywitch

    Thank you for the offer. I would like to know about my love life. I wounder if I will meet someone

    for a great relationship. I am okay without but it is more fun sharing life's ups and downs.

    I had a job interview today!! Second interview for an appraiser position for the county,

    I am feeling lucky too. I think I will like this and thrive there..

    I am born 08 29 1957 at 6:45 am in Redding Calif.

    There are a lot of people struggling and my thoughts are with you all for the best things.

    Think positive!


  • Mercy, you've got some work to keep you busy!

    I'd like to take you up on your offer; there's nothing life or death here. DOB is 8/13/57; I'm Leo Sun, Pisces Moon and Aquarius Ascendant. Relationship and job stuff. Also, I'd be happy to exchange readings with you or throw up a spell on your behalf. I like to return energy for energy. I've dabbled in tarot for over 25 years but started reading professionally 11 years ago. I'm just a garden variety hedgewitch who finds herself in Eastern Arizona these days!


  • Thank you for your generous offer. What can you tell me something regarding work and love life? I'm kinda stuck and want to gain some insight. DOB is Dec 24 1959.

  • Hi Wittywitch, I would love some help. I have been struggling with my weight, and can't seem to find the motivation to beat it. ( I don't gain weight, but can't seem to lose much for long. I quit smoking, had hormone shots for birtcontrol and my bf left town all at the same time, I piled on 50 pounds) I know that when I seriously watch my food intake, I begin to lose slowly, but can't seem to stick to it. I am becoming more active, but not totally committed to a daily routine. With the weight comes low self esteem, lack of ambition, etc...I refuse to put myself "out-there" and so I have been single for almost 7 years...HELP! I really want my old self back.


  • Me to please 3/16/80. Mine is with love. I think it's comn soon but I want to make sure my ex who I hang with all the time will find someone soon too! Please help thank u!!

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