Need a love reading my bf slapped me 3 times, now i think he cheats

  • Once someone does that too you, even a little slap can be so shocking that you may not think clearly about what too do, its an instant self esteem killer, its one slap but most all your self esteem down the drain just like that. He may be a totally different person sober, but he has too get some serious help first, and you have too work on your self esteem, theres no good excuse for slapping anyone ever, its beyond demeaning.

  • Once a man treats you this way, you DO NOT need a "love reading";,,you need to care about yourself and respect yourself and get out of that 'relationship;....and , by the way, being "drunk" is NO excuse for slapping ANYONE, especially a woman! Think more of yourself that to tolerate this manner of behavior from some one...It will not be " OK"; he WILL do it again , and whether he is cheating or not, he is not worth all that. Period. No " love reading" in the world can keep someone from hurting you physically; I believe astrology is very good for SOME things; but this is not one of them. What I suggest you read instead is " How to have the Relationship you want"..Type that title into your Search Bar & it will bring up her ( Rory's) page.. Love yourself FIRST. Love yourself enough to know what you deserve.

  • After reading the title of this post, and reading all the responses, I can only agree with the bulk of the answers given. Katie, you don't need a reading, you need to get OUT of that relationship, get some help for your low self-esteem, and take the time to grow up and find out what you really want in life. I have never let a man get rough with me; it was always "you hit me, you die", and I backed it up by taking martial arts, boxing, and just realizing that I am worth more than that sort of abuse. So, my dear, please run away from this guy as quickly as you can, go get some counseling to find out why you are letting this crap happen in the first place, and move on with your life. He is NOT worth the energy, both physically and emotionally, to keep on devoting any more time to him. Once a hitter/slapper, always a hitter/slapper, and that's that.

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  • If you stay with this guy, the beatings will get worse, and worse, leave now, don't let him control you, in the end he may kill you. Now you don't want that. I will pray for you.

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  • NEVER forgive-able, NEVER OK!!!! Past behavior is the only predictor of future behavior. Don't give yourself up in order to please someone's ALWAYS a losing game.

  • 3 months is not a long time to really know a person. I can hear your worry about his family and friends believing you but it's wiser in this situation to not concern yourself w/ them or what he may say or think. This is a great opportunity for you to do something solely for yourself and on behalf of your own well being. Removing yourself is the best thing. I encourage you to go to Al-Anon and find support to do this. You will be amazed at the similar stories you will hear. Your self esteem will grow w/ every step you take AWAY from the situation and move towards a healthier lifestyle. A drunk person will do a lot of stupid and even violent things. It is very questionable that his behavior is at all ok w/ you. A professional would help you see that. They are there to help and most likely would encourage Al-Anon also. It's a safe place to be vulnerable and to step back and see how you attract this kind of person. It may not feel like it but even if it is hard you must remove yourself from this guy. As you grow in self esteem and self love you will learn to make healthier choices.

  • To all the readers, and advisers,

    my gut tells me she appreciates all of the advice you have given her, but she has not really heard you. she is not going to let this guy go until she is good and ready.

    she is young, naive, gullible, and her self worth is pretty shot up. she knows it's wrong, but she wants somebody to love her, even if it's a guy like the one she picked.

    we all attract the same like vibration. she is attracting troubled young boys because she is very troubled herself. Birds of the same feather flock together. either she learns the hard way, which is probably where she is heading, and are some hard lessons ahead for her... or she can give herself some credit and drop the guy and start thinking about her future, and from here on out she will know what to look out for, and stay far far away from troubled young boys.

    her choice, her life..

    Ms Sunny

  • Then...I am sending you my love and thoughts, Katiesss....

    It is your life..your choice...and we are hoping the best for you.

    Please think carefully of the choice you are about to make.

    “Don't you ever wonder maybe if you took a left turn instead of a right you could be someone different?”

    Ask yourself that.....

    Lots of love to you,

    x x x

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  • I think Katiesss needs some help too. She is only 20. I think this was a cry for attention. That and ignorance. So far I think everyone here is asking, "what in the h e l l do you want a love reading for?" If a guy ever lays a hand on you, leave! When I was 19, I was in an abusive relationship. We had a kid. That kid is why I even left. (and also why I stayed) But thank God, you don't have a child so just leave him and be a kid. (well younger anyways) You will never get those years back. I never had a 20s period. I got pregnant at 18. So I missed my 20s and 30s. I will be 45 when I am done. I regret it. So don't be in a hurry to settle down. Go have a life! Leave this sorry man cause it takes a big man to hit a woman,call all your girlfriends and go have fun! You don't need to seriously think about anything. TTFN

  • thankyou all for your comments im telling him we should go on a break im not ready yet to call the big shot just yet sylvannah i completely agree with you thankyou. But i will leave him and soon tell my family what has happend.


  • You Don't Need a Love Reading, You need to Kick his ass out. You need to go to the police, This is assault and battering. You are being physically abused. This man does not love you, He loves to beat on you! I've there ther, done that, they don't change just get worse and worse!

    The next time he hits you, you call the police and have them haul him off to jail. then you dump him, press charges and follow through so he can get some help or jail.

    Please take care.

  • emergence i send you an email

    joyfulnc i really wish it was that easy

  • The court now undwerstands how women have a hard time leaving an abusive man. Because she did not go to the authorities right away is not a problem. Foremost, theis young lady needs to get to a save place and away from this man and file a restraining order against him if need be. If you are living with this man, you need to go home to your family or to a safe friends house or to a shelter in your area. You are strong, you can do this. You can leave this man and be done with him. You remeber the la cross student who was MURDERED by an abusive, controling boyfriend? It was all over the news. She tried to be "nice" and take it easy and just slip away. Can't be done. The law is on your side and there is plenty of shelters and help for you. Pleazse get away, You are so worth more than than how this Coward treats you!

  • Katiesss, when he hits you the first time and you do nothing, it just gets easier for him to do it again - he sees it as you giving him permission to hurt you. This is not how you help him to get better. You need to show him that's it's wrong by your words and your behaviour.

    When a man hits you the first time, that's his mistake. The second time that you stick around for him to hurt you, it's your mistake.

  • The Captain wrote:

    When a man hits you the first time, that's his mistake. The second time that you stick around for him to hurt you, it's your mistake.

    well said, and you made your point. hopefully the message will sink in.

    Ms Sunny

  • Katiesss

    I am so sorry that the male half of your whole being that is meant for protecting the female (yin and yang) has failed you into this half a spirit that is left to accept deserving to be hurt. You can not stand up to a man like this. You will lose. He will harm you. You do not deserve this--a core belief has betrayed you into believing you do. You need healing as much as he does. Your attraction to him is a sympton you must adress before thinking about any relationship. Ask a trusted adult for help in finding someone you can talk to about this tolerance for violence. You are in my prayers. Blessings--you deserve love--it is safe to be loved.

  • Katiessss

    I saw your picture in the photo page of Caps. Darling you are adorable! You obviously are a sweet soul too so w/ that combination you can have any body you what do you want? Someone who slaps and maybe cheats? you can raise the bar or lower it it's up to you, You do have the power. We are all encouraging you here to do the right thing but as Ms Sunny says that truly is up to you. Please let us know how the weather goes w/ you.



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