Need a love reading my bf slapped me 3 times, now i think he cheats

  • If you have family , friends that will be supportive, go too it, tell them, Do try not too worry about his friends and family bieleving you, its painful when people choose the wrong side of something, but thats on them, not you, they harrass you, they go down with him, if my son or any male friend of mine did that, I would have too think beyond loyalty, and adress them about what they did, not harrass the victim. I do hope and pray that you can find the strength too rise above this somehow. Think about it this way, there are shelters everywhere dedicated too this exact type of thing, if it wasn't serious, if it didn't get worse, they wouldn't exist.

  • Good for you! You are too young to destroy your life like this. Tell him he is never to lay his hands on you. You are better than that and don't desrrve it! There are plenty of guys out there that won't hurt you. If you need anything, we all are right here. TTFN

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