Blmoon I need insight... please?

  • I hope you are well blmoon!

    I met someone a couple months ago who I started to run from in the first place because he has addictions ..and as you know my past relationships have been nothing but broken promises.

    With out going into a ton of detail because I know your insight is amazing.

    He seems sincere and seems to be trying very hard to quit, but it just keeps getting the best of him! He is an amazing man who has a big heart which is why I have tried to encourage him...he came from out of State to stay for a week to get away from stress ect. and stayed off them for the week but a day after getting home he gave in again. Will he get past this? Will any thing I do make any diference? Or should I move on? I dont want to get into another bad relationship...

    Thank you very much Blmoon


  • Also I have ringing in my it something I should be concerned about ..or is it just bothersome?

    Thanks again, Cancer64

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