Need help with relationship reading

  • Hi, I'm new to tarot and just did a 3 card spread referring to my relationship with my ex, and our potential to get back together. Here are the cards I pulled:

    1. Judgment

    2. The World

    3. The Star Reversed

    I'm at a bit of a loss on what conclusions I should draw from this. I've looked up the meanings of each card, but still not sure what they mean in each position and in combination.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • do you know what the cards represent in the spread?

  • Do you mean what the position of the cards represent? I was working on the assumption that 1. is the context, 2. is the advice, and 3. is the outcome.

  • Like you told me in the other thread you're hoping for the comeback and you're also pondering on its chances of happening. Advice i would say tells you to accept the break up, accept the mistake or what went wrong and make something positive about it. Problem is your outcome card shows a lot of unhappiness like all efforts may have come to waste.

    I assume you did this reading before the one i gave you?

  • Yep I did this reading earlier today, before I asked you to do the other one. Thanks for your advice.

  • Dear KushikamiKiba

    I started a 5-card reading and drew the cards, but did not finish the reading (not able to pay right now). They were in relation to my love/complicated relationship. The cards were: 1) situation = ten of coins; 2) challenges = four of wands; 3) advice = judgment; 4) lesson = seven of cups; and 5) future = eight of cups. Please let me know what this means. I am totally new to Tarot readings. Thank you.

  • I did the answer question spread and asked is he coming back and got these cards

    The King Of Wands

    The 4 of Wands

    The 3 of Pentacles

    The Sun

    Could somebody please tell me what this means???? Thanks

  • Its not really my place to tell u guys what the cards mean in your spreads, the point of doing a reading is to let the cards talk to you, understand what the cards are telling you, feel their message. it would be pointless to tell you guys what i think they mean because they have a different message for you

  • Hiya Kushikamikiba. To me that says that he is coming back and we are going to build something but I dont want to read it wrong and build my hopes up thats why I asked for help. So please could you give me a hint as to what you think. I really love this man. Thanks

  • hi, i did a spread for my ex boyfriend and need some help...

    i did the celtic cross and he got..

    1.king cups

    2.8 cups

    3.10 swords


    5 queen cups

    6. 8 penticles

    7.ace swords

    8.king wands

    9.ace cups

    10 queen

    i was very worried with 10 swords, 8 cups and death!

    what do you think?

  • Trace sorry for the whole late reply thing, been really busy

    From the cards yes it looks positive, there's a bit of work to be done but overall it looks like a bright future

  • thehoneyrider

    There are many variations of celtic cross, mind telling me what each card is supposed to represent in the spread

  • When my friend (G) does sit down and talk with me this Summer, how will he approach or contact me, I am just curious?

    Myself: April 21,1973

    ExBoyfriend: June 30,1950

  • Pilot

    He'll be very practical about it, i believe he has something to say and he will go straight to the point with what he says, it may hurt and might clash with what you have to say, but it seems there wont be much time to negotiate, things will happen very quickly for the two of you

  • Hi Kushikamikiba, are you new to the site? First time I've noticed your posts. Do you see anything for me in the near future? Do you need anything special? Thanks! Blessings!:)


  • hey poetic i'm wouldnt say i'm new, i've been here for the past few weeks now. If you want to give me specifics about certain things then by all means go ahead, if not i can simply do a general reading on Health, Finances and Love and roughly see what i can get from those fields

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello again Kiba.

    May I ask, why won't there be enough time to negotiate and why will things happen quickly between the two of us? What will prompt this?

    Thanks Again for your time:)

  • Thank you, thank you! I'll go for finances! Peace, light and love! 🙂

  • Bump 🙂

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