New Moon, Full Moon, Retros Part 2.

  • Like an ear infection? and Yes thats what Neptune retrograde does since its typically dreamy,in retro, it helps us to see what is right in front of us with more clarity, we still have to decide whether or not to embrace that reality and clarity, make it a part of our purpose in order to take adnvantage of the insights its offering, otherwise it appears to be saying we could end up very disilluioned if we ignore it, or blow it off.

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  • Might try an ear candle, there about three dollars at health food and natural stores, or you could try a bit of peroxide, I wouldn't put to much of anything inside the ear canal though, lemon, I do not know, but it is actually very good for a lot of things, however it so very acidic it can burn like hell on infected surfaces, abrasions, so do be careful with the lemon.

  • I have a friend who uses peroxide for this sort of thing, or rubbing alcohol, just not to much!

  • Hello all!

    Seems quiet in here. What happened to everyone. Rising Phoenix, are you okay? Been a while since your last post. Hope everything is well with you! Sending you positive energies.

    Lots of love,

    x x x

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  • Emergence my Dear Darlin'

    THANKS for ASKING! And right back at you: How are YOU???

    Your timing is impeccable. I've received so many queries or requests in last few weeks--some from people I know online only, some from people I don't know but know of me thru forums or my weekly, some from people I've met personally or professionally--and while everyone seems to want something FROM me--not one of them has thought to ask--HOW ARE YOU? You are the only one who's asked me that in ages! THANKS! I began to think--I guess when you're a miracle--people think life is great and easy and you can do whatever they need for them. I think we should all ask one another how we are! I took that advice when having to call and alert the local law that there's another development with a neighbor dispute I have they needed to be aware of--and the first thing I said when the officer identified herslef was "Hi--this is (my name) and how are you today?" She sounded so surprised--and our conversation went great!

    With the old property finally sold--THAT problem now gone, I'm working feverishly to get work done, create income and inflow, and feeling a bit like those guys who spin many plates on many sticks:) Seems like you are the FIRST person in weeks who's asked how I am!

    I am very grateful:) Actually that's not quite true--I have two good GF's who've asked (they always ask:) and my Gem asks. THAT's good!

    Yes--it has been quiet--I've been lurking. A few times I felt like responding to a post--but then noticed other group members made a great I just lurked and cheered. I like this group and care about folks here! Perhaps we're all going through the shift in our own ways, seeking balance. Perhaps we're all feeling some frustration at deaf ears of those who ask for advice but don't want to hear it.

    I have a concern: I'd like to remind people we're here to connect, share, and support one another--on personal, psychic, metaphysical, and life experiences. Unless someone is a medical doctor--giving what can be construed as medical advice gets into touchy territory. In my own work, on my sites over the years--and it will be on a video short on my new site--I make certain to give the Standard Required Disclaimer: "I'm not a doctor. I don't diagnose or prescribe anything. I'm an artist a storyteller and though the stories I tell you are true...I tell you only to inform, entertain and inspire you..." Holistic health sites have been shut down because of people giving medical advice without a medical license. As we hit the SHIFT, the dinosaurs are battling to keep their turf--so my request is BE CAREFUL when giving medical advice. My observation--for what it's worth--is that THAT's not what we're here for perhaps people could seek health forums where that's more appropriate?

    Coffeegem--yes I know exactly what you mean. And THIS is what I THINK we're here for--to share this type of experience and learn and get some clarity.

    I felt it this weekend too. We ARE in a very interesting 1-in-13 years aspect--with Jupiter and Uranus is Aries so very closely conjunct. A LOT of FIRE power! a lot of energy for initiation yet some awkwardness too.

    Are any of you experiencing pesky old business rising up and saying "OK time to handle me NOW!" ? Stuff you knew you had to handle but back-burnered it?

