Need help with relationship reading

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  • Thank you so much KushikamiKiba for replying. I really hope that the future is good for us both although it hurts like crazy now and we dont speak. But saying that I am still very involved with his family so thanks again for making sense of the cards for me

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  • Pilot's long anticipated reading

    Both of you are moving at a rapid pace but its not something that either party is in control of. There are aspects within this relationship that is hidden from one or both parties and it deprives you both of a sense of joy with each other, Towards the end of this year though this tension will be fully gone and the one catalyst for this is a person or an event that will bring a HECK of a lot of trouble in your lives, a mutual enemy perhaps.

  • Poetic

    Currently you seem to be keeping a tight hold on your money, and it looks to me you are thinking about cutting off some dead weight financially, maybe some kind of luxury item you may want to get rid off or an investment that just isnt worth it, The way i see it you use a lot of time thinking and getting all the angles of your financial situation before making any kind of move towards the money. I also feel that you may have a sudden increase in your money for this year.

  • Hi there Kushikamkiba is there any chance you could do a love reading for me please. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  • trance

    With regards to your love life, it looks like you're in a bad position now, there is a lot of sorrow but you seem unable to move on with your life. You are very emotionally attached to the issue at hand that you neglect to see reason. Hopes of reviving what you lost are strong but they are fed by nothing more than illusions. Break free from these illusions and begin life anew. I'm not saying you should find someone else, rather, dont look for anyone at the moment. Focus more on yourself for this time.

  • Can I get your opinion of our relationship*

    I get few readings,and they don't see us together now.They say that he si focused on some material thing(college,money ,job?)or just want to change himself and that he isn't ready for relationship.I belive that because he dosen't call or try contact me.

    Also told me,that maybe there is possiblity for .our .R. in autman

    So I just want to know ,should I wait him?

    he is libra,and i'm virgo

  • Hello, I'd really like a reading for the situation this guy that i'm involved with. Its kinda a little confusing 🙂

    I want to know, what is the purpose of it and what is it's destiny ?

    Myself: January 27th, 1988

    The guy: May 22nd, 1990

    Also, is there someone waiting for me / who is waiting for me ? I have this distinctive 'feeling' that something/someone is around the corner waiting to happen.

    Please help me out 🙂

    Will gladly appreciate it sooo much !! x o x o x o

  • Hi KushikamiKiba was that reading for me? It read trance but what you said is so spot on. I cant move on because he is still in my life and I dont think that he can let me go either. So does that mean we will be together again one day but for now to concentrate on myself?

  • Hi Kiba Thank You for helping me again.YOU are GOOd! Yes,...we both have the same enemy. That is that one EVIL employee that I was telling you about. She has denied us so much joy. I would either be engaged or married by now!

  • KushiKimba from your mouth to God's Ears! Thank you, very good and accurate! I don't have much to hold on too, but trying to be wiser! May the Universe repay your kindness a hundred fold!

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  • Thanks for the feedback people, hope my readings get more accurate in the future

  • Hi KushikamiKiba I am doing as you proposed and concentrating on myself but the man in question just keeps appearing in places that I go to. This is so hard for me. I really wish that he would come back to me. Why is he doing this????

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