Will I end up with him or just friends??? Help please!

  • I did a tarot spread on a guy I have feelings for (were not dating) He knows I have feelings but things got messed up between us, became akward, and I gave up on him for months but he has been acting different lately so I did a 6 card romance spread asking what are his true feelings are for me. Im thinking it is showing the peace between us now, possibly he is realizing he has feelings and that he will in the near be taking time to ponder those feelings and slowly will come to make a move and we will start dating, or hanging out.....but it's harder to assess when feelings are involved if I could get someone elses opinion on this spread???

    1. Temperance (situation)

    2. 10 of cups (crosses card 1)

    3. Queen of Wands (distance past)

    4. 4 of Wands (recent past)

    5 Knight of Pentacles (near future)

    6 2 of Cups (Future or final outcome)

  • Dear Cupidity,

    I hope this may give you some clearer insight as I feel your situation and hope i'm able to give you some perspective.

    Temperance (Current)

    The situation at hand is showing that there is either a need for balance and moderation,or there could be something in the situation that is excessive and negative rather than positive and flowing.He could be feeling a little unbalanced and unsure,one minute he may sway to a possibility between you and him,and then the next back away unsure,once he realises what he wants and how he attains to get it,the situation will be a lot more evident.

    10 Of cups (cross)

    Ultimately,the ten of cups is a beautiful card,it is showing that once feelings and emotions are balanced and you have a clearer picture and understanding of what's actually going on from his end,you will get your 'happily ever after'.from the balance and moderation temperance could serve,this is a desired outcome.

    Queen Of wands(Distant Past)

    In the past,it shows that the queen of wands was either a major role in his or your life,or that you represent this figure in characteristics:Creative,Passionate,Determined.I'm feeling this card may relate more so to you and your feelings,so On the other hand it can show that you might've felt invincible at a time very distantly in a way with the mentality of not believing that you could fall in love,you held up a block or guard to defend yourself of the possibilites around love.

    Four Of Wands (Near Past)

    In the recent past,it seems that he may have kept a lot to himself,he didn't give too much away and always kept his feelings and emotions under wraps,close to his chest,it may have even made him appear selfish and unconcerned.

    Knight Of Pentacles (Near Future):

    As a situation this can be rather positive as it represents that things that have dragged on previously,will now come into play,finally feel like there is a shift and it will be rewarded and show the situation for what it is,as a more positive and awaited for affair.

    2 of Cups (Future or final outcome)

    I think this card says it all,It shows that there definately is potential,especially with the ten of cups as they are both very romantic/love influenced cards.There is a definite chance for a union,relationship,bond,deep friendship or more.

    I Hope this helps you x

  • hi mermaid, this is Gagan here, can you please do a reading for me yourself. same question if will be together or just friends, been with a guy for 5 yrs as friends+- relationship. what r my odds in this situation?

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