    I'm facing many many challenges right now--and yet I feel strong and balanced. Thank Goddess I am grateful for that balance and gift:)

    The present and future challenges are NOT a pain--just a LOT of work! But for me lo-and-behold--here appear old things that need to be finished, cleaned up to take up my energy! People who owe me money trying every which way to get more of what they want from me without paying what they owe me. Though they seem to have money to pay lawyers and others to make calls for them to get what THEY want--when I am legally in the right! All the business people involved in the situation know this, have told the disputers, yet the disputers are trying to force me to do what THEY want, instead of simply paying me as they are contracted to! The unexpected dispute over several thousand they owe me sent me into a financial disaster last Fall--where, counting on getting that money, I made commitments and have yet been unable to deliver some things I"D promised. I will, I'm WORKING on it--just taking a longer time and harder work from me! I also got behind on things I needed to handle! All this has created the need to me to roll with it, get more creative, keep on keeping on and TRUSTING that my hard work is about to pay off!

    But those old things we haven't dealt with--like the first speeding ticket --only ticket I GOT in 20 years!!--that I couldn't pay last fall when my debtors didn't pay ME--came back to bite me! I opened a letter that went to an OLD address and took 4 months to arrive at my present one and found my driving license was suspended in FEB! Good thing I don't drive recklessly--I might have found that out by getting pulled over and THAT would have been trouble. But my bad--I let it go for lack of funds and now I have to pay the fine AND re-instatement!

    But it's an OLD piece of business coming up to say "HEY--WAKE up TAKE CARE OF ME NOW!!!!" and once I do it's be done and off my shoulders too! It's as if the Universe is preparing me to re-enter life with all those OLD thing cleaned up at last! But it isn't witout a pain in the neck.

    My Gem appears to be going thru that too. Stressed, back from biz trip, we've spent some time connecting in person. He can communicate so well via text or e-mail--yet feels a push-pull discomfort when we are in person. The Rebound not quite out of the picture. He's just home from two weeks working hard--wants rest she immediately wanted him to come play. He refused. She's still trying. So he's not quite parted from the rebound but showing signs of being sick of it and but not sure quite how to end it. We'll see. OUR communication is good--yet he's clearly uncomfortable and needs to TCB there before moving forward. AND all the post-biz biz is flying fast--I get that--so no demands, just keeping the connect going, and easy.

    Must say: I kind of LIKE this aspect of him. He's kind, And as I said before--not a player. It's interesting. He gets how much he is attracted to me. I've kept it so at a friend level--

    I wonder if I should just tell him--if you get free before I meet someone--we may have something here:) Then I just get the "knowing" that I just need to shut up and allow things to unfold. Time will tell. Send us good mojo and prayers for healing:) Thank you.

    In my own life/work--things I've been working on for years that have been stymied are finally--as I knew they would--beginning to flow and I'm trying to keep up with the building and developing.

    While these OLD things to TCB of are jumping up and saying NOW NOW!

    For me--and I wonder how it is for all of YOU--I have been meditating, praying, doing rites under the stars, honing, rebalancing, empowering my self. Some things that are frustrating obstacles frustrate no less--but are quickly showing that since I CAN'T spend time on what's temporarily blocked--I CAN spend time on taking care of other things that were going undone!

    THAT becomes a relief--when I see OH I had to take care of that and NOW it's DONE!

    I've been growing my base on Facebook the last few months--getting ready for the biz and book launch--and I'm now up to almost 4000 FRIENDS--and they are requesting from around the world! It's a lot to keep up with--when I hit 5000, I'll have to have a page and won't have to respond to each one individually! But I AM now becoming international--which was my goal when I dreamed this up years ago when I had to beat the odds and become a miracle!

    I'm very much on the verge of some interesting BIG life changes. Not sure where it'll go with my Gem--staying open and communicative and feels like things are moving at the pace they are supposed to. Even though I sometimes wish we'd just get ON with it and come clean and share the feelings with a decision of what we'll be to one another. I am ready for more! Whatever--it will be close and good. And he HAS woken me up to knowing that I am ready to love and be loved in a way I haven't in a long time:) For that I am grateful. Yet I also know I have a few things of my own to set in place and do first too!

    I'd like to hear what the rest of you are experiencing in this time of transformation! I'm very excited. Among all my new FB friends from around the world--I'm meeting very creative people and many many many who are aware of the expanding and changing CONSCIOUS SPIRITUAL

    WORLD we must take care of now!!!

    Sending everyone blessings and strength. This moment in time--and the next 6 months--are--like Emregence and others have shared--a time to let go of the old, get out of denials, and take on the NEW with power and joy and LOVE!

