To poetic555

  • I had something to tell you.

    Today I went out and I met a African man who stopped me to ask about the apartments where a plane hit years ago.

    I saw as I walked he was there to talk to me.

    Well i knew some of what there is a memorial to the site.

    Now people can tell me Oh yeah right.. how this what I am about to tell you possible.

    He told me you do not carry this to your grave of what you know.

    Poetic I have to say he said the African American are not living your roots you have conformed to the life of America.

    They say Americans are to blame but you don't know what Africa is and how he wish people could come to see.

    The elders are their jewels in life..The wise men of the family.

    How so much is lost in your country.

    My God I did not ask that I get this...But if I have the message given to me then i will not egnore

    Of course there is something I have to do with this.

    But Lady I do what I have to do

    My God... the knowledge he said to me today.and we have to come together like minds to support.

    Blessed girl i don't know.

  • Perhaps he meant- it isn't what you know, but rather how you have used that knowledge to help others. It isn't enough to have it- you need to USE it to the benefit of others and be of service.

    just a thought..... : )

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • I lit a candle last night for my ancestors it kind of hit me as i was driving home. I wrote a beautiful poem once about my ancestors don't know where it is, have to find it. No man is an Island, I am a bit of a loner too. My husband often says, one hand can't clap!

  • Did the thankful topic disappear or is it part of the log in issue I'm experiencing? Can't get to it. Anyway, hope you are all well.

  • I think they got my issue fixed.

  • K.

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