How do pyschics work?

  • Someone made a psychic prediction about me without my asking. is this possible? Don't psychics need to have some of my "energy" from my voice, or words or thoughts? Wouldn't I at least need to do the asking before he could predict something about me?

    Here's what happened:

    My sister works with a woman from Kenya. She has a friend that still lives in Kenya. She says he is a holy man. I am going through some crazy relationship problems and I recently found out that I am pregnant (unplanned). My sister is worried about me. She asked her friend to ask this holy man about me. He has come up with "messages" for me on at least 3 occasions. It seems that I am on his prayer list now, so he just comes up with random messages for me. I am scheduled to have an amniocentisis soon. This morning my sister called with a "message" that the holy man should pray for me because I might lose the baby. My sister automatically thinks that the amniocentisis is going to cause a miscarriage(the man didn't say that. He just said pray for me)

    Now his "messages" are really so general. But the effect they have on my sister is annoying.

    So what do you think? Are his messages worth listening to? How can he know about me when we've never communicated? Do some pyschics work this way?

  • Leonessa,

    Energy is not visible, Different people also

    master different professions of intuition,

    your sister is your blood you are connected to

    her through her he may be able to feel you.

    I would suggest getting a second opionion

    from someone here about it...that may be able to help you.

    many blessings, my prayers are with you.

  • So maybe he is picking up her fears about me, instead of what is true about me.

    Thanks, addictdtoriches.

  • Leonessa

    Yess, thats possible.

    Also, Fate is in our hands to a degree i would suggest

    to remain positive and if it bothers you,

    for my sake because i know how that can feel

    to have something like that on your mind.But By even

    Believing it could make it that much more possible

    so try suggesting that your sister dosent tell you.

  • addictdtoriches

    I just post a question here for you.If you can look at it,i would appreciate ,Because I'm so confused,and want some direction in my life..thanks:)

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