  • It is definitely time for renewal and cleaning up the past. I've been absent here since I spend more time over at the Faith and Love forum. I had put together a nice reply to your last post rising and I did that wonderful thing I have a habit of doing, clicked the wrong buttons and poof...the whole post was gone. I took it as a message that I really didn't have anything to say. LOL.

    The one thing that I have noticed is that we are all dealing with our stuff and moving forward or at least trying to. I have now been attuned to Level 2 of Reiki and have been working on sending my distance healing to those that have requested it. I have also been reading and trying to learn more about it as I go. I think that due to the attunements, I've had many of my energies realigning themselves and it has been a little unsettling in that I cannot seem to focus on any one thing at a time. That and learning to just "be" and not work and not do anything in particular has liberating but has also created a situation where it has become easy to spend my time napping or going to meetings about new things that I am learning about, hypnosis, reiki, meditation, laws of attraction, etc. I've also been working my way toward starting school. So...I've been lurking around here myself. I get a post or two in and then get distracted and I'm off and running another direction. Blessings and love to everyone!

  • Thank you Emergence, and Aunt B! I feel great, probably thanks to you two! I've spent more time over in faithandlove too lately, can't complain though, its pretty nice over there!

  • Bluecat,

    You are welcome!! 🙂 Anything for you! 😛

    Hey Rising Phoenix!

    There you are! Glad to hear that you are well....and you are welcome! I am fine too, thanks for asking 🙂 You are right about this lol..I never really give this a thought. Sometimes, when we are too busy with our own stuff, we tend to forget the simple question ; How are you? LOL....I must make a point to remember this! My ex, the Taurus never failed to ask me that everyday! He started our daily conversation with How are you today? Sometimes, he asked me that twice a day! LOL. I guess it's just his nature. When I was over at his place, he would ask me on the phone how my day was and when he came back from work abt 2-3 hours later, he would ask me; How's your day? I am not trying to be mean but sometimes I replied in a joking way - my day is? Same as 3 hours ago!:D LOL...Thanks Rising Phoenix for bringing back this good times back in my mind 🙂

    Indeed, there are plenty of sparks going on up in the sky as of today. It's here! The day Jupiter the planet that drops serendipity in our path, meets with Uranus, the awakener. They're at Zero degrees Aries, where sparks originate -- it's the exuberance of Spring and new growth. Watch for the energy of concentrated bursts that is moving through us.All zodiac signs would definitely feel this FIRE 🙂 This is a special thing. It is pretty rare for these planets to be meeting up or getting close with each other. Try to look at the future charts for reference....don't think we will experience this again in our lifetime.

    The spirit of birthing is with us now, and our world -- with so much decay, degradation, disillusionment -- is holding its breath for it. There's a sense that we've come to the end, a dead end. This 2 planets is here to excite us in ways we didn't think possible -- expect surprises! Expect the unexpected! LOL....I was reading my monthly numerology a few days ago and it says that I shouldn't be making any plans AT ALL this month! Sit back and enjoy the ride. If I am being stubborn and go ahead and make plans, I would only be disappointed as nothing will happen according to plan! WOW! Something more interesting is heading my way! 😄

    Thise 2 planets move together at the Zero point to June 14th, and Uranus stays there to August 14th. This acquaints us with real change, not the faux kind. You know it's real because your heart is doing flip flops and the adrenalin is pumping -- you're beyond the comfort zone. With this intensity, and the luck of Jupiter, you grow by leaps and bounds when you focus intently on what you're creating. If you've got one foot in the old, and one in the new, I'm sure you're not alone!!!!! ( All of us will be experiencing this and I can't wait to hear all the stories!) Try your best and use the surges of summer to push off from the old -- disengage from dying or dead ways of living -- and invigorate the new, into your life, in YOU. Jupiter is the planet of faith, and right now, we're asked to dare to believe in a new beginning. Dare to take the challenge??? ::D

    I can't wait for all the excitement. Better yet, I can't wait on my own reaction to all this happenings LOL! Being a Sag...I know ME! Give us some excitement and we will keep on jumping!

