Need advice from a Piscis guy.

  • I met a Piscis guy and I am so confused because I think about him all the time. When he introduced himself to me I felt an instant attraction. He has these gorgeous brown eyes that I just can't forget. I haven't felt this type of interest in someone in years. I find him mysterious. I don't know what to do. He has me in a tizzy. I'm a cancer girl and I get nervous around him. I see him three times a week and we engage in small talk. This last time I saw him he opened up a little more but I don't know how to find out if he's interested in me. I've seen him looking at me and his smile is amazing. I think he likes me or at the very least is attracted to me. It's weird but sometimes when I see him he acts as if our conversation is purely professional (he's my son's swim coach), then when I see him the next day he wams up a little more and it seems like a friendly getting to know you type of scene and then on the third day he may drop a fact or two about himself which opens the conversation up a little more. I don't know how to react. Last week he gave me a kiss on the cheek when he saw me but then this week he didn't but then he keep looking at me while coaching. I know Piscis likes to be friends and I'm ok with waiting but is there anything I can do that won't scare the fish away while still letting him know I dig him?

    What can I do to give him a sign that I'm interested without being too forward. What do Piscis men like about Cancer women? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

  • I'm not a Pisces guy but I am dating one. I think you have to make the first move, if you feel like he is giving you signals. I think Pisces can be a bit passive.

    With my Pisces, we reconnected on Facebook. We went to High School together and we were actually boyfriend and girlfriend for awhile(but it wasn't too serious because I wasn't allowed to date) anyway we lost touch and 30 years later he found me. BUT I asked him out after a few emails and a flirtatious phone call - I asked if he wanted to catch up over lunch or coffee. And the rest is history.

    P.S- if you two become a couple, that passiveness will get on your nerves after awhile. But maybe not because you are a water sign too.

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