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  • please help...I am new to this forum.What is the quickest way to go to a specific page or question

    without having to trawl each page .Thank you

  • Welcome gummymummy!

    You've probably already figured some of this out ....

    When you first open the forum, the header 'last discussion' open. You then scroll and click on the topic/thread that appeals to you. Within that thread, scroll to the bottom and you will see the page numbers. Click on a page. Page numbers show up in approx. a sequence of three so you might need to jump around to navigate where you want to read. Its a good idea to read the Original (first) post on the thread. This may seem ridiculous to point out, but many threads are "hijacked" or just plain mis-understood because people just click on the last page and post.

    Once you are within a thread, there is a box, top left -- Show me. Click there and various categories open to take you where you'd like to be. Also, top right -- Choose a forum: box reads, View All. Clicking that brings up specific categories, for instance, astrology.

    Also, on the right, underlined, are places where you can hit Save this topic. (Same place you found, create new topic. ) This will save and later you can use the top left box - Show me- to open the topics you have saved. This saves time trolling pages in latest discussions to find the topic you have participated in and are most interested in.

    I still end up going through many pages --- lol ! It can be annoying! Hope something above answers your question and makes it easier.



  • Thank you for that Laie,

    I have been trying to get thru to thank The Captain for his reply to my question in Psychic

    but I can only scroll to page 73ish and then everything disappears off my screen.

    In future I will save all of my topics and that might be easier.Will it be discourteous of me if I were to start a new topic just to thank him?


  • Hi Laie,

    I have figured it all out. Actually the answers were right before my very eyes but I'm having a foggy few months.

    all is good now.


  • hey gummymummy!

    good to read you figured it out. it can be a pain with the larger threads. btw, a mistake that many make .... thecapt. is a female .... start a new thread for anything ----it would Never be seen as discourteous to thank anyone ; ) always go with what your heart is saying and spread kindness!

    many of us are feeling 'the fog', lol ! comes & goes ....

    peace & joy,


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