    I hope everyone will come back and share their stories and their excitement! Changes! Believe in yourself - step out of the dark...lead yourself to the fresh new light!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hey Coffeegem! Goodmorning 🙂

    Yep, we are to expect the unexpected now. Energies coming at us from everywhere. It is the time to dare to step up, take the challenge and move forward. The planet is pushing us to do so and let's see how we will all reacted to this.

    Drop by and share your stories!

    lots of love,

    x x x

  • How IS everyone? I mean really--how ARE YOU??? Body-Mind-& Spirit? Take a moment and ask yourself that--because I care and I really want to know:)

    I've been busy up to my ears--and my new site is now live, I'm checking through the links and glitches. Soon as they're all working well, I'll announce through my FB and I know the rules say I can't give links here so I won't.

    But I want to SHARE this great news with you: imagine--I opened up and have been growing my Facebook network the last few months--and I guess people really LIKE what I post and have to say--because I'm up to over 4000 friends now! Once you hit 5000 you can't accept any more friends and need to start a PAGE and I just registered one under my pro name--not my personal-private one, and all the work I've been doing for the last few years is about to FLY!!!

    It's time for me to become the manifestation of the name I danced under when I became sick and blind from toxic chemical injuries and illness--as an artist who does Goddess work--I'd been doing a series to honor the ancient Goddesses of my people. I chose to use the name of the Goddess of Health and Healing Waters: Zeeva, knowing that honoring her and keeping her name alive that way would help me manifest my OWN healing! I DID!

    Now it is time for me to become Zeeva again--because if now isn't a time when we ALL need to focus on Health and Healing our Waters--I don't know when that time will be we NEED to manifest mass healing --of our people AND our waters now!!!

    Life is very interesting and moving fast. I'm wondering if it's like that for all of you--are you still here? Has a negative thread and frustration made people move to other forums? Or are we all just so flying with the Uranus-Jupiter aspects we're too busy to post??? I'll promise I'll post more often if YOU will--HOW and WHERE are you Emergence???

    One of the incredible things that's happened for me in this last month alone--since Merc went direct--is that I began to get a LOT of International FB friends asking to be friended!And HUGE numbers more since the Jup-Uranus in Aries!!! This matters to me: I grew up first generation of my family born in my country, speaking another language first, in an international community, & I lived, worked, danced, travelled internationally a LOT in my late teens through 30, and always had international friends in my group. So I never felt like a citizen of the country I was born in--I felt like an international citizen of the world! So when I took the name of my Goddess professionally and named my company, I didn't name it "comma USA, or comma (the city or state I'm located in) --I named it INTERNATIONAL because I intended to get better and go International again! Now that's happened! here on this forum--I know we have folks from different countries:) And I now have over 1500 International friends on FB!!! And growing every day!

    It's pretty exciting! I also had an amazing experience a couple of nights ago. A few months ago--one of my FB art friends announced he was doing a photography/writing project about people. He's spending 50 nights on 50 couches and telling the stories of the people who let him sleep on their couch for one night! He's keeping a blog, and asked for people to volunteer their couch and story--said I need your couch and you to commit to letting me interview you--about 2 hours of your time, and take pix. So I was his 14th couch. We talked 5 hours the night he arrived, and I spent 3 hours talking with him the next morning as he wandered thru my house and studio, taking pix of my work and asking questions.

    For the very first time in years--with all the people asking me to live in that one time period in my life when I was so sick and fighting to get better to share and teach "how"--I've been fighting to take back my life as an artist. No matter what else I lost--THAT's what matters to me! Having a stranger look at my life through my work and asking about that, asking the history that what I have out on display in my home--old photos, items of interest, asking interview questions--really made me feel ALL my past (of which that challenged sick, blind period is just a small part of my life) just fall into context with the WHOLE PERSON I AM IN MY PRESENT! An artist with a MESSAGE for the world! It was very powerful!!! And healing! Zeeva is really with me! And IN me! I am becoming the manifestation of Zeeva I need to be to do my work in the world: SHE is Creative, Healing, and the Goddess of Healing Waters!!!! Nice for a lil Cancerian gal like me:)

    So I'm meeting the Challenge--sure would like to hear how all of you are meeting yours!

    Be blessed and blessed be! Love and LIGHT--time for the Lightworkers of the World to UNITE!

