New Moon, Full Moon, Retros Part 2.

  • Hey friends,

    This will be our new thread ( continuation from New Moon and Mercury Retrogrades). That thread is getting way too overloaded anyway and we also agreed to start afresh with this Full Moon and Mercury leaving us 🙂 Fresh start.....fresh thread!

    So..I hope to see you guys in here soon!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • I'm here! Full moon today with lots of new changes coming our way. Embrace them!




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  • Emotions get heightened, example: i used to work on a mental health unit at the county hospital and we could all pretty much expect that the er would be packed with admissions for our locked unit . I make it a practice to avoid any emotional exchanges and if i see one coming at work or such i keep in mind that the full moon can make things emotions escalate and maintain calmness on my part, it usually helps reflect to the situation. A lso something to make you moon sign is cancer (water sign) and the moon controls the tides, also a womans body, more babys born during the full moon period, any since a while ago, years ago i have noticed in the week of the full moon up to 4 days prior to , my stomach swells !..crazy huh? i chalk it up to my moon sign being in cancer and know its gonna deflate after the full

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Greetings and HAPPY FULL MOON in Sagittarius!!!

    AND---drum roll

    in perfect Cosmic Divine timing---everyone I am FREE FREE FREE--finally after more than 3 years since being put on sale and all the problems--this afternoon the short-sale on the old place CLOSED!!!

    With that albatross gone from around my neck--and all the negativity associated with the place/people there--my feng-shui flow is already opening up!!!

    I FEEL it and I made connects today that will be a good part of the next phase of my life!!!

    FULL Moon--let's see I'm a Cancer (Leo rising) and a priestess of the Moon Goddess and the Moon has always been magic for me. A very powerful and creative time! This one especially!

    Of COURSE it affects us--imagine how it affects the seas, the tides, the gravitational force affecting the waters on Earth! We are what--at least 85% made up of water! Of COURSE it make women's waters react:) It also makes all kind of emotional impact--we are fully IN our emotional selves--fully, deeply. If we are out of balance--it INTENSIFIES the unbalance. That's why statistics have regularly shown that the jails and mental hospitals fill up at times of Her Fullness!

    If you are IN balance--what a joyful beautiful time to tap into the power of Mother Moon and fill yourself with the strength and joy and power and LOVE you need!

    It affects us women even more--did you know that before the days of artificial light--women's menstrual cycles regulated by the Moon? Once upon a time--all the women of the trbe bled at the same time! You can find women's books on this--and there are women today who regulate their cycles by making sure there is no light leaking into the room they sleep in!

    Emotional--especially LOVE--magic, healing, and psychic activities are favored at this time. I DANCE under the Full Moon. I pray, I rebalance, I give thanks! I bring mySELF to my most basic and powerful WOMAN SELF. And I CREATE!!! I'll be painting tonight!

    The Cosmic Reporter blog on THIS site has all kinds of wonderful info and you can read about your sign with this Sag Moon! She reminds us that with Uranus going into Aries--this Full Moon is "liberating yet unsettling" and revolutionary! And to "expect surprising insights!" GREAT blog post!

    Late tonight Uranus goes into Aries making revolutionary CHANGE!!! ARe we READY?

    And Mercury will FINALLY be out of his shadow tomorrow!

    So look for my NEW AVATAR with the name Rising Phoenix! This will be the last post with the old one!

    DANCE DANCE DANCE under this Full Moon and focus and give thanks and ask for Her balance and strength and Her wisdom and beauty--and oh yes--Her empowered psychic DREAMS!!!

  • Hi CoffeeGem,

    Every Full Moon has its own agenda. It all depends on which Full Moon, in which month. Some Full Moon bring good luck while some Full Moon warn us to be careful etc. Currently, the Full Moon is in Sagittarius. This Full Moon is special because it grows full in Sagittarius on the same day a major shift in the heavens occur with Uranus' entrance in Aries, a sign he has not occupied since the mid-1930s.

    This full moon occurs on May 27 at 7:07 p.m. EDT (North America) and ushers in a succession of big celestial energy shifts. A few hours after the Full Moon, Uranus enters Aries at 9:44 p.m. Then, a few days later on the 30th, Saturn stations for direct movement. The next day, on the 31st, Neptune begins her retrograde cycle. What a fitting Full Moon in the expansive sign of Sagittarius symbolizing endings one phase to welcome in another.

    What is in store during this Full Moon?

