Leo Female Have the Hots for Leo Male..Help!!!

  • I am a leo female with a strong dominant personality. I don't like taking orders. I give orders. Some would say I am cold and domineering, but underneath I have great compassion for others and I'm always thinking about how to serve the community better (expecting my full right to be appreciated of course).

    Normally, I only chase guys that I feel a strong connection with. Well, there is this one leo male which I have an all-consuming crush with. He is a romantic, loves to travel and loves to be at the center of attention (boy he can talk!). We chatted a few times online, and then he suddenly turned cold towards me (after I gave him orders to CALL ME NOW)

    I am wondering, is there any chance for a leo male to have a relationship with a female leo since both want the upper hand in a relationship? I really like this guy, and feel we are perfect for each other. How do I make him realize this and can we make it work?

  • Hi MissyLeo. LOL. From one leo to another, who has involvement with a leo male.

    After the initial burning crush, it was he that broke it off but it was he that came crawling back, time and time again. It is he that starts the fights then apologizes. Time and time again.

    I found that my personality is more dominate, and he's become the submissive in the relationship which really threw me for a loop. And after years of trying, that was the key point that turned me off.

    Its not that I want the upper hand in a relationship. I want a mate to stand by my side in equality and someone that isn't afraid to stand up to me from time to time. He is neither of these.

    Could it work? It could have. There is love there. But we are at different stages and he has no goals, no push. It drives me crazy.

  • Hi AliceQ,

    Thanks for your reply. For me though it is the direct opposite. Both of us are dominant. I think if I was in your shoes and am stuck with a leo who has no goals and no push, I would feel the same as you! lol

  • missyleo

    I think you are in for a battle. I am a Leo, and I understand the dominant personality, I have it too but you sound a bit more dominant than I am, lol! I gave up giving orders, haha but of course will not take orders .

    My experience with Leo men? Well, I have gone out with two. I can say we were great in the sack but otherwise there was a struggle or battle for dominance.Both did not last long-just a few weeks. Just as we do not like to take orders they do not either, That is probably why he turned cold, since you gave him orders. If someone gave me orders I will turn cold or tell them off to stop giving me orders. Two cannot be on center stage at the same time. And you know we need to be on center stage..unless you can mellow out a bit or your Leo has some planets or rising sign in less dominant positions, it will be a battle. Maybe you caan enjoy the battle, who knows, we are all different. I couldn't handle it and it was me that broke it off both times.

  • Hi Luazinha,

    After reading your reply, I'm wondering if it is even worth pursuing a relationship with another leo lol. We are too alike unfortunately. I'm learning to give up giving orders. It is hard work but I am working on it. I can be a bit condescending sometimes. Damn..maybe we female loes need to search for a non-leo for a partner. I'm just chilling out for the time being 😉

  • I don't give orders, I make friendly suggestions. LOL.

  • Friendly suggestions? Sounds non-domineering for a leo 😉

  • I dated a Leo girl, they usually like me but, both of us have too big of hearts and ego's to be with each other. My advice, and look at it this way, stop being a bit ch and think you own the world, because chances are that this guy is really nice the way you talk about him. By b i t ch , I mean bossy , domineering , think you know but, you don't. I've come across women like you before. If you know this about yourself , you'll end up without THAT guy. Trust me on this one. It's your problem, not his. Change your ways and you could have him.

  • As a sister leo, I've learned that if both leos learn and understand that we like our territory to be our own. But if you two respect eachothers territory and learn when to give eachother space. you tend to get along alot better. Wish the best in which ever choice you make! 😉

  • what is your dob and his?

    that's the best way to find out what is dominant

  • WaterMan79, ouch, your comment about "change your ways" hit a nerve. A painful one at that. Guess since he is worth it, I will do it.

    leoscorpion: I prefer not to post my birthday and his here, lest he stumbles across this forum lol. Is there a website where I can check it out for myself? Or do you know how to do it?

  • well I've been reading for people here since last year LOL

    but if you can't post it then don't

  • leoscorpion,

    Can I email you?

  • hi missy

    sorry I don't give out e-mail on forums

    I used to do that on other forums and I ended up with spams instead

    it's not a big deal. astrology might help you find out cosmic influence on personalities and life events, but in the end it is still your choice and his

  • Here is the best scenerio. Remember when Jennifer Lopez went out with Ben Affleck? Both Leo's. It will never work. She was even more flambouyant then he was and he hated that. They competed against each other as Leo's. They were even keeled, but that woman knew that she could have anything and she settled for less, like most women do. He's a good man, Ben.

  • It's funny, because, she still went back to her roots. I think that's what we all do . As a Cancer, I love Leo's, just could never date them. Why? We both have ego's and hearts that are bigger then the sun. I could be wrong, but who knows? Experience tells the story.

  • This post is deleted!

  • That's good Zephire. You're Leo in mercury like me. It comes down to expression. I am the most sociable person . Learn this about yourself and you will find contentment. You may be a Cancer, but that only holds so many traits. I found that Gemini and Leo is also a part of me. Then again, I have to contest against my Sorpio moon. This, I think is the bad side of myself. It's quite a battle. I am a moon child. Science is right. The Moon rules moods. After all our bodies are 80 percent full of water. I believe this to be true evern as the tides come and go.

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