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  • Congratulations RisingPhoenix! I would like to find you and friend you also....My name is Lou Ann Nelson under the Kent State University network. Please look me up so we can connect on FB.

    Love and light,


  • Thank you my friends! I'm very grateful for the good thoughts and wishes! Send me LUCK mojo!!! But save the congrats til it manifests and I really AM living my dream--like I

    a) have a workable place to live and work I won't have to move from (the house I'm in now is still being short-sold, as I don't have the inflow of income YET to renegotiate a loan mod!) and no money yet to rent a warehouse space and start fitting it out to live/work in!!!

    b) have that inflow of income! I have none at the moment and just enough left to cover the basics this month. The crowdfunding program is an all or nothing situation. I set a goal amount and target date--I'll probably set 30 days, maybe 33--I like Master #'s and then it's an all or nothing situation. If I meet or surpass the goal by the date, everyone who pledges gets their card charged, Amazon takes two weeks to process and a few more days to transfer funds to the artist! So I'm a month and a half away from the funds I need to get the book printed and the audio's and video's edited and up on YouTube and my site.

    I really LIKE the crowdfunding process--it's like PBS--people donate different amounts to get a project they like happening and depending on the level of donation, get gifts--a pdf, a mention on a site, a thank you in the acknowledements in the book, a producer credit, etc!

    But if I don't reach the goal--no one's card gets charged and I'm back to scratch! Today I'm using my baby video skills and my passion, using my Mac built in cam to record my pitch. Should have the project online ready for pledging (and on my site and FB Pages by tonight or tomorrow morning!)

    Unicorn Mustang--I did try to find you--but there are 4 people with the name you gave, & all "only share their info with friends--so none had a mention of a University network visible! Didn't know which one you were!!! It's time for me to manifest Zeeva in this world again--that's who I am as a performer--and my life now will certainly be about performing! It's easy to find me on FB--last night--I just started a new Page as Zeeva International--I'm getting to that 5000 limit on my personal page--I'm easy to search! That makes it easier for me--I don't have to use up my yet-limited online minutes accepting people--you just click the "Like" (used to be "Fan") this page and you're IN!!! I actually have TWO FB Pages set up--International is ME--and the ART part and what I'm doing in my life--and Zeeva the Art of Wellness is specifically the book, the Principles of Wellness, & Health and Wellness issues!!! ANYONE who wants to friend me--WELL-COME! The more the merrier! You'll GET from the International pic why I took Rising Phoenix as a name here!

    Hope everyone is rolling with the BIG changes flying with the Jupiter-Uranus in Aries aspects!

    I'm seeing a lot of friends who are overwhelmed with the fast changes life's hitting us with! Those who are digging in their heels like heck no not me I won't change--or saying I just want to stick this are REALLY having a hard time. Those who are taking it with acceptance of the SHIFT and letting themselves flow with are moving forward and interesting good things are happening.

    One I care about a lot appears stuck with one foot on the old shore and one foot on the new--and the breadth and depth of the ocean between is making him feel like he's splitting apart.

    I spoke to verizon on the phone yesterday and got a gal in Alabama who's house burned down the week before!!!

    Just remember: like wildfires that clear the old brush away--Mother Nature needs to clear the OLD to make the room for new growth!! If you HELP her by having your brush as cleared as you can--the fire won't burn down everything you care about in the process!!!

    Be happy healthy and WELL! Love and Light everyone!

  • Hello RisingPhoenix,

    I looked for you as well with 46 options available to choose from and looked through a few looking for 4000 friends and didn't see any. There was one that wouldn't allow friend request, which may be yours? If you look for me again, since only 4, I am the one with the close-up eye and blonde hair in the picture! LOL

    You have to do an extended search using Kent State as the network option to narrow it down.

    I will be sending you LUCK and burning a candle for you on the Summer Solstice on Monday!

    Di comono les te pa!

    Love and Light,


  • Unicorn Mustang--there are 62 Kent State Networks and you have to join the group! Did you search for Zeeva International? It's a PAGE! That's ME and ART! or Zeeva the Art of Wellness--another Page!