    Full moons signify the completion, culmination of what may have been initiated during the previous New Moon in Taurus, which urged us take a look at what we value in life, understand how we define material "security" and improve how we manage our finances, if necessary. This Full Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to expand -- our minds, our vision, our faith, our perception.

    This current Full Moon and all the planets involved;

    The Sagittarius-Moon (heart) opposes the Gemini-Sun (soul) and makes no other alignments with any other celestial bodies. Elsewhere in the sky, however, we remain under the umbrella of the Saturn-Uranus opposition, just as Jupiter and Uranus grow closer to their blending of energies. The heart wants what the heart wants; the soul must accomplish what it must; neither has to explain the "why" to the other. But when what the heart wants opposes what the soul wills, it's a tug of war that gets us nowhere. Hence, the full moon seeks harmony between what the heart and soul wishes. There is a compromise, a common ground, a balance. Once there is balance, we are able to dream big and be optimistic (Jupiter and Uranus) while also grounded by acknowledging the realities of our situation and being open to seeking unconventional ways to resolve issues (Saturn and Uranus).

    Hope this helps!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Is there anything special about this new moon in Sag? I'm always more energetic around a full moon but this energy has been 10 fold since yesterday. I feel like I can't wind down. Also, I've been more assertive & somewhat confrontational. Anyone else feeling this?

  • Hi all!

    Great to see everyone here, in our new hangout! Time for a new start! I will miss the old thread though LOL! Still need to read a couple of pages from there. I can't seem to open the pages. I will give it a try again this few days.

    Rising Phoenix,

    Can't wait to see your New Avatar! I already like the new nick though. It suits you well 🙂

    This Full Moon is a 'good feeling' kind of Full Moon, juat what everyone is needing at this moment, especially after the Full Moon in Taurus and the Mercury Retro. This is the time to "act" on what we have been thinking last month. Of course, with Mercury finally leaving us......woohooo!

    I am connected with the Moon as well. I am advised to carry Moonstone with me, everywhere I go and spend as much time as possible with the Moon and talk to Archangel Haniel. it is a great way to re-energized my intuition and to charge my batteries lol. I make an effort to focus on the Moon as often as possible. Lucky me, I can see the Moon right from my living room in the evening and at night, from my bathroom window. Haha...I actually like to spend more time watching the Moon from my bathroom window than from my living room. Oh...this reminds me that my Moonstone is outside the bathroom window. I left it there for the night to infuse it with the energy from the Full Moon.

    I can feel 'good things' are approaching our way! All of us. With the Full Moon in "lively' Sagittarius and the Uranus making a grand entry....Expect the Unexpected!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hi grunchychick,

    I know you deleted your account and I am sorry it has come to this. I am sorry too that you think we don't understand your situation. Yeah maybe...since all of us there, were never really know how it is like to be in love 🙂

    About giving and receiving readings, I would have advised everyone not to give you one even if you want it. I strongly believe that readings are not helping your situation at this moment. Not because the readings done for you are not accurate ( those are wonderful readings), but the readings are telling you things that you wish not to hear. Due to this, you get all depressed and sad. Remember my dear, nothing is set on stone. Take readings as guidance only and do not do readings about the same question every day or few times a day. You are only confusing yourself.

    I wish you well ( so is everyone else) and I hope you will find all our advices we have given you were meant to help you through this difficult times. We can only do so much, it is up to you to take the step forward and embrace life. Talking about death and losing hope in life is serious. I suggest you get help from a professional. We are all worried about you. I hope you know that nothing, no one is worth more than your life. You don't talk about death just because you can't have the man you love. Remember I told you about unconditional love? You love him so much and so truly that you need to put his happiness above your needs. You let him go and if it is meant to be, it will be. No point in stressing yourself this way. Your body, your soul deserves better. Don't deny yourself what life has to offer...there are so much out there for you.

    Okay..I better quit here. I am not even sure if you come back to this thread again to read this. Also, this is supposed to be a 'positive and refreshing' thread (sorry everyone!)

