Captain should I call?

  • I met this guy and couldn't help but give him my number. He texted and wanted to hang out . I would to hang out with him but it will hurt my x who hasn't moved on. Should I call him or let it pass. Please help . I know this sounds silly

  • You can't live your life through or for your ex. Call the new man.

    Or is it you who hasn't moved on?

  • No I don't want to hurt his fellings truly . I'm scard of having a bad ending but it's draged out 6 months. I'm just fragle & want to now if you see anyting

  • Again I say you can't let your ex rule your life for you now that you have split. We are not responsible for other people's actions so if he wants a bad ending, that is his choice. By not getting involved with anyone, you send the message to your ex that there is still hope for the two of you. Isn't that crueler?

  • True ! I hate hurting him but ur right . Thank you I hope he find someone soon the most.

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