    There's only ONE of me! I AM Zeeva International! Of the 4 of your name--I got--all "don't share personal info!" I sent a message to the only pic that kind of matches your description--but Darlin' Unicorn--no joke--I'm editing (and I'm a novice!)| a pitch video, getting a proposal up for crowdfunding, and finishing designing and doing everything to fill in TWO new sites and getting them up! It's pretty time consuming--not to mention intense strain --all that visual work-- for a gal who was blind just a few years ago!

    THANKS for the prayers and the Solstice inclusion:)| Right back atcha--ALL of you!

  • Rising - I went in and "liked" both of your pages. What a wealth of information to read. I can't wait to dig in. I will be happy to send you some lucky mojo and blessings so that you can accomplish all this. I am in awe of all that you have done!

    I am on Level 2 of Reiki and can now "officially" send you energies. I will do everything I can to help you out. As part of this new feature in my life, there has been some reorganizing of energies, releasing of old thoughts and feelings that no longer serve my greater good and learning to adjust to the new ideas that I know are for my greater good. I've been just embracing the changes and moving towards what I know is exactly the direction I am supposed to be in.

    Happy Summer Solstice to a cancer baby myself, I look forward to this time of year and this is the first year in over a decade that I have had the summer off to do as I please. I am no longer employed and looking forward to moving into going to school this fall and training for a new career where I can help people. I plan on going into Gerontology in a patient advocate type career.

    I have been kind of silent on this forum lately because many of us moved over to Emergence's new forum. I need to come back to my "roots here" and start being more active since I have so much that I am grateful for that I directly attribute to the wonderful people on this forum. My life is now better than it ever has been.

    Sending you love and blessings....everyone!


  • Dear RisingPhoenix and everyone else,

    I am glad to see that this thread is active. I appreciate all the suggestions and the incoming comments being posted here. Certainly helpful and informative! Thank you everyone. I hope everyone is doing very well with all the planets being angry at one another. Oh, not forgetting the Solstice yesterday. Hope those who are able to enjoy the sun, were able to stay out and enjoy the longest day of the year!

    RisingPhoenix - I hope you are well..from your post, I can see you are jumping all over the place lol...I and been busy with life! And that is a good thing! I am happy for you, girlfriend! I am doing well and I am sorry for not posting for a while since my last post. I did come back here a few times after my last post but I didn't see your postings until you came back in a week later I think.'s been really hectic. And to make this clear, no..I am not spending all my time in the 'new home" but my life! haha. Yup, when Jupiter finally leave my signs, I decided to concentrate more on my career, my work life. This planet been messing with me for 8 months and now I am taking the opportunity to earn my income while she is away gallivanting in another signs for a few months before she comes back again! The 'new home' is doing well, it is a very close community and everyone knows everyone there. It is of course open to everybody who wants to join us. We never stop anyone from doing that or even chasing anyone away. I believe it is all about one's own self. If they feel don't belong there, they will automatically stop coming over. It is the same as here and everywhere. It is all about connection. But anyway, I wish I have more time to drop by here so you won't be thinking that I am gone from this face of the earth! Life's been busy and I am so grateful for that. With all the events that going on and happened, I have learned so much in life, people I communicate with..who can be trusted and who to avoid. Although these past months were rough, I wouldn't want it any other way! 😛

    Let me see....besides my work which takes 24/7 of my time...I am busy with all the Reiki courses as well. I am grateful despite of my busy schedule, I managed to complete my Usui Reiki level 1 to Master. That's done now. It took me a while to complete that courses because I am very strategical when it comes to learning. I want to make sure that I understand the first level very well before going to the second one. So instead of choosing a week interval to get from one level to another, I've followed my teacher's advice and took 3 weeks interval from Level 1 to Level 2 and from Level 2 to Master. I am a quick learner..I memorized the symbols on the first weeks already but I prefer to let the energy and the experience take their time to get used to me..and me getting used to them haha. At present, I have about 50 people I am sending distance healings too and I've been getting great feedbacks from them. (Oh...your name is in my list, Zee! :P) This only motivates me more to deepen myself into this holistic studies. This week, I am starting my Angel Reikis courses, followed by Money Reiki, Abundance Reiki, Psychic Reikis and many more. I have all planned and now I am just going to focus on them...step by step. This is something I am very serious about and I definitely want to get it right and do it right. It is not about the certificate and the number of courses, to is all about healing. you know where I am and what the hell I was / am doing with my time! haaha..I wish I can have 48hours a day instead of 24! LOL

    I promise to write more whenever I can!