    All the best and lots of love,

    x x x


  • Great, I'm the culprit lol! Thanks Emergence, as always for being "in sync"! I couldn't hurt anyone intentionally with reading, never, too me, without truths, what is love anyway? I cannot help it if someone does not understand, or interperts things in a certain way, that were not meant that way, nor was implied that way. I cannot help it if one refuses too see what is right in front of them, read between the lines, I explained it so many times, that it didn't contradict anything else read before it, just how too make progress with it, what the obstacles were, and how too remove them. I do wish them the best, but I can't be responsible for one who wishes for another too be bad too their ex, so they will look better, or someone too loose,so they can win without doing any of thier emotional or spirtual homework in regard too improving the circumstances, and truly impacting thier own life for the better, and yet keep repeating that they don't understand, bc the card say...,or it can't last bc of m retro, the cards are only part of it, there is still free will, postive, negative choices tht can effect the outcome of anything, and mercury has its tendencies of course, but nothing too hang your hat on if your looking for guaruntees. Atleast that my take anyway. I only wish for them the best!

  • bluecat,

    You are doing great, your readings are very good and I am impressed. Of course there are no guarantees on how things will turned out. Nothing is set in stone. Free will.....I cannot say this word enough LOL!

    Sometimes, we need to understand why things are not happening the way we want it to happen. Maybe it is because we are not ready. There are work that need to be done on our part and instead of focusing on ourselves, we are too busy being blinded by things that we want to happen. It is like wanting something but not working to get it.

    Don't beat yourself up! are great!

  • Thanks Emergence yes, your right. I wish sometimes I could just shut it off for awhile, I feel too much sometimes thats not my own, draws me though. I don't know about those readings of mine though, I think your being very kind lol!

  • Now, onward too the moon and all its happenings! I am rather enjoying keeping up with this phase, I go outside and look up, feel like I know the moon a little better know!

  • LOL Bluecat 🙂

    It is tough to have intuition about something and it is not what you want to feel especially if it involved others! How to break that to the person? What if the person don't want to accept it? Yeah, this questions are always playing in my mind too.

    Anyway...we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius and I have said a thing or two about it in my previous post. Now, I am going to talk about Saturn...

    Do you know....

    After being retrograde since January 13, Saturn stations on May 30 to begin direct movement. He is currently in Virgo, after having returned on April 17. However, Saturn will re-enter Libra on July 21 to stay until October 2012.

    While retrograde, Saturn's focus was turned inward and we may have found difficulty getting our plans to move ahead or had to get through more obstacles/delays than anticipated. Saturn is the taskmaster of the zodiac. He teaches us lifelong, karmic lessons. He is disciplined, pragmatic and a hard worker. By showing us our limitations, obligations and the realities of our situations, he enables us to find a way work through them, around them or with them so we can achieve our objectives. In Virgo, he is analytical, meticulous, a perfectionist, a list maker, critical, nervous, practical and adaptable. As he begins moving direct again, we're able to move forward taking measured steps and well thought out actions, finally making a dent on our to-do list. Virgos born on or around September 20 may feel the effects of Saturn direction change.

    Upon re-entering Libra on July 21, Saturn will trigger the powerful cardinal force when he joins Uranus/Jupiter in Aries and Pluto, who will continue to be retrograde in Capricorn, in a forming a Cardinal T-Square (which is a combination of 2 squares & an opposition in cardinal signs). Square=conflict; the need for action, to manifest something into the tangible world; opposition=tug of war, requiring balance between opposing sides. Cardinal signs embody independence, self-motivation, ambition and are often initiators, leaders. This cardinal t-square is an active energy that requires movement on our part. We cannot be lazy. We must act for if we ignore it, we may find ourselves reacting to what is manifesting around us instead of having some control on the what and when of things.

    Tensions run high within the next few months. This cardinal energy is an impatient but dynamic energy that requires action. Allow Saturn's direct movement in Virgo to pave the way toward helping manage however the cardinal energy may be manifesting in your world.

    Elsewhere in the sky, Uranus entered Aries on May 27 which also stimulates the upcoming cardinal climax occurring in July and August, even if its effects/influence felt long after those two months. Jupiter will soon follow Uranus and also enter Aries on June 6. But before that Neptune joins Pluto in retrograde motion beginning next week on May 31, helping us get to the root of whatever it is we are seeking to know.

    Wooohoooo! Interesting! LOL

  • Greeting, Salutations and Great BIG Celebrations!!!

    Merc is OUT of his shadow at LAST!!!! Phew! And the big SHIFT is UPON US!!! May we all go forth with JOY and acceptance of our evolving paths and live powerfully in our present moment--taking all it has to offer!

    In celebration of the fiery Sag Full Moon--so wonderful and powerful--and Uranus moved into Aries--wheeeee!--so I've chosen my NEW AVATAR! How do you all like it?

