Can anybody help me with a general reading

  • Name = Rahul Mittal

    D.O.B = 24th Sep 1986

  • Hello Rahul,

    I ca see that you are not satisfied with your love life.You have to make a big decision regarding your love life. I can see a woman, a fire sign ( leo, sagittarian or aries) that will make your love life more happier. If she is not a fire sign she may have some caracteristics of this strong sign. She is very energic, optimistic, atractive and maybe a little stuborn.Anyway .I can see some blockages around you.

    Maybe you've been hurt by a woman and now you don't trust anyone.Maybe she is an earth sign(virgo, taurus or capricorn).She is still apearing all the time around you. She has regrets.

    You have to make a decision.You have been hurt , I can see that. All I can tell you is that not all women are the same. You will pass the moment.

    I can see some worries regarding money but is just a bad period, Things will improve for you, I can see some support.I can see a man, a water sign (scorpio, piscis,cancer) that he gives you some bad news.He has a lost, he is very upset. Maybe he is a friend or a relative. He seems to be very close to you.I'm waiting for some feed back.

  • need one to..thank you virgitp if you would.. thanks...dob 10 22 69

  • Hi,

    I can see that you have some worries regarding work. You try to change something in you work, maybe you want to do something different but you don't know yet which is the best option for you. You are still thinking of a person from your past. I can see two men around you. An earth sign (virgo, capricorn or taurus) and a fire sign(leo, aries or sagittarian).All I can tell you is that you are not satisfied with your love life.Things don't go well with the earth sign, I can see that you have to make a decision and after that I see the other guy, the fire sign. He is someone from your past but he seems to have some difficulties too, and he is not alone. He is with someone else but they are not satisfied at all with their love life.

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  • Virgtip:

    1. Career - What you are saying makes much sense, indeed aptly describes whats happening with me right now.

    2. Love life - Bang on again, cept a small issue. When I read your reading carefully, I am shell shocked at its accuracy apart from sunsigns listed for both people. They should be opposite. Are you sure that earth sign for current/old, and fire for new is what you meant?

    3. Can you please explain this part more:

    I can see a man, a water sign (scorpio, piscis,cancer) that he gives you some bad news.He has a lost, he is very upset.

    4. If you could shed more light on my career and spiritual development ahead, I would be really thankful.

  • And yeah, thanks a ton for your time on this (sorry forgot to mention in the post above and just went ahead with my questions) 😛

  • May I have a reading also virgitp?

    DOB: 22nd June, 1982

    Thanks in advance!

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