    Miss ya and wishing you well!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • WELL! WELL WELL! Thank you for all the good wishes vibes and healing! I'm gonna NEED it. Aunt Buck as a Cancerian--you KNOW how private we like to be--thank Goddess I was born with that Leo rising to help me have a "public persona" so my lil interior vulnerable Cancer Self can be protected in my shell! So now I've COME OUT and at almost 5000 on my personal FB Page am announcing several times daily there to join my 2 new Pages--and I have now become again Zeeva--to honor the Goddess of Creation, Health, and Healing Waters--and fully International! I don't know quite HOW but so many people from around the world are finding me to request FB friendship! Thanks also for making clear you CAN find and "like" both my Pages:) I look forward to many cosmically conscious new friends--and your SHARING!!!

    As new Reiki's, maybe I should start an Energy Healing Discussion o the Zeeva the Art of Wellness Page--will you participate? I HOPE SO!

    Seems my life is very full of Wellness these days! Not only is it time for me to share HOW I got Well Again--all the people in the Gulf tox-ed!!!--not to mention all the rest of us who suffer toxic poisoning without being aware how toxic a world we live in!--but ironically, the neighbor who owes me thousands of dollars for her share of the electric that's stupidly on MY bill--owes it for the electricity to pump the well she "shares" via an easement she signed with a previous owner of my property! So I'm reminded and constantly challenged by the Well-ness of Life:)

    It's pretty exciting to have built such an International following that's growing--and I haven't even started in yet! What you see's just preparing the way! Today, I film myself doing a pitch video for my kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter's a dot-com and it's a great concept--kind of like PBS for artists and creative projects. You post the project, set a target date--anywhere from a day to 90 days--most are 30-45 and a fund-raising goal. People who want to see it happen pledge anywhere from $1 to $5000 (or more--no limits:) and get "rewards" for the different levels of pledge. If you reach or surpass your goal by the target--Amazon charges all the cards and once the money's cleared--transfers it to the artist--who then owns 100% of their project! I was working to get an invite for more than half a year--and it finally came thru just as my loft buyer indicated that despite all the HOA problems--he WAS going thru with the purchase--remember?

    So I finally have the project proposal done with links to my site and the new sister-site I'm about to publish, and links to my new FB Pages, and all I have to do is fill in the "rewards"--I set those yesterday!--and edit together a short pitch video. ALL I have to do. Can you believe it???

    So keep that Reiki Healing coming my friends--I am a busy B--uh-- Z:) The thing that really works for me about kickstarter is this: with all the years I've followed the "internet marketing greats" and watched, learned and worked to apply it to my work--the truth is I KNOW the people who really need to hear my sotry of healing and How-to's can't afford those fat, ever-upselling teleseminar and Mastermind and coaching fee's that those people are setting. So I'm onto that "it takes a village" concept. If everyone in the Global Village kicks in a little bit--at whatever level they can--it ought to add up to letting ME live and work and hire the help I need to GIVE the knowledge and experience and resources AWAY FOR FREE TO THOSE WHO NEED IT!!!

    I even have my own YouTube channel set up and waiting to go--it's ZeevaTV! It's really hard for me to believe that it's almost here and I'm coming out into the open with my life...I knew this would come when the accident happened and I prayed "Give me the strength to see this through and the wisdom to know what I'm supposed to do with it."

    Emergence--I was wondering about you--scanned and felt your "busy yet good" and sending you love--what IS your new forum called? Is it time we all come on to a new one? I LIKE being in an Emergence-guided forum:)

    What do folks think? Maybe the name of this one doesn't describe what it IS anymore? Maybe it can be called something like Riding the Cosmic Waves with Emerging:) That's what we're all working to do isn't it? Ooh that kind of makes me thin of Botticelli's Venus painting! I'm exploring the other forums too little by little. It is GOOD to have a kind of anonymous space to share it--with all my public persona sharing about to fly:)

    Lot of LOVE and LIGHT and HEALING to all of you! I am grateful.

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