    I found & saved a few very beautiful "gentler" ones I love too--for a later time--but this one feels just right for the moment in time we're in! and my personal moment of experience!

    Before I go on--want to tell you all--when I began having trouble accessing the last pages of our former thread, I contacted support and they told me: there had been a lot of violations on this thread that they had to delete! When that happens--sometimes the "reply to message" is what shows up as the last page! So to KEEP this thread operating smoothly for us all--everyone PLEASE read this or refresh yourselves:

    Reading THIS new thread--I can only imagine what messages were deleted. Grungychick if you're lurking--MY LOVE, and STRENGTH, and HEALING to you! I wish you all the best and that your life un-jams and unfolds more easily. I know what the times of trying and tempering one's spirit with "hard" lessons and experiences are like! We've come together here in a spirit of love and support--and many here will be sending you good energy to help strengthen you .

    For you and for all here--I want to add my "ditto" to not doing reading on the same question multiple times daily--or too much. I too have seen people who aren't getting the reading our "earthly body" or "lower" self wants doing this--and refusing to hear the message that self doesn't want to hear. We are given gifts and guides who can clearly speak to our "higher self"--the spirit-soul self--and it's always a good thing to remember: when you are giving or receiving a reading--still and CENTER your self--and ask your higher-self to take it in and help your "earthly" self to understand it!!!

    A lot of questions and information people are asking for--seems like not everyone is taking advantage of the wonderful FREE resources this site has to offer! I start my day (after focus and a dancing prayer) with my free daily e-mail that gives me the General planetary aspects and MY horoscope, tarot card, number, and i-ching hexagram of the day--then I have coffee with Rick and Jeff--listening to their daily Planet Pulse! Invaluable (THANKS--all I am GRATEFUL!) Then I check the various blogs of WISE WISE bloggers for other info. This doesn't take long at all--and if you do it daily--you'll be amazed how the knowledge and learning sinks in and accumulates!

    Bluecat--there are good books you can read to learn how to create protections for yourself--so you can deal with your gifts without "turning them off!" Many years ago I read Dion Fortune's "Psychic Self Defense." Get past the quaint-to-us-in-the-21st-Century writing style--it's in the language style of her time (she was a member of the Golden Dawn, and under her "real" name--Violet Firth- the first female psychoanalyst trained by Freud!!!) EXCELLENT INFO!!! USe what our grandmothers have left for us--there's a lot available and we'll share here!

    A simple thing I do first thing every morning and last before bed at night--I center, draw my circles of protection around me, call my guardians of the four quarters--north-east-south-west-and the ones above-below-and within. I greet and thank them and ask them to guard me through my day or night. THEN I connect and give thanks and honor to my Lady Mother--before I ask any help or assistance for my day or night. I do this again before I do any kind of reading--pendulum, intuitive, anything! And if I'm getting bombarded with something--info--energy--I do it as needed! We ALL have our guardians--only by being still and listening, and seeing with our "unearthly eyes"--those eyes I had so well developed they really kicked in to help during the years I was blind--can we get to know them. Though THEY always are there and know us!

    This last retro was a powerful time of cleansing and letting go of old things (relationships sometimes) and behaviors and ways that no longer serve us. So we can move FORWARD into our now, flowing into what our lives are to be.

    In amazing serendipity--though the Universe is giving us time to do what we individually must do to be prepared--my Gem's work has taken him away to a beautiful magical place who's Goddess I have a very special relationship with--she is Fire AND Water--like ME. Because of the work--his team's getting to go to places "regular" people can't go--he's been texting me incredible pix!!! I've texted him info on Her and the "right" way to give offering and props to Her. I know he's special--this one just magically moved right through many walls of protection to the inner vulnerable me it takes others years--if at all--to get through. Though I rarely give others work to do for me--I texted him 3 simple things to do for me "when he can" to give Her my Props and requests. I know he already did--I FELT it--continuing this powerful and interesting connect!

    Emergence GREAT info on the Sag Full Moon--AND Saturn!!! THANKS! These next 2 months of Sat in Virgogoing direct will really allow us all to work-work-work through the limitations, obligations and realities of now and be READY when Sat moves into Libra!!! PATIENCE, CENTERING and BALANCE so important!

    If I may quote the timeless wisdom of Bette Davis (in All About Eve) "Fasten your seat belts everyone..." I look forward to sharing this ride with you all--

    and share with you my Full Moon prayer:

    I accept what I am to do. I release what I am to release. I create what I am to create. I receive what I am to receive.


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