Open to Anyone: Do I have Spirit Guides/Guardian Angels?

  • Just curious as to whether I have either entity in my life and if so who/what they are. I have no desire to communicate with them. I don't really think I have any or, if I do, they seem to cause more harm than good.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes you have both angel helpers and guides around you - everyone does. They change as you change.

    Don't blame them for your bad decisions or behaviour.

  • I've read that some people don't have them so I guess it is open to opinion.

    Sorry but I haven't made any bad decisions or engaged in bad behavior- at least none that I would attribute to other worldly creatures. I think everything we do whether the result is positive or negative is the result of our own actions, not from assistance or interference of spiritual beings. The "more harm than good" statement refers to the belief